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  1. If you can't figure out what brand you have, you don't really have a chance at getting the same ones again. Then again you can either just buy the most common lowering springs for your car and hope that's what was fitted previously. Or measure the height of your car now and compare it to the standard ride height.
  2. You're not gaining anything by narrowing the width of the tyre and increasing the profile. The "55" profile is just 55% of the 205. By going to "60", that would be 60% of 185, which is pretty much the same value of around 112mm. If you left the width at 205 and increased the profile to 60, then you will have increased the overall circumference of the wheel, which will throw the speedo out by a few mph. The only way to get a bigger profile (and not affect the speedo) is to make the rims smaller. Wider tyres will (in theory) have better stopping power, as there is more contact area with the floor. In reality an extra 10mm won't make much difference on a bog standard car. I also wouldn't recommend fitting narrower tyres to fatter rims as stretching tyres is not the safest thing to do.
  3. You can still get the V codes for free if you search around.
  4. If the USB is used as part of the head unit (which I assume it as because you said you reset SYNC), then there won't be a separate fuse for it. This should get fixed under warranty at the dealer though.
  5. Ah that explains why you've suddenly invented "gasket manifold seals" 😂 (a gasket is a seal btw). It makes as much sense as saying "lift door elevator". I'm assuming you've changed either the exhaust or intake manifold gasket? I don't see how either of those would affect the ABS sensors which are located by the hubs. Did the scanner tell you which sensor is bad? On a manual gearbox I can't see how the 2 relate. An auto box will probably get confused if it doesn't know what the current speed is.
  6. Yes you couldn't pay me to have someone apply that to my car! It's just like Supagard, only used by dealers trying to upsell something high end and promises to last years and years. In fact, it's the complete opposite of that. it's often applied wrong by monkeys who still use a chamois leather and a rubber squeegee to dry cars causing more harm than good.
  7. There's no point imo. You have a small engine with little power. These engines have been around for donkeys years now, they're about as tuned & fuel efficient as they're going to get from the factory
  8. If you buy discs and pads from an aftermarket manufacturer (such as Pagid, Brembo, Bosch etc.) you'll probably should there's some in stock. Obviously don't expect a main dealer to fit them lol. I wouldn't let it bother you too much. Everywhere is facing shortages atm.
  9. The diagram I have says the layout is like I said above. Not sure why there wasn't a fuse in that position when you said it used to work, however it must be the right fuse as it started working again when you put one in the slot. If you're worried then stick a 7.5 amp fuse in there. You won't need anywhere near that current to run a dashcam. Really you should hardwire the dash cam in so you don't have a wire trailing over the dashboard and saves you plugging/unplugging it all the time.
  10. Fuse 22 is the instrument cluster (and should be a 7.5A). The 20A cigarette lighter socket is fuse 18.
  11. Before you fork out on a new radio, just try unplugging the Bluetooth module (if you have Bluetooth fitted). You have to remove the glovebox (7 Torx screws if I recall correctly) and it's located right above it. The connector is a bit of a pig to reach, but you should be able to get it. The Bluetooth module feeds into the radio, so whenever you unplug the radio, you're also isolating the Bluetooth module. You haven't said which radio you have, but you can pickup the 6000CD for around £30 on ebay, or the Sony one for £50. The travelpilot is a bit more expensive. There's dozens of used ones on there, so take your pick.
  12. Judging by the high mileage and only 2 previous owners, I'm guessing that's an ex-company car that has been put through the auctions and bought by a independent dealer. You can't really tell the condition by looking a lot a few glossy pictures on the Internet, you'll have to go test drive it. It depends what sort of mileage you do. A diesel is no good for pottering about town in stop/start traffic. They're meant for steady motorway driving, otherwise you'll just clog up the DPF in no time.
  13. You deserve grinding brakes for punishing your car like this . I can only imagine the amount of polish you require.
  14. Try uploading it it imgur or some other image hosting site and post the link to it here.
  15. Just out of interest what wheel cleaner do you use? I've never heard of any reputable brand causing this issue. BTW it's not the brake pads themselves drying out, it's the grease they use on the "ears" and the back of the pads that he is referring to.
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