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  1. Luke4efc

    Alloy wheel colour?

    There will be 5-6 years of brake dust caked on the inside that won't get cleaned off as often as the outside, at least that's my guess.
  2. Luke4efc

    Spark plug gap.

    As someone relitavely new to the engineering world, I can confirm we still use thou quite a bit, especially for precision stuff such as shimming gearboxes etc. 1 thou = 0.025mm (or 0.0254mm if you were being anal). 4 thou = 0.1mm. So 25 thou is 0.625mm (so 0.63mm). As you say that's very small, and should be more like double that.
  3. The car was probably built in 2015, which is what the vin will go off. Mine was built in Feb 2014 but is a 14 plate still. Many cars end up sat in a compound for a few weeks before they are shipped etc. They only get a registration plate at the last minute (especially when the new plates come out).
  4. Luke4efc

    Wipers don't work. HELP!!!

    Go Roadkill style (it's a car program on YouTube, they rarely have heaters, wipers or lights in their bangers). Get some rain-x and apply that to the windscreen. I'm guessing you're either northern Scotland or south west England as the rest of the UK seems to be scorching this weekend.
  5. Luke4efc

    Fiesta fuel problems

    Or maybe a fuel filter that needs replacing? If there was air getting in the system you would see diesel leaking out as there is way more pressure in the fuel lines than the atmosphere. Only other thing I could think of is bad injectors.
  6. Luke4efc

    Change injector

    You would need the injector removal socket, a modified ELM327 cable and a copy of Forscan on a laptop to code the injectors in.
  7. Luke4efc

    part number please

    Oh well good luck, you'll just have to paint it white (I take it that was your car above) when it arrives.
  8. Luke4efc

    part number please

    This one here looks the closest one I could find, but can't confirm it will fit.
  9. Luke4efc

    part number please

    Ah ok. In which case it will probably be the case of buying a non-painted one and spraying it to match the colour of your car. A breakers yard might be the best bet here in the hope they have your colour car in.
  10. Luke4efc

    Tree Sap

    I assume you've mistakenly added a zero onto the end of your odometer reading? Either way rubbing alcohol works pretty well.
  11. Luke4efc

    part number please

    Is it not just this one?
  12. Luke4efc

    Need inspiration for my mk6 1.25 fez!!!

    Induction kits are the biggest con going in my opinion; I'm not sure why people get such a hard on over them. £120 for a cone filter and some silicon pipe, for what? Hot air being sucked in and more dirt? It won't make much of a difference to a naturally aspirated car anyway and any sound changes would be so insignificant that you would have to point it out each time to whoever you are showing it off to. Anyway rant over. In terms of looks, have a look at either getting your alloys done or get some new ones. They massively change the look of a car. Just avoid this plastdip crap that peels off after the first wash. I'd recommend powder coating over painting, it's a little more expensive, but it's harder than paint so doesn't chip as easily and will last a lot longer. Just don't go mad modifying it, you'll want something faster/a bit nicer in a couple years. Before you know it you'll end up looking like a local chav driving down the road at 10mph but has an exhaust louder than a Foo Fighters concert.
  13. You need to get the AC properly discharged by a garage. There's Schrader valves fitted so that you can use an refrigeration manifold to recharge the AC, but you shouldn't touch them unless you're qualified. I don't see what the issue is though? You shouldn't have water dripping under your car.
  14. You could say the same thing if it was bore wear or valve seals. Being an ST it's probably had it's fair share of boy racers behind the wheel who red line it 30 seconds after starting the engine. Wouldn't surprise me if the rings are gone. Just out of interest have you checked to see if the PCV is ok? If it's failed then that has the potential to build up pressure in the crankcase and push oil past the seals.
  15. Luke4efc

    MK7 Zetec S with red interior??

    Many mk7 zetec-s' came with a coloured dash that is the same colour as the exterior paint. Personally not a fan of them as it sticks out too much but each to their own I guess.