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  1. I'd love to see sync 3 in a mk2 focus 😏. No you can't start it from the fob. I can't think of any 12+ year old cars that are able to do it.
  2. That's the problem with low mileage cars unfortunately. Usually means the car has only been used for short journeys and therefore just builds up condensation rather than getting hot enough to evaporate it all. You only have to look at a few cars around town before you see one with water pouring out of them when setting off.
  3. But what happens on the next oil change? Once you've bought all the tools, you won't have to buy them again for many years. Where as you'll still be paying £100 for an oil change in the garage every year. Compare that to <£40 for an oil and filter, seems like a no brainer to me. Oh so the thread hasn't gone then, you've just rounded the head off. 12 point socket by any chance 😏.
  4. Like I say you can't really find the fault unless you're going to get a multimeter out and start measuring the voltage.
  5. I'd hope that after 2 and a bit years they got it sorted!
  6. Engine wise they're exactly the same. Don't start replacing bits willy nilly when there's nothing wrong. Read my reply again where I say it's perfectly normal for a petrol.
  7. The mk2 focus is a heavy lump, and the petrol engines were never great on fuel. Getting 30mpg "on a bad day" sounds pretty normal.
  8. It's probably the seals in the pump that have failed due to it not being used.
  9. Are you sure it's the thread on the plug that's gone? And not the sump itself? The sump itself is a far softer metal than the plug, so the threads are more likely to strip.
  10. I think by Disconnecting the battery you have reset the door modules used for the auto open/close (and global open/close on the keyfob). There's a post pinned to the focus section on how to "teach" it again, takes around 30 seconds to do. You need to measure the battery voltage when it doesn't start. Otherwise you're just guessing at whether your car battery is dead or it's a keyfob problem etc. Saying your battery charger is green/amber doesn't really help. If it is a dead battery then you can get it load tested, carry out a parasitic draw test or test the alternator. Cleaning up th
  11. The official one for Windows 10 is now Groove Music (should be installed by default on Windows 10). Although Windows Media Player should also be built into a fresh install of Windows 10. Try this to enable it. Amazon Prime, Netflix etc all use their own media players and are handled through your Web Browser rather than a dedicated app.
  12. CV joints can cause some nasty vibrations under load. Although Im a bit biased as pretty much every vibration on my car is the driveshafts failing.
  13. I jack it up on the sill (one of those hockey puck type attachments for your trolley jack will prevent damage if you're bothered). Then I put the stand on the "box section" a little further into the centre of the car. The best way to describe it is you'll see 2 bolts about 3 inches apart. One looks like it doesn't bolt to anything, the other bolts on some thin "u" section going at a 45 degree angle towards the engine. I put the stand inbetween those bolts. It's a good strong support there.
  14. A set of axle stands from Halfords is less than £15. Just think about the amount of money you've saved by not taking it to a garage and invest some of that into tools. I've done a couple oil changes by bumping the car up on a high kerb. It's still not ideal though as the engine isn't level, so you don't get as much oil out of it.
  15. The problem with small engines with relatively a high power output is they're stressed to the limit. It just means they aren't going to be as reliable as an equally built 4 cylinder engine with a higher capacity yet equal power. I'd hope at 2 years old and full dealer service history that Ford should be stumping up every last penny for this repair.
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