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  1. Luke4efc

    Selling brake discs for scrap?

    I have heard of people doing it yes, you have to have a few sets like yourself or it's not really worth it if the tip is closer. With scrap at around £150/tonne (or 15p/kg), 1 disc would be worth £1.50 ish. 3 sets of 4 discs would get you around £18.
  2. Luke4efc

    Ford Sync Updates

    Why can't you download it? I'm assuming it's your VIN that prevents you from accessing them if so find one from a 2015+ Fiesta and it should work. 5.11 will get you pretty much every feature I believe, the newer ones appear to just be but fixes.
  3. Luke4efc

    Ford Sync Updates

    Yes that looks fine. The part numbers can be D1BT or E1BT, just the first one is usually more common. You should be able to update now.
  4. Luke4efc

    mustang 2018 face lift quality issues???

    The sales of goods act was replaced by the consumer rights act in 2015. I'd take it back to ford first to see what they say about it and if they can fix it before throwing the book at them. There will be many others like it just people don't look close enough or decide It's too much effort to fix. Chances are if you got another it would just have similar issues.
  5. Luke4efc

    MK7.5 ST-Line Radio

    If the year is 2017 then it will be 1.1. The only really difference is track names via Bluetooth. Given that you didn't even know that you can Bluetooth stream music, it wouldn't make a difference what Sync version you have. As stated the only upgrade is the Sony system (unless you went aftermarket), but the differences are very minimal and very costly (talking more than £250 if you want sat nav and DAB still). Pretty sure it just has a slightly better amplifier but you'd then have to change your speakers.
  6. Luke4efc

    MK8 1.0 Ecoboost 125 Bluefin and warranty

    Yes. Any alterations can be detected, it's not quite a case of minor remaps don't count. After all, the remap puts extra wear on the engine the standard map wouldn't do. In some cases this has caused the engine to blow up, so yes Ford will do whatever they can to detect any alterations. I doubt Ford would care too much if it was remapped if you had to go back for a faulty headlight or power steering etc. They would show you the door to any warranty claims on the engine/gearbox though. Having said that mountune (I'm not sure if there are any others) do some warranty friendly remaps, but if you're that worried about your warranty then car modding is not for you.
  7. Aircon switching on/off sounds like the level is low. Not sure about the rest.
  8. Luke4efc

    Fiesta Mk6.5 - rust

    I don't know about that. Every Ford I can think of was notorious for turning into a pile of dust very quickly.
  9. Luke4efc

    Suspension knock / noise

    If the garage says the shock's knackered then it probably is. They can do a better job at diagnosing than us keyboard warriors on forums.
  10. They only have to be working on cars registered after March 2018. It's a bit like the tax changes, they can't be changed for cars already being used.
  11. Luke4efc

    Impressive MK8 1.0 EcoBoost 140 MPG

    Let's eat Grandma. Let's eat, Grandma.
  12. Luke4efc

    Ford Sync Updates

    AM5T = Sync 1.0 D1BT = Sync 1.1 You therefore have Sync 1.0, and will need to upgrade to 1.1 for Bluetooth track names. There's a complete guide on the forum if you search for it.
  13. Luke4efc

    Door Cards

    The wiring may be different because the new door cards are from a facelift fiesta which had one touch windows along with global opening/closing. I'm not entirely clued up on wiring unless someone gave me a diagram, so can't really be of much further assistance, sorry.
  14. Luke4efc

    Kuga oil quality fault

    Stupid Modern cars with ridiculous sensors that do nothing but get in the way. The amount of engines that have failed due to actual oil degradation (excluding missed services) is so ridiculously small that Ford have fixed a problem that wasn't there in the first place. I bet the sensors cause more faults than they've fixed lol. I'm guessing that the sensor(s) that detect the viscosity of the oil or whatever they do are bad. Have you run a diagnostic yourself, preferably with Forscan? It should give you a code, especially if it's come up with engine malfunction. I'm not sure if Ford would tell you as they want you to pay them to fix it. Just as a side note, I take it as soon as you've serviced it you've reset the service light? If you don't then the message will appear a few days or so later. Also as a reference, how many miles do you do? And what type of driving (mainly motorway or around town etc.)?
  15. Luke4efc

    Weird Paint work??

    Try giving it a good buff/ cut back with decent polish. Otherwise it will need sanding back and a new coat of paint applied. The oxidation is caused by a breakdown of lacquer usually by negligence of cleaning your car regularly. Either that or the area has been repaired before and they didn't apply the lacquer properly.