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  1. What your friend says sounds plausible. At lower revs the turbo isnt spinning so wont get any smoke.
  2. I thought the handbrake should automatically disengage when you select reverse and try setting off. Otherwise can you not bite the clutch and release the handbrake?
  3. Post some piccies. You'll have very little interest without them.
  4. It's a double filament bulb so possible one half has failed. Hence why it gets brighter when you press the brake with the light on otherwise you wouldnt be able to tell if someone was braking or just had their lights on. However it's unlikely both tail lights have gone at the same time so I'd check the fuse first.
  5. Luke4efc

    sad times

    Sometimes I understand if the neighbour denies it, but the scratches look like their at the same height on either car. Then to top it off, he literally has red pain transfer on his car! When I bought my car, i installed cctv at my house (mostly pointing at my car) for this exact reason. Be a shame if he woke up to 4 slashed tyres one morning...
  6. Might be stating the obvious here, but have you checked the battery? Lol Oh wait nvm the starter spins you say? But isnt engaging against the flywheel?
  7. It wont void your insurance. It's like saying you're insurance is void if you turn your parking sensors off. It's a driver aid and shouldn't be relied upon.
  8. Could be literally anything, you need to read the codes. Since you're taking it to Ford tomorrow they'll charge you a bomb for the privilege anyway so little point doing anything unless you have a code reader (preferably Forscan).
  9. Luke4efc


    Yeh you need to fit the intercooler lol
  10. Luke4efc


    Did you install the MR165 kit or just the map?
  11. No, the bluetooth module is separate and installed above the passenger foot well. It has been done before if you search the forum.
  12. Its all well and good saying you have limp mode and the engine malfunction message, but without the diagnostic codes, we cant really help. What you have described could literally be anything in the engine bay gone wrong.
  13. I use a Three data sim. 200mb of data free every month. No top up required
  14. 25 hp gain for over a grand? No thanks haha. I mean if you thinks it's worth it and you care that much about your warranty then go ahead, but theres much better bang for buck out there. Also another 4 years on warranty on a 3 year old car? (So 7 years). Surely that's covering you for nothing other than a gaping hole in the side of the block? And that's only if you can provide proof you never ever exceeded 4000rpm and the engine was given 3 hours to warm up and another 2 to cool down every time you drove it. Oh and you'd need to provide your full ford dealer service history complete with an itemized bill for each component fitted. Basically I'm saying most used car warranties after the first month are total crap and arent worth the paper they're printed on.
  15. Luke4efc


    What map have you had put on? If its dyno tuned then it should be good from the start. If it's just a generic map then it will take a little driving for the ECU to make minor adjustments to the map to make it run smoother. Every supposidly 'like for like' engine performs slightly differently from one another hence why a '1 size fits all' solution isnt ideal.