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  1. I take it you've got this from the instrument cluster rather than a plug in obd2 scanner? If so the dashboard method is pretty useless and don't mean much, you can ignore it. If you're having problems then plug in using Forscan and read the codes properly.
  2. I'd guess at rear trailing arms but you need to get the car up in the air and feel around for play on all the suspension. If you don't have a trolley jack/stands I'd stop here and either buy some or take the car to a mechanic. You're not going to be able to fix much without taking the wheel off lol.
  3. Maybe the entire detailing community is just wrong about dangerous automatic car washes are to paintwork. Or perhaps IMO is telling a few porkies 🤔... There's a reason people use 2 buckets, a nice soft microfibre mitt and drying towel instead of a revolving brush to clean their car. No matter what their claims are I can 100% guarantee your car will come out the other side with some paint imperfection due to their cleaning. There's so many experiments about this online, and the automatic ones always causes more swirl marks than a hand wash. Reading the statement again it may seem it's
  4. The mk2 ST cat won't fit your exhaust (unless you got a custom one to suit). The cat is flanged both sides and part of the mid section. If he's supplying a turbo back exhaust then that includes the cat? A cat back exhaust wouldn't include the cat.
  5. There's many hand car washes you can go to, just like the OP mentioned he has been doing for a while now. Granted these aren't ideal either, but they're 10x better than those damaging automatic ones.
  6. Look long and hard enough on the Internet and you'll find similar horror stories about pretty much every engine ever made.
  7. It's been 4.5 years since they last logged onto the forum, I doubt they're going to reply lol. I'd start your own topic if I was you.
  8. If you don't own a multimeter you either need to buy one, or take the car to someone who does lol. You need to be able to do a continuity check on the fuse, and test at various points in the circuit for 12v.
  9. What's the battery voltage when the engine is running? Not only will the screen cut out if the voltage is too low, but also if the alternator is overcharging the battery.
  10. A modified Elm327 lead (about £15 from tunnelrat) and Forscan on a laptop is 100% the best way for Fords. It's about as close to dealer level software you'll get without spending thousands. There's loads of topics about it scattered across the forum & the forscan website.
  11. That's the engine management symbol. I've never seen it on a button like that though.
  12. LMAO I'd be more worried about the scratches that you're 100% guaranteed to inflict on your paint by going through those car washes.
  13. Engine oil flushes are highly damaging to this engine. They have a wet timing belt which will degrade into sludge if you use the wrong oil/ detergents. It's usually the cause of this issue in the first place.
  14. Would've been better starting your own topic rather than bumping a 4 year old one, but whatever. Have you tried resetting the module first? Failing that it's behind the glovebox, which you can remove by undoing the 7 Torx screws holding it in. Be careful when removing it as there's some ducting attached to the right side of the glovebox for heating/cooling. The module's then located above (it's really awkward to get to)
  15. Was the fuse actually blown or not? It's alright saying you changed it anyway, but if it's blowing instantly and you go on to change more stuff, then you're going to have to change it again.
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