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  1. Have you checked the battery using a multimeter when the engine is running?
  2. It's just a case of changing the fascia and a couple small brackets (Finis: 1547964 x2). You can also just buy a unit with the fascia already, like this one.
  3. I bought this one for around £200 from Eonon. (Octa core processor, 4gb ram, 64gb storage). Then I got this USB DAB antenna and installed DAB-Z from the Play Store. This step is optional, but if you already have DAB then you can also buy an MCX to Fakra adapter and use the existing aerial on the roof (this is what I did). This just means you don't need to stick an aerial on your windscreen.
  4. That depends if its the stereo causing the battery to drain. You may be putting 2+2 together and getting 6. I'd check with a multimeter first. Like most people I doubt you're going to get into component level PCB repair, so it's either find a used on on ebay or go aftermarket.
  5. Usually the lights only flash when you double press the fob to lock.
  6. Check the battery voltages when the engine hasn't run for a few hours, then check it with the engine running and as many electrical accessories on as possible (fan on full, radio switched on, lights etc.). The voltage should be around 14v when you do this, and not drop much when you turn everything on.
  7. Those android units can be very good, however the one you have linked is very low end. 1gb of RAM will struggle with having multiple apps open (such as DAB player, satnav etc.). Also android 6 is quite outdated now.
  8. That's completely useless. You need to read the codes through the obd2 port (preferably Forscan on a laptop with a modified Elm327 lead). The leads are under £20 and Forscan is free. We can't really offer any help you haven't read online without doing this.
  9. You need to read the codes using Forscan and post back. There's not much we can help with until you do that.
  10. Looks like the wind has caught it and blown the door wide open at some point. It makes me laugh how people buy a car and then question if things wrong with it are serious or not 😂. You're supposed to do this before you buy it.
  11. My car started leaking from a similar connection the other day. I just jubilee clipped it for now.
  12. The stop/start and heated windscreen definitely disable themselves if the battery gets low. Didn't know about the adaptive lights.
  13. There will be a fault code. It will be a Ford specific one that needs Forscan (or equivalent) to read it rather than generic code readers. You might need to take a laptop with you and plug it in when the fault happens, it may also reset when you switch the engine off.
  14. I cant comment on the radio crackling, just I retrofitted DAB when I had my mk7.5 fiesta. Just double check the connections on the back are the same.
  15. Nope. Any from a mk3 focus that has sync 1. Nope. A like for like part is plug and play. Just make sure you get one that is for sync 1, has DAB (if you have it now) and doesn't have satnav. See above. It's dead easy to swap, you just need some trim removal tools and some screwdrivers (maybe some torx bits too). I'd imagine there's loads of videos on YouTube showing you how to remove the stereo better than I can explain on here.
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