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  1. Car Lights stay on?

    No doubt it was pumped up just before you got there to take ownership so that when you drove off and got a flat they could say it's a wear and tear item and bad luck that you got a puncture on it. Thankfully there's legislation in place now that kinda prevents dealers from doing that, but still doesn't stop them from trying to fob people off. I know people before now who have stood outside dealerships before putting customers off buying a car from there until they got given a refund.
  2. Buying a “titanium x” badge from eBay...

    Sombrero? Looks more like a barge on a trailer lol.
  3. Car Lights stay on?

    I've done that a fair few times lol. Write a reply out and post it seconds after someone else has basically put the same thing haha.
  4. Syncmyride - USA Only?

    Can you link the video? I'm guessing the health report will be a load of crap and nothing but a gimmick, not sure about the "web upload thing" though.
  5. Car Lights stay on?

    Yes, these are the Daytime Running Lights (DRL's) and will stay on untill the car is locked (or will go off by themselves after a few mins). No, they use so little power and go off after a few minutes anyway. Not without reprogramming stuff I don't believe. Most people can't change a wheel anyway, so manufactures gave up giving spare wheels and use this tyre weld stuff instead to get you home. Downside is that a nail that can be removed and patched up costing £5 turns into £80 for a new tyre. Evans Halshaw, Arnold Clark, Perrys etc. are all the same style of dealership. All of them get their cars from either part ex's or auctions, give them a quick inspection and a valet and sell them on. Getting a bad used car is just luck of the draw which is why you always take it for a test drive and give a thorough inspection before buying. In all fairness I wouldn't go slagging the dealership off for not telling you how to bluetooth your phone (which is the same in any car really) and not giving you tyre weld instead (again pretty common nowadays). Maybe if the car starts giving you problems and failing on you, but you can always buy a spare wheel from ebay and stick that in there.
  6. Syncmyride - USA Only?

    SYNC is a name Ford have come up with that basically just means bluetooth connectivity. All you need to do to get Sync working is connect your phone with bluetooth and away you go.
  7. Ford Sync Updates

    Stereo Fascia (as you won't have the button for Map), GPS unit, wiring loom and possibly programming in with Forscan. There's a few people on here that have done it before if you do a quick search
  8. Zetec S Body Kit

    Your car is a bit of a special case though and will stand out from the rest as there won't be many like it. Making your car a replica of the model above isn't making it unique, it makes it a wannabe. The zetec-s also had the 1.6L petrol engine, compaired to the 1.2 and 1.4L found in the zetec.
  9. The horn

    You need one of these haha.
  10. adding an AUX to my 2001 ford

    Unless you get an FM transmitter you will have to buy an aftermarket stereo with a 3.5mm jack.
  11. Gloss black Mk7.5 door panel

    Take it off and either paint it black and lacquer (which pretty much anyone can do) or wrap it.
  12. Ford Sync Updates

    No this is for Sync 1.1. I doubt there even is a map update for the new Fiesta yet. I don't think they release new maps too often, another reason why proprietary sat nav units are useless.
  13. Can a SatNav/Radio

    Whilst I cannot recommend one to you as I have no experience with any, there are aftermarket solutions available, mostly from ebay and the likes. You can also go the OEM route and upgrade your radio to a sony one with Satnav. There are a few people on here who've had a go. You shouls be able to find their topics by doing a quick search.
  14. First car

    You forgot one key part... when you tell your insurance that you essentially have a bodykit fitted, it will cost way more than a zetec-s. There's more to a Zetec-S than the bumpers though.
  15. My current problem🙄

    You're better off with a modified Elm327 (around £15 from Tunnelrat) and Forscan ideally. It's the best you will get and has the highest chance of pulling a code (usually with specific details) without spending thousands on IDS. Specifically designed for Fords and can do most functions you will need without taking it to a dealer.