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  1. My first thought was maybe for £1 coins but then realised it was too narrow.
  2. I didn't notice it until the money spider popped out of it the other morning 😃🕷️
  3. Oh yeah, might be for that. After 40 years of chucking them on the passenger seat or in the door pocket I'll have to practice using it 😄
  4. Anyone know what the slot under the Eco/Traction control/Stop-Start buttons is for? Mine is currently home to a Money Spider but he wouldn't make an appearance for the photoshoot.
  5. Sounds like good advice. 33/26 same pressures as my previous MK7 ST-Line seemed to work fine on that 👍
  6. Yes, that's my point. The Fordpass App recommended tyre pressure for my car does not correspond to the door sticker for any load/speed so either the door sticker is incorrect or the App is incorrect. (or both are incorrect is the other option I suppose 😃)
  7. Have you carefully checked the springs, I had one go a few years back on My Citroen C4, it snapped right near the top mount about 1 coil down but it was not easy to see as it looked to be ok with the weight of the car on it.
  8. It says 30/26 for my Fiesta ST-Line but that is not the correct pressure for any load according to the sticker on the door panel.
  9. No it doesn't measure the load on the app it just shows your current (or last checked) tyre pressures for each corner then underneath says 30 Fronts 26 rears as recommended pressures.
  10. You'd think that something as crucial as the correct tyre pressures would be a high priority to get right and easy to fix. It seems to pick up the exact model of car from the Vin Number you enter when you first sign in to the app. They must have a database somewhere of the tyre pressures for each model so they can stick the label on the door pillar, the app just needs access to that database.
  11. Didn't have that option on my 2016 ST-Line, just warned you if they were too low and had the reset option you mentioned. My MK 8 you can display the pressures on screen and on the Fordpass App. Has anyone noticed the ford pass app recommended pressures are different to the ones on the door pillar? Door Pillar says 33 Fronts, 26 Rear for light loads. Fordpass App says 30 front, 26 rear.
  12. OK, thanks guys I'll be doing 18,000 or so a year so it will have a change at the first year service for sure but I might get it done a bit earlier, 18,000 seems like a long way to go without an oil change
  13. Just had my first fault on my new MK8 ST-Line X 140. Set the sat nav to my home address via the voice command which worked fine. It then tells me to do a U Turn out of the works car park as per normal. I then muted the voice directions as I normally do ( just put sat nav on for the traffic alerts for journeys to and form work) About 200 yards up the road it indicated to turn left, which would be into the hedge, instead of right. After that it said Navigation Fault on the main screen and the small direction arrow on the screen between the Speedo and rev counter was stuck on a left turn. I tried it again via a voice command but it just says Navigation Fault. Googled it when I got home and there is a reset option, Hold down Radio volume button together with the right (next track) key for 5 secs or so. This rebooted to the Ford logo and then came back on again. It works now but screen seems sluggish to respond which it wasn't before. It's also reset all my favourites and the home and work destination settiings 😞
  14. I'd heard about special running in oils put in some cars for the recommended runnning in mileage and once you'd reached that it had to be changed for normal Oil. There's no mention of anything like that in the manual so I'm assuming I don't need to take it in for an oil change at 1000 miles?
  15. So Do I, I much prefer Iron Brew 😄 I've got 3/4 of a litre of the recommended Castrol oil that I bought for my previous MK7 St-Line but only ever put 0.25 litres in after the 2nd service, I think they slightly underfilled it. Not checked to see if that's what they still recommend for the MK 8 model? It's certainly not the same colour as the stuff in my car now, looks like the same very thin consistency though.