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  1. Luke4efc

    Supagard - advice please

    More like "that's a shame, I was looking forward to my £50 commission on selling you a rip off product that doesn't actually last for the 150 years I claimed previously!" There are many better products out there that will also prevent the paint from fading that doesn't cost over £250 to have done. Seriously if you want the paint in as good of a condition as it will get then a detailer will do a new car clean for you. Just to add, you don't polish the car each time you wax it. You have to remember it's like using very fine sandpaper on your car to remove a small layer or lacquer. Eventually you'll remove all the lacquer and be polishing the base coat. Polishing is only for when you have to carry out paint correction (such as scratches) If you are polishing all the time to remove swirl marks then you're washing your car wrong.
  2. Luke4efc

    Red Edition Fiesta MPG

    Yep! The ecoboost isn't as economical as claimed. Team that with short town journeys and you will probably get 300 miles to a tank. Around town you're always sat at lights idling and always braking and accelerating. Motorway journeys are much more economical as you're sat at a constant speed for ages.
  3. Luke4efc

    No reverse or 5th gear

    I'd have guessed at a worn bush or something I the gear linkages.
  4. Luke4efc

    Fiesta EcoBoost 140bhp Upgrade

    Weight reduction bro! I would be more worried about the gearbox going tbh. It's right at the limit at 140hp and isn't really safe to go much higher.
  5. Luke4efc

    Ford Privilege Scheme.

    They are correct, the scheme means the car is given a set price rather than an amount of money or percentage taken off the either a negotiated price or RRP. I think you're supposed to tell them youre using the scheme first and then negotiate down from there.
  6. Type the reg into and it should give the full spec list. You have to register for it though.
  7. Luke4efc

    CEUK Full Hose Kit - Fiesta Mk7.5 Red Edition

    A hose is a hose, it makes no difference whatsoever other than you get to show off your colour coded engine bay.
  8. Luke4efc

    Fiesta EcoBoost 140bhp Upgrade

    If it doesn't overwrite the stock map then how can it work properly (if at all)? Surely they would tell you what's required for an upgrade to 175hp? Personally would stick so something by mountune who do warranty friendly remaps if you're so bothered.
  9. Luke4efc

    Fault code reader recommendations

    Modified Elm327 from tunnelrat teamed with Forscan on a laptop. Costs around £15 and can do a lot more than a generic code reader.
  10. Luke4efc

    Focus 2013 1.6 tdci oil service

    Depends what you consider a complete service. Are you changing coolant, brake fluid, cabin filter, air filter, gearbox oil etc.
  11. Luke4efc

    Supagard - advice please

    NO NO NO NO! Supaguard is a complete waste of money for a cheap protective wax! The stuff is exactly the same as what was used years ago and hasn't kept up with the times. There's far better products on the market now that do a better job at protecting the paintwork. I can only assume supaguard is still in business due to the public naivety towards proper car cleaning. This is the dealership conning you into sub-par product for a premium price and isn't anywhere near as good as what's claimed. It's applied by a valeter who isn't paid enough to give a dam for starters. If you could be certain that the car would be given a thorough pre-clean (with traffic film remover and snowfoam) followed by a thorough clean and decontamination with 2 buckets and a grit guard then perhaps you could justify the cost. At the same time a decent detailer can put a longer lasting finish on for probably a lot cheaper and you can be 100% sure he is passionate about the job and can see what he's doing on your driveway. TLDR: Supaguard is a big con and don't get it unless it's free! At least some sealant is better than none.
  12. 2009 is a mk7. The mk7.5 (facelift) was 2013 and mk6.5 was up to 2008. When you lock the car, can you still open it when you pull on the handle? If not then it's not to do with the locks. It's not something simple is it like youve left the headlights on or an interior light?
  13. It's electric steering, so isn't powered off the belt, meaning yes it is possible. Did you change the battery because of all this? Or has the faults only started since? Also which Bosch S5 did you install?
  14. Luke4efc

    Ford Fiesta 17inch alloys

    Yes they fit fine (albeit a bit out of place) the PCD never changed during the facelift (still 4x108) and the tyre size you would use is the same as the ST (205/40/r17) to avoid you altering the Speedo calibration. Only thing to slightly worry about is Ford fit steering rack limiters to the ST and zetec-s with 17 inch alloys on as they are a bit wider and risk rubbing on the arches when on full lock. I chose not to fit rack limiters when I did a similar upgrade and haven't had any issues, but I'm just letting you know what's recommended.
  15. Luke4efc


    Most car models work by having mk1 mk2 etc. 2011 is the changeover year between the mk2 facelift (mk2.5) and the mk3 pre-facelift. They're completely different cars so should be able to tell from these pics. Top is a mk2.5 and bottom mk3.