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  1. Isnt the m275 just the remap? Then the intercooler and intake come separately as the optional extra. Seems a bit expensive for me for the sake of a remap, come filter and intercooler. Should be half that price imo. Installing it should be relatively DIY for anyone with a basic toolkit. No fabrication skills required, just bolt on whatever's included in the kit. The device just loads the map. It gets removed once its loaded.
  2. DPF's became mandatory in 2009. So yes yours definitely has one. What codes have you got? If it's the DPF the code description usually relates quite well.
  3. Unfortunately not as easy as popping the button out as it's part of the stereo fascia. Tbh if you removed the stereo I don't think it would be any easier for you to get at the button itself. Chances are it's just some dirt stuck down the side of the button. A bit of comp air should blow it out. This is all you can see from the back of the hazard switch once removed from the fascia. You need to remove those Torz screws on the back of the fascia pictured. To get that fascia out, you need to remove the screen surround. This just prises up using a trim removal tool (it's very tight in there, don't be afraid to use some force on it. Just don't damage anything lol). Then the piece below the hazard switch prises off. Once you remove all the screws revealed, the fascia should come out. There's the wiring connector on the back to undo (obviously)
  4. Luke4efc

    GAP Insurance

    GAP insurance is pretty much a must have on any new car (well other than if you're renting it). If you get the right level of cover and you write the car off within 3 years, you'll get paid the exact amount you paid for the car. You can imagine what some people do haha. So Adrian Flux's 'GAP' insurance only makes up 25%, so if you write it off in the first week then you'll lose out on a whole load of money.
  5. Just the car I'm afraid. A little fiesta was never designed to be a motorway cruiser.
  6. Yes people have fitted standard double din units in the mk7, however the fascia adapter looks awful and is quite expensive compared to other cars with a flatter dash board.
  7. Castrol A5 5w30 is perfect for that engine. You'll find your owners manual actually lists one, if not both of those WSS numbers on the back of the container. How much have they got it going for just out of interest?
  8. I cant remember how much it was, I only briefly looked at it and scrolled past. The timing belt and water pump should be done at 10 years or 100k miles. Every PFL ST should've had it done ideally. Not the end of the world if it hasn't, but you would need to get it done ASAP costing around £3-400 at a garage. If you get one with it already done, the car wont be worth anymore, but you will save that money in the first month or so of owning it. Block mod and RS clutch is pretty much a must have if you're remapping. If not touching the engine then block mod is a nice to have (not crucial though) and RS clutch wouldn't be needed (however if your clutch fails then stick an RS one in). Block mod is about a grand, the RS clutch should be less than that though.
  9. Haha it's sad that I recognise the description from looking at someone selling what I think is the same car on an ST facebook group. Anyway a bone stock Pre-Facelift ST with a PSH, almost 80k on the clock and only an ST-2, is worth about £3,500 imo. If the block mod, cambelt & water pump have all been done then I'd pay £4,000 for it. It's not worth nearly £5,000, the ST-3's are though. If there's no receipts to prove the work has been done, then you must assume it hasn't been done.
  10. Luke4efc


    Have you cleaned all the terminals with a bit of scotch brite (including the ground on the alternator) and re-greased the battery terminals?
  11. Young driver/just passed your test? You'll grow out of the phase of installing a 3" fa.rt can on the back of your washing machine eventually and realise it did nothing other than make you look like a ***** (that censored word starts with 't' and is another way of saying 'female genitalia' and 'hitting something hard' 😂).
  12. See this post. However I'm not sure if it is on the inside as said above. You can still try this method if that is the case, but you'll have to remove the lens by putting them in your oven and prying the lens off very carefully. Most people wouldnt even bother trying to remove the lens and just find a new headlight unit. They're cheap enough on Ebay or a breakers.
  13. I believe that requires all windows to be one touch up and down and that if the car had ability to have global open/close then it would be enabled from the factory.
  14. Doubt you will get an answer from him. One post warrior that hasn't been active for over 2 years.
  15. Driving around town at slow speeds I could understand as you dont want people opening g your door and nicking stuff etc. However doing motorway speeds I dont get it why? Not like anyone is going to come down the outside and jump onto your car and open the door. You know, Fast & Furious style. Plus it means if you roll your car and the battery for some reason disconnects, the fire brigade have no way of opening the doors from the outside to get you out.