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  1. Oh right? Is there another spring I should look at that pushes/pulls the pedal back up, or is it just that piece? (glad to hear it doesn't look broken)
  2. Hi all. I've had really helpful replies to all my posts here so far so I'm hoping you can help with my latest issue... 🙂 For the last couple of weeks the clutch pedal in my 2017 Focus has felt a bit strange. When I take my foot off after changing gear, the pedal sometimes returns about half way up and gets stuck. I have to hook my foot behind the pedal to pull it the rest of the way. Fortunately, it's past the bite point so it's not causing gears to slip, but it's very odd-feeling. Might not be related but the problem started straight after I vacuumed the car, so I'm wondering if som
  3. Just to update for anyone else having the same problem, it finally started pumping fluid through! I had to activate the pump for much longer than I expected. Probably 5 to 10 minutes in total, but intermittently (no more than 30 seconds at a time) so as not to let the pump overheat. After the front ones started working it took longer still to pump fluid through to the back one. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Just glad it wasn't broken 👍
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I've been continuing with the intermittent pumping but still no joy. I'll try brimming it with hot water and hopefully that will clear it. Thanks again.
  5. I ran out of screen wash yesterday and refilled the reservoir, but it's still behaving as if it's empty. I can hear the pump working and it sounds normal, but no fluid comes out the front or rear nozzles. Only an occasional dribble/spit. I read in another post here that it can take a while for the fluid to start coming out after refilling, but I've run the pump for about a minute (not continuously), and still nothing. I'm worried that I might damage it if I keep running the pump without fluid coming out. Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks. It's a 2017 Focus.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Sounds like I'll probably need the 3-year service. I haven't met the technicians at my local service centre yet so fingers crossed they'll be good ones 🙂
  7. I bought a used 2017 Focus in November 2019 and it's now approaching 3 years old so it's due an MOT. It was last serviced with the previous owner in April 2019 so I'm thinking I might as well get the service and MOT done at the same time. I'm just a little confused about the service levels available from the Ford Service Centres. When I enter my vehicle information on their site it's giving me the choice of the "2 Years /25000 Miles Scheduled Service" or the "3 Years /37500 Miles Scheduled Service". The car's only done about 10,500 miles so far so should I book the "25000 Miles" one or th
  8. Late reply (sorry) but it turned out it was the big 20a one at the bottom. The manual was wrong or my car was wired up incorrectly. Thanks for the help.
  9. Last week the 12V outlet in the front of my 2010 Fiesta stopped working. At first I thought it might have been the USB adaptor I had plugged into it but I bought a new one and that's not working either. My next thought is that the fuse must be gone but I'm trying to find out which fuse is the one I need to check and I'm a bit confused! My manual shows that the "Cigar lighter, front power point" it's a 20A fuse in position 22, however I'm looking at my fuse box and there's no fuse at all in that location! The only 20A fuse in there is the one for the wipers. To double-check that it was the righ
  10. Thanks Lenny. That's good to hear. I'm thoroughly reassured!
  11. Hi all. I've been putting my 5-week-old baby in an Isofix car seat on the left rear seat of my 2010 Fiesta. I know that if you put a car seat in the front you need to disable the passenger airbag but didn't think this was necessary if they're in the rear seat. However, last week I noticed there's a small "Airbag" tag on the back of the front passenger seat, in front of the rear passenger and it's got me worried. Does the 2010 Fiesta have side-impact or rear airbags that I need to be concerned about? Thanks.
  12. Thank you both for your replies. JW1982 - I have found the firmware update from November 2012 that I believe you're referring to, but the photo in the forum post looks very different to the audio system in my car. Mine is a UK Fiesta and that one looks like the US model. Do you know if the update is compatible with the UK version of the car? Actually, never mind. Found this video which shows it working on my car. Thank you. Will give this a try tomorrow.
  13. Hi. I have a 2010 Fiesta with USB and Bluetooth (but not the fancy Sony system). I've been playing music over Bluetooth from my iPhone 6 but the audio stutters/pops frequently. I thought I'd try connecting over USB instead but I get no audio whatsoever there. The track name appears on the display and appears to be playing on both the phone and in-car display, but there's no audio coming out of the speakers. I've turned the volume right up on my phone but this has made no difference. Any suggestions?
  14. Thank you both for your replies. That Etis tool is very helpful. Hasn't found all the reg numbers I've tried but the details it has found are very comprehensive.
  15. Firstly, I should apologise in advance. I'm about to by my first car and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Apologies for the possibly stupid questions :) I'm looking to buy my first car and I think I've decided on a Fiesta Titanium from around 2011. The problem is, I'm struggling to find a definitive list of the standard features for this car and year. Autotrader listings show things like Driver Convenience and Exterior Features but a disclaimer below them says that those are the "usual specification of the most recent model of this vehicle" so they're not all that helpful. Sometimes they als
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