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  1. jabbsy83

    Dealer service vs service stop

    If you had seen the guys in my local ford dealership you would take it else where. My mate took his car to them with a issue. £150 later did not find the problem. Gave car back. Took it to a local garage. Found 5 issues on his 400 quid diagnostics machine.felt sorry for him and didn't charge. What I'm trying to say is just because they stamp your book with a ford stamp. It doesn't mean your car will be any better. After my experience with my local ford's I will never set foot in there again
  2. jabbsy83

    5mm hubcentric spacer

    I don't know if it makes a difference but my focus as drums on the back 🔧
  3. jabbsy83

    5mm hubcentric spacer

    Could you please confirm where you bought this tool as I would love to purchase one. I bet this wasn't cheap
  4. jabbsy83

    5mm hubcentric spacer

    I have been told by a fitter that 5mm will go on perfect no issues. However 10mm may be a little tricky. He said if you can't put 10mm on then put 5mm all round. But the best way to know if 10mm would go is the nut must make at least 6 full turns on the tread. Hope this helps. I'm going to double them up and count if it turns 6 or more I'll leave them if it don't then I will place them on the front also.
  5. jabbsy83

    5mm hubcentric spacer

    Hello guys I have lowered my mk 2.5 focus zetec 30mm and I must admit it looks lurvly 😄 was wondering would it be worth me putting 5mm spacers all round. I have been offered 4 for £40. Any feedback would be great. I could however double them up and have them at 10mm on the rear. If I did would they go straight on without effecting the thread and nut. Thanks in advance ..
  6. jabbsy83

    lowering my ford focus zetec s

    I have spoke to a guy at grease monkey performance he told me 30mm will sit nicely with no issues. And no need to change anything other than the springs itself. He said if I were to go lower then he would advice me to change shocks and the rear chamber
  7. jabbsy83

    lowering my ford focus zetec s

    OK mate so measure from the centre cap (middle) to the wheel arch and I'll come back with the measurements. I can get 4 fingers between wheel and arch in the back and 3 fingers front.
  8. jabbsy83

    lowering my ford focus zetec s

    I was also told my existing shocks would be fine. By a highly recommended fitter . He told me if I was to go any lower then he would of advice me to change shocks. So I'll put them on and I'll put up some after photos . Thanks guys
  9. jabbsy83

    lowering my ford focus zetec s

    Thank you. All my cars I have lowered I have only ever changed the springs. I can get 3/4 fingers between the tyre and wheel arch. So that's why I only went 30mm. An old friend had an focus that's lowered by 50mm but I no longer see him nor have contact to ask him how he managed it..
  10. Hello guys. I was wondering if you could help me. I'm new to all this and also new to owning a ford. I have a mk2.5 1.6tdci and was looking to lower it by 30mm I have already ordered the springs from eibach. I was wondering as my car is currently sitting on 18s would I have any issues. And is there anything I will need to do to get the most from my ride. Also does anyone have a mk2.5 zetec already lowered. I would love to see what it looks like. Thabks in advance guys jonathan