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  1. you're only really interested in the figures with everything switched off and the doors shut. You started your car with the meter connected to the battery? Surely not it would've melted! It would've pulled over 200amps when turning the engine over (I think that's right 🥴)
  2. How have you managed that 😂😂. Must've bought a £60 wax or something?
  3. I assume you mean that when you're driving the radio gets louder to counter the engine noise etc. then when you stop it quietens down? You can 100% turn this off in the menu i remember doing it.
  4. Once the locknut is undone, they're usually not tight to come off. Try a pair of vice grips or stilsons to get better grip. Use lots of penetrating fluid if you need and maybe a blowtorch if you get really stuck.
  5. If you don't have this button on the mirror adjuster then you don't have powefold mirrors fitted.
  6. The 1.2 isn't bad for a new driver if only planning on keeping it for a couple years. Sure it's not the fastest thing in the world, but it's cheap to run and insure. The cost of the car probably won't be the issue, it'll be the stupid insurance premiums. Depending on where you live, the milage you say you'll do, job title and engine will massively affect the cost of insurance. Oh and men usually pay more too, not sure how that isn't sexist 🤷‍♂️.
  7. Chances are it won't come formatted in FAT32, most new drives come in NTFS. FAT32 is only possible up to 32GB. If you have a laptop the get this Modified ELM327 from Tunnelrat. Coupled with Forscan, it'll read Ford specific codes that a normal reader won't and be it'll be able to program modules, injectors etc.
  8. I think he just means the sensors feeding the ECU adjusting air/fuel ratio for cold starts.
  9. The drive has to be formatted in FAT32 usually. I don't see how that should trigger a fault code though... is there definitely nothing wrong with that new EGR valve? You should probably get your own code reader for £15 max to clear codes instead of going to the garage lol.
  10. Tiger seal is the best stuff for that. Just make sure the surface is thoroughly clean before you apply it. Double sided tape struggles to bond properly and new clips will probably just break off again in a couple years.
  11. There's a full guide in the pinned in the Focus sub-forum.
  12. Depends on the car. I know BMW requires you to "program in" the battery.
  13. Looks rather aftermarket... Possibly an immobiliser fitted by a finance company for example so if the payments are defaulted then they can remotely stop the car from being started. A similar device may have been fitted by the actual owner of the car incase it was stolen. Only a guess, you'll have to go routing behind the dash and see what you find.
  14. First things first, the 1.6 was discontinued when the facelift models came out in 2014 (with the Aston Martin style front grill). The 1.0L ecoboost engines (for arguments sake and so this reply isn't 3 pages long) are the same, it's just the map that's different (a basic remap will take them all to near 160hp anyway). The more basic trim models come with 100 or 125ps and the Zetec-s/ ST-Line 140ps. If you get one with a Sony unit (regardless of pre-facelift or not) then the sound system is slightly upgraded. Other than that I believe the speakers never changed so should sound the same. The 1.0L is definitely nippier than the 1.6 NA, but is also like twice as expensive... being 19 you'll want the Zetec-S version (incl red & black editions) of the 1.0L so you get the body kit etc. Being a facelift, the 1.0L is a little nicer inside with the piano black dash.
  15. I guess we're just going to guess which Ford you have....