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  1. Have you out a multimeter on and measured how many amps the car is drawing when the engines off, all the doors are shut etc. If it's showing current, start pulling fuses one by one and see which one causes the amps to drop off. You can then take it from there rather than guessing at things.
  2. Brands mean nothing. A compound (a "coarse") is just a coarse polish and a fine polish is a fine polish regardless of what brand you chose. I'm not including the £2 special stuff from the bargain isle at Aldi here either... It's all about choosing the right grade for you.c Compound if you want a quick job with decent results. Compound (aka coarse) then fine polish after for even better results. Then of course there's different machine polishers, dozens of different buffing pads that give you varying results etc. I really cba getting into that debate aha.
  3. I have a similar one (Eonon) and it's ok for the price. All these chinese units come from the same factory, just a different brand name (xtrons, eonon, pumpkin etc.). The sound quality of my original Sony unit was definitely a lot clearer. I had to mess about with the equaliser of the android unit to get it to sound anywhere near as good as before. They use cheap amplifiers (hence why they're £200 instead of the £400 all the reputable brands charge), you really do get what you pay for with audio equipment. If you want sound quality then look into an external amp. I don't really use the gps since it requires you to have internet access all the time for google maps (I cba spending 20 mins on the driveway downloading the maps. Especially when the wifi signal doesnt really reach outside.) The mobile hotspot can be an extra £30, plus cost of a sim every month. Same with DAB, that cost me an extra £25 for the adapter (I use the original aerial instead of the stupid windscreen mount). Your original aux input in the car will stop working too, along with any usb slots you had. Having said that, mine has been very reliable so far. Had it fitted for around a year now and never once has the unit froze, lost its settings or bluetooth cut out. It has it's quirks and downfalls but certainly makes the interior look 100x more modern so guess it has that going for it 🤷‍♂️.
  4. A 1.6L NA with pops and bangs? 😂😂😂 what has the world come to ffs 😂
  5. Main one is keep the battery charged
  6. If it's a dealer then you'll probably struggle to get much off that price, it's already pretty low. Private sale I'd say you could negotiate down to 7 and half maybe? Depends what faults you find on it.
  7. I'd expect at least 40mpg tbh (sorry we don't deal with L/100km or whatever stupid metric unit the europeans have come up with). Having said that, the auto tranny will lower your MPG a little. Is your driving mostly motorway? Or more city driving in stop start traffic?
  8. I'd spray it personally, just not with plastidip. That stuff just looks cheap and nasty.
  9. 2017 is inbetween the mk7.5 and the mk8. They made both models in that year. Easier for you to just post a pic of your car than me try to explain it lol.
  10. I thought all facelifts came with SYNC (bluetooth)? Either way it's a separate module above the passenger footwell. Search "sync module fiesta mk7" on ebay and you'll get loads come up. DAB requires a head unit change, I made a thread a few years back when I carried out the upgrade to my fiesta.
  11. Have you checked to make sure you have fuel, compression, air getting in and spark?
  12. We use SKF for all our bearings at work (albeit not car wheel bearings, but they're the same thing). Never have an issue with premature wear unless someone has fitted them incorrectly lol. I never look at the price, just pick the bearing I want from our spares lists. They certainly look and feel very expensive though haha.
  13. Those cars were much lighter and had no aircon or other gadgets (which use a fair amount of the engines power). They had so little power they couldn't even get to 70mph and felt like the engine would explode after 50mph. Plus there's other things like tyres thinner than the latest iphone, ***** poor brakes etc. Right... but a car is in excess of 120x what a bike weighs lol. Using my broken maths (and please dont take this seriously 😅), 1/8 x 120 = 15hp, however we want to do 70mph not 10, so multiply 15 x 7 = just over 100hp which is about what I'd expect for a small hatchback weighing a just over a tonne.
  14. Doesn't look that bad, a body shop should be able to manipulate and fill that. Especially the bumper, it just looks like it has some minor scuffs that will easy be sanded back, skim coated and painted. A new rear quarter panel is major surgery. It wouldn't suprise me if the insurance wrote it off for that reason.
  15. If you could disable the light for "driving" then they're perfectly legal. As it is that blue light would definitely get you pulled over.