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  1. Cruise Control Problem

    Think you have the makings of a top job in I.T. there Bob, switch it it off & on again
  2. Is my MPG right?

    I haven't kept fuel logs but what I did do was Brim the tank on 4 separate occasions and calculate from that and then compared it with the dash mpg figure (resetting at each tank full). The dash valuew was consistently about 3% over optimistic on the real calculated mpg Since then I have just used to dash value and taken off the 3% to get my mpg figures. I have recently checked it again and it's still showing as 3% difference. My average figures are based on about 1000 miles. I reset it about every 6 weeks or so.
  3. Is my MPG right?

    Apart from these recent colder mornings we've had here in the Uk just recently I find it hard to get under 50mpg. The cooler temps and using the heated front and rear screen for the first few minutes of the journey has bought the average on my 30 mile round trip commute to about 48mpg but I usually get about 55mpg when the temp is over about 10 degrees C. I'm sure if I was to drive a little bit more conservatively I could get that up to 58mpg. I also have the 140bhp version of the ecoboost engine which in theory should be a little thirstier. Despite my age I'm not driving around like a flat capped old man, I'm doing 70 + on the motorway sections and generally keeping pace with the traffic. On a recent run up to Birmingham which is about 100 miles of mainly motorway for me, I was getting about 52mpg but I was a bit over 70 for most of it (about 80mph on the clock) which is about 74mph according to the sat nav.
  4. MK2 revs

    You can't adjust the gear ratios unless you were to completely change the gearbox to a different one or change the final drive ratio. If they are anything other than what they were designed to be then your clutch is slipping.
  5. Need help choosing engine oil, please

    Sorry no help on your question but I'm curious about peoples experiences with new engines. I've had a number of cars from new over the years and all the owners manuals mention keeping an eye on the oil levels during the run-in period as there may be increased oil consumption. Maybe I've just been lucky but I've never had a car that's used a drop of oil. Got my ST-Line fiesta in October 2016 and have checked it regularly since day 1. Was exactly on the max level from new and stayed there until the oil change at the first service at about 8700 miles I checked the level after the service and it was about 1mm from the max, I left it for a few days to settle down and checked again and it was still at about 1mm from Max. I added a drop of the recommended Castrol oil and got it back to the Max line again and it's been there for about 9 weeks now. I don't expect it to move at all based on my previous experiences. The last car I owned that used any oil was a 2nd hand MK1 Golf GTi 1800 and that was only after about 180,000 miles on the clock, up until then it too never used a drop between services.
  6. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    According to a quick google search :- The most common causes for a P006A are: Aftermarket air intake systems Dirty MAF or MAP sensor Faulty MAF or MAP sensor Faulty engine computer Not sure if that's of any help
  7. System Engine Failure

    there's an edit option at the bottom of the message you have just typed
  8. Mk8 Fiesta fiasco - a silly story

    Encountered this problem many years ago in the early 80's. I had a temporary job at a relatives Vauxhall garage. I was asked to drive a car (early Astra I think) over to their coachworks unit which was about 10 miles up the road. They asked me to follow another guy in a van who would bring me back. He set off and I had to reverse out of the parking area, except I couldn't get reverse. He was merrily on his way thinking the car following him was me, unfortunately it was just a similar random car of the same colour. Five minutes later I was still strying to get reverse and too embarassed to ask anyone how to do it. Eventually the van driver came back after the guy he thought was me turned off 5 miles up the road :). He showed me the collar round the gear lever shaft, I thought it was just some chrome trim, never seen one like that before.
  9. Tyre pressures

    I bought a good guage many years ago I always check them using that, I don't trust the garage ones too much, they get dropped and bashed about. Had to use one on a garage forecourt a few years back after I'd forgotten to put the guage back in the boot, I picked up a slow puncture so put the space saver wheel on. Stopped at the garage to check the pressure, it showed as 40 so I pumped it up to the recommended 48 psi. Seemed very hard so I checked it on my guage when I got back home and it read 56psi. Took the guage in to work (was in a lab at the time) and tested it against a calibrated pressure guage and mine was correct so the forecourt one was 8psi out
  10. Tyre pressures

    Passenger side door sticker from my ST-Line 140. Look at the row which corresponds to your tyre size then look in the1-3 columns for both front and rear tyre pressures.
  11. Noise From 1.0 Ecoboost 125Bhp Engine?

    I've got the 140 bhp version, a year old with just under 9000 on clock. Mine doesn't rattle like the above examples either, very quiet engine so far.
  12. I can't say why you are getting such low mpg figures but here's some info from the Fiesta Owners manual. (images from the official manual) I got my Fiesta ST-Line with the 140 bhp engine just over a year ago, it was new with 90 miles delivery mileage. I reset the AVG mpg setting before I drove it. I followed the manuals instructions for running the car in. My first trip was about 30 miles of mixed roads with about 5 miles of dual carriageway at about 60 -70 mph it showed on display as about 47.5mpg. Since then I have covered about 8500 miles and now get about 50 to 55mpg on my 30 mile round commute according to the display (about 450miles per tank). I have check this by brimming the tank a few times and it's about 3 to 5% optimistic. I'm not driving that slowly or carefully to achieve that, I'm doing 70mph (ish) on the motorways and generally keeping up with the traffic on the other roads The mpg went up after I'd covered about 3500 miles but that may just be temperature related. I've tried premium fuels but not noticed any difference in mpg from my current Sainsburys super unleaded. Take note of the manual about fuel filling, it says you need to be consistent with the way you fill it and not have more than 2 automatic pump cut offs to get realistic readings.
  13. Fiesta Ecoboost 1L Engine Problem?

    Had my Ecoboost Fiesta 140 version for a year now, the oil level didn't budge from the full line at all in 8500 miles. Had it serviced a few weeks back and the fresh oil is bang on the line. I check it at least once a week along with the tyre pressures, and a glance at the brake n coolant fluid levels. So far everything looks to be staying spot on.
  14. Fiesta 125 vs 140

    I test drove the 125 and then went for the 140 ST-Line. I didn't really like the very long gearing on the 125 version. The 140 could do with a 6th gear to drop the revs in motorway cruising but apart from that it's a much nicer drive in my opinion. The latest version does have a 6 speed box but I don't know how they have set the ratios e.g is 6th just an overdrive gear etc... Modifying a 125 to 140 bhp + would still keep the long gearing. I suppose in theory the longer gearing should improve economy a little but I get over 50mpg from my ST-line so I'm happy with that My ideal would have been the 140 engine in a Titanium model but for some reason they don't offer that.
  15. As far as I'm aware the 125bhp version (and the 100) are £0 Tax rated. The 140 bhp is £20. Or has that changed since I got mine last year?