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  1. Blatto

    E10 Fuel

    I've been running on E5 super unleaded for the last 3 weeks, mainly due to the fuel shortage problems around this way recently. I have been getting a consistent 55-57 mpg on my daily commute since then. I filled up yesterday with E10 will see how it goes for the next few weeks. Looks like it might be a few degress cooler this week so I would expect a slight drop.
  2. I seem to be disagreeing with everyone these days in recent posts. I'm doing about 20,000 miles a year in My Fiesta ST-Line 140 and I think the oil stays a light straw colour for most of that mileage. Starts to go a bit darker and brown at around 15,000 miles for me but much less so than other cars I've owned in the past. Are you sure they are using the correct grade of oil in the oilchange? Could also be down to driving conditions and the way you drive I suppose. I'm doing most motorway journeys at 70mph (ish) and very rarely do a journey of less than 10 miles.
  3. Good point, it could be that. I guess the correct way to tell would to be to use an accurate dB meter. My hearing was damaged many years ago by a loud explosion so I have very muted hearing in my right ear. Some frequencies I don't hear at all in that ear. Add in a bit of age which usually results in a gradual loss of hearing (espescially in the higher frequencies) and that may be colouring my experience of the sounds I'm hearing. If I could get a car with all the sounds over 8Khz I'd almost have a silent car 🙂
  4. Blatto

    E10 Fuel

    I had a 2 litre Cortina GXL back in 1979/80 had a twin choke Weber carb if I remember correctly. Was decently quick for a car back then, and I used to run it on 4 star with no pinking that I recall.
  5. Strange I have the complete opposite opinion on that. I currently have a 2019 ST-Line X 140 (Mk 8 ) and prior to that I had a 2016 St-Line 140 (Mk 7.5) I found the engine/exhaust sound to be much deeper and sportier on the 2016 model, my 2019 model sounds dull and flat by comparison (GPF effect maybe?). Performance wise the 2016 model was a fair bit more responsive than the 2019 model, which I mainly put down to the MK7.5 being about 100Kg lighter. If I could get the 2016 driving experience in the 2019 model with it's better interior I'd be happy to swap. As for the MHEV's being quieter, I test drove a 155 ST Line last week and found it to be about the same or maybe slightly noisier
  6. Blatto

    E10 Fuel

    From my not very scientific tests I'm finding a fairly large(ish) drop in mpg with E10 about 5mpg or so but will need longer term testing to be sure. Then again I can't get anything other than Super unleaded around here at the moment, and I had to queue for nearly 2 hours to get that.
  7. Based on the mileage it should not be a problem. I've driven over 80,000 miles on one of my cars and never had a problem with the clutch. Unless it's down to bad driving habits it will most probably just be a faulty component and should be covered by the warranty if you have one.
  8. Are the engine revs increasing as you accelerate but the road speed not?
  9. An ST Grand Tourer version, sounds good to me 😁👍
  10. I wasn't aware they did a 1500cc ST line X fiesta?
  11. Blatto

    E10 Fuel

    I'm more in favour of Petrol, might stop the damn things from Cra*!*ng all over my garden.
  12. Blatto


    By swirls I meant fine scratches in the paint caused by incorrect washing techniques. You won't get them out with a wax.
  13. Blatto


    Very annoying. I never let anyone clean my cars, most people have no idea how to do it properly to avoid the fine swirly scratches. I'd kept my previous 2016 Fiesta absolutely immaculate. Took it for a service at the local Ford dealers and told them not to clean it for me after the service. Went to collect it and was told they have washed and waxed it, was horrified. Fortunately they seemed to have washed it ok without damaging the paint but every bit of black trim was now covered in white wax. Took me two days to get it all off again. I can recommend a soft pencil rubber (needed 4 to get it all off of mine) if you have got wax on the black trim.
  14. Three weeks after my original post and I've been using the E5 Super unleaded since then. I'm back to my normal 52mpg where it dropped to 48 with the E10. Temperatures/conditions have been much the same with daytime around low to mid 20's albeit with slightly colder mornings than the previous tests. Traffic is a bit heavier than before due to more people going back to work from furlough and the schools being fully open, so I would have expected a bit less mpg than before but so far not noticed any. I'll be switching back to E10 again once this tank runs out. Assuming I can get any fuel, there were massive queues in my area at every garage. The roads were badly congested as a result, took me 2 hours to do my normal 50 minutes journey.🙄
  15. Well you shouldn't be getting a burnt clutch smell, it's either slipping or you are not operating it correctly/too harshly.
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