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  1. Did the engine overheat? If not then it's purely coincidence the tank was empty. You need to find out what that engine malfunction means by reading the codes.
  2. A battery monitor that drains the battery sounds rather counter-intuitive 😂
  3. Loose connection or corroded contact probably. I'm assuming you've checked for voltage when you put it in reverse?
  4. Yes, but it can be so minute you'd barely notice it.
  5. Did you remove the cap on the fluid reservoir when you wound the piston back in? Double check you haven't put too much strain on the brake hoses and split one.
  6. Is it when you go beyond certain revs? Could be aux belt slipping, it's probably on it's original at 8 years old. Otherwise it's just a case of getting a rattle checker & pry bar on various suspension components till you feel some excess play.
  7. Orrrr just people get out of this obsession about having a brand new car and buy a mk3 RS with 1 owner and sub 20k miles for that sort of money. The RS would wipe the floor with anything Ford releases in the near future (apart from the mustang obvs)...
  8. I think you've found the solution 😂, that's one way not to get any speeding tickets. If it's the slave cylinder then the gearbox needs to come out. At that point you may as well stick an uprated clutch in for the cost (if you're seeking more power). The release bearing is part of the slave cylinder assembly so unfortunately talking £80 for a genuine Ford slave. Obviously couple hundred quid labour to add on that. Master cylinder should be significantly cheaper as it's just behind the clutch pedal.
  9. The MK2 and MK3 Focus ST alloys don't come in 17 inch? Only 18". Fiesta ST and MK1 Focus ST alloys are only 4 studs so won't fit.
  10. Why not? Install the fuse tap correctly and you will have 2 completely independent circuits...
  11. If it goes in gear fine with the engine off then it's usually a clutch issue rather than gearbox, probably a master or slave cylinder on its way out.
  12. Every car has an aux belt (sometimes two). I'm not 100% on the 1.6 petrol, but on some cars if the aux belt fails, it's got a high chance of taking the timing belt with it. Deffo worth doing for the sake of £20. It'll be just as worn as the cambelt after this many years. The rest of this was answered in your previous post here. You never replied to say which engine you have so was assumed to be the 1.6 NA...
  13. Are you changing it because it's worn out? I'd be more worried that side is wearing out twice as fast if so lol. It's not ideal (but what is?). Personally I'd leave the run flats on till they wear out (it's a people carrier at the end of the day, not a race car). Does your car have TPMS installed (on the run flats especially)? Some people don't notice they have a flat tyre with a runflat unless the TPMS tells them. I'd certainly change both tyres across an axle, not a good idea to leave 1 odd one.
  14. The dash codes don't mean anything. You need to plug in to read the codes