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  1. I mean, the USB port would be kind of pointless if you cant charge a phone through it. The only other thing you'd ever plug into that USB port is a memory stick, and they require way less power than a phone...
  2. There's about a dozen relays that all do different things lol. Unfortunately your description of your issue is very vague and sounds like the majority of car breakdowns...
  3. It depends what the damage looks like, how deep it is etc. However, £200 for any sort of re-spray sounds like mates rates, she'd be a bit daft not to accept that. Screenshot the Facebook post and the message saying she's caused the damage incase she blocks you. At least then you can go through her insurance if things go a little ***** up. A picture of the damage on her car would make the case pretty water-tight too.
  4. Just go to your local garage and they'll remove the locking wheel nuts for you by either using their set of keys, or a more "forceful" method. Once they're off throw them in the bin and fit standard Ford nuts. Alloys are pretty worthless nowadays unless they're really special so they don't get stolen.
  5. Could be anything. You need to read the codes.
  6. Usually you siphon the fuel out using the filler neck. Unfortunately for you, Ford fit anti-siphon devices (1 way valves) to the filler pipe so theives don't just steal it. Easiest way is to pump it out by disconnecting the feed in the engine bay. Seems a lot of hassle for £30 worth of fuel, plus you have to get some containers to store it...
  7. It's just the scroll wheel on the indicator stalk (what you use to scroll between average MPG, live MPG, temperature etc). Just scroll till you get to "enter menu" and find time and date. It should be blindingly obvious, I don't really know how I could word it any simpler.
  8. How did you set the time? The best way is to turn the key as far as it will go without starting the engine, then go to menu on the trip computer and set the time and date from there. Any other method can result in the time resetting everytime.
  9. That's not quite what I meant. If you're at a safe distance and the car infront slams on, meaning you also have to slam on, the distance between you will inevitably close up. What happens if the car infront does that right by one of those cameras and it sees you're practically tailgating? Seems a good way to force people to get a fine.
  10. It's just a revision number, usually the new part has a later revision no. than the one you took off though. Your 'Ford worker' should know that though...
  11. Have you had a sniff test done? I'd suggest that's the first step before going changing a head gasket...
  12. Yes it probably will 'wake' some stuff up. Connect the multimeter to the battery before switching everything off, locking the doors and leaving it for 15 minutes etc.
  13. I don't see why they wouldn't be the same. There's always loads of spare ways for them to add to. As said above though, if you're paying Halfords to fit it, then it's up to them to find a suitable fuse to tap off...
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