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  1. What sort of driving are you doing to get it under 40mpg?. I would be very upset if I couldn't easily achieve 45mpg with normal driving once it's run in.
  2. Have had this on my 2019 ST-Line X Fiesta mostly when setting a journey on the sat nav. You may be able to get out of it with a soft reset instead of locking car etc.. Try a soft reset -: Press the Volume / Power knob and the "next track" button at the same time for 5/10 seconds. The SYNC unit will power down and then restart. That unfreezes it for me, though it is a bit sluggish with touch response after the restart for about 20 seconds, then it's fine . Strangely I only had the problem for about 3 weeks, not had any problems since.
  3. I was getting about 45 mpg for the first few weeks from my ST-Line X 140, 70% Motorway + A roads and 2 miles of town. That was in temperatures of around 12-15C. With about 1000 miles on clock (about 3 weeks for me) I was getting 46 ish mpg, but the ambient temp had dropped to 5-8 C. I think if the temp had stayed at 15C I'd have been getting close to 50mpg Done just over 3000 miles now and am getting about 48mpg on the same trip with temps generally under 10C. Based on that and comparing it to my previous ST-Line 140 + a few more miles on the clock I'm hoping to crack the 50mpg figure on the commute during the summer months. On my previous ST-Line 140 the dash readout was less than 5% over the brim to brim method. My MK8 has been much closer to the real figure. Over the past few weeks I've been getting 48mpg from brim to brim and the dash readout has been saying 48.5. I'm doing about 360 miles per week which the fuel guage says I've used about 3/4 of a tank with 90 miles left to empty which would seem about right, roughly 440 miles per tank.
  4. When you say you have done a factory reset, did you mean your phone or the car sync 3 system? If it was your phone you may want to try a master reset of the sync 3 system, just bear in mind it will reset any changes you have made to the default.
  5. I can remember seeing loads of cars with bits of cardboard taped to the car saying "Running in, Please Pass" as you had to go so slow you were a moving road block. I had an Hillman Avenger which had to be run in for 3,000 miles and although it mentioned not going over 2,500 rpm for first 1500 or so then up to 3000 for the next 1500, I had to guess as it didn't have a Rev counter. Basically kept it as gentle as possible about 40 mph max in 4th gear (which was top gear), don't sit at constant speed or lug the engine etc... oil change at 500 miles then again at 2000. I still run all my cars in as per manufacturers spec. What have you got to lose by doing so, apart from being a bit tedious for a few thousand miles.
  6. There's also a sticker on the drivers door pillar gives you Power of engine, it will be 100, 125 or 140 for a 1 Litre ecoboost. The non ecoboost engines were less than 85 I think.
  7. I Have had my ST-Line X 140 for 2 months now, covered just over 2600 miles. Lovely car, I am very happy with it apart from a few minor niggles. I struggled with the gearbox at first, including forgetting 6th altogether for the first few weeks, but I'm 95% ok with it now just the occasional problem coming down from 5th to 4th I sometimes seem to get 6th or 2nd to 3rd I sometimes get 5th. It was also a bit notchy in feel for the first month but seems to have freed up a bit now, unless it's just me getting used to it. I turn stop/start off unless I know I'm going to be stationary for more than 30 seconds. I did some experimenting over the first few weeks and didn't notice any real difference in mpg with it on. Was quite impressed with the Auto high beam feature the other morning. It was quite foggy for the first few miles of my journey and I noticed it didn't go to full beam at all. Which it what you want in those conditions as full beam just glares back at you from the fog. As soon as it thinned out a bit it went back to high beam when required. So far it's also been pretty good at turning off in time, Only had to intervene once when I was going down a steep hill it didn't seem to recognise the car coming up the hill. Can't say I've heard much ticking or rattling on my MK8 or my MK7.5 140 engine, though it might just be my dodgy hearing. With the bonnet up it is just barely noticeable to me, but I've heard a few people mention they can be a bit noisy due to the high pressure direct injection system.
  8. Just posting this again as I don't think you'll find a better condition 2016 ST-Line 140 for sale (unless you can find one that's not been driven at all) I have no affiliation with the company that is selling it. I owned it from new as a lease car and treated it very well. Just keen to see that someone gets a genuinely good little car.
  9. As long as it's not overheating it's fine. A quick warm up is desirable as it's more efficient. My 2016 Fiesta St-line 140 would be a few miles up the road before I got any noticeable warm air from the heater. My New 2019 ST-Line X is much quicker I am getting warm air from the heater less than 1/2 mile up the road on the recent colder mornings, 0 to Minus 2 C outside. Engine temp guage is much quicker to get to normal position as well.
  10. Not sure that's a problem. I'm sure my car would be up to temperature after 10 minutes of idling. Why are you idling for so long? Does it overheat on a journey?
  11. I opted for the factory Space saver spare on my Fiesta ST-Line X. I'm not sure what size the tyre is but the insert that sits on top of the wheel does create a hump in the boot i.e the mat does not sit flat by about 3 cm. Not a major issue but looks a bit strange. I did take the wheel out and reseated it just in case it wasn't fitted correctly but it's still the same.
  12. Got waze and the radio working thanks. You were right I had to setup waze with the phone unplugged from the car then it worked fine. Have also go my sync 3 radio working, might have to switch it off again soon though, Christmas tunes are starting to creep in. Bah Humbug!
  13. Yes I noticed that the first time I washed it. Had just put on a full winter wax protection layer and stood back to admire all my hard work. Pressed the button to lock the car and watched as a stream of water ran down my doors and continued to drip for the next 20 mins or so.. Not a problem especially with the wax, as it ran straight off but in the summer months it'll mean I'll have to remember to go out after half an hour or so to dry off again to avoid the marks left from the hard water we have in this area.
  14. Ah, OK, is that because they can be damaged if stuck? I was hoping that they would stop trying to move if there was too much resistance.?
  15. Washed my car yesterday afternoon was covered in Road salt from a weeks commuting in the cold weather. I start out at 5:45 am on my journey to work , this morning was cold, dark and frosty. Started up the car and switched on the rear and front screen heaters whilst I went round the side windows with my ice scraper. Slightly worried by the occasional clunk sound I could hear but couldn't really detect where it was coming from. Once all the side windows were clear I jumped in and sat for a minute or so to see if I could hear the clunk sound but all was ok so started reversing off my drive. Wasn't until I got moving forwards I realised my mirrors hadn't unfolded, pressed the button on the door to unfold them and got the clunk sound. They had obviously frozen up overnight with all the water I'd rinsed the car off with. Thought maybe I could help the drivers side one along a bit with my hand so went to open the windows and found that was frozen too. Fortunately the car warms up really quickly and I think the heated mirrors that come on with the rear demister soon freed up their movement as well I'm assuming that as the clunk wasn't constant that they just stop if they come across any resistance rather than burn out the motor? Just need to make a mental note to myself to cover up the mirrors when I wash my car in frosty weather.