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  1. Before you read my small rant, just check to see if the mirrors are different on the pre-facelift and Facelift. Anyway... Why would that not be safe? Sure it might look crap but as long as its bolted on the gap makes no difference to the safety. It really annoys me how some garages deem anything thats not perfect as "unsafe to drive". Sadly that's what you get with patten parts though. Theres no guarantee it will be a perfect fit and as good quality. After all, £30 for a heated mirror with indicator and wiring loom does seem a bit too good to be true.
  2. Luke4efc

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    Ebay. Dont think we're allowed to give codes out on here.
  3. The rear brakes do something like 15% of the overall braking force. Even if you are using them all the time and heating them, you wont gain much. That being said, it does look a lot better than drums, especially once you paint them red to get an extra 5hp each side.
  4. The wiring for the high brake light won't reach as the new spoiler will stick out a bit further. It's easy enough to extend yourself with a bit of soldering/crimping.
  5. At that price point you're looking at a cat back rather than a full turbo back. A decent sports cat can cost £3-400 on it's own. Cobra make some decent exhausts for the 1.0L, talking about £500 for a cat back. Mountune also do a cat back, but it's more like £650. Perhaps a custom made exhaust is the best way to go. Induction kits are a load of crap imo, but most people on here like K&N, which is about £100. If you're not keen on the price point, you can get cheapo ones from Ebay. They wont be made from stainless steel and wont last anywhere near as long. Oh and it sounds like a ***** cannon has been strapped to the back of your car.
  6. Theres loads. Devil Developments comes to mind atm. Saw they've done a mk6 fiesta with the 2.5 ST225 engine. I hope you have deep pockets though. Youd comfortably be able to buy an ST (which can easily make more power than a stock RS) for less money than converting a poverty spec one. You also wont get the comfy seats, bodykit, headlights etc. It's not just the engine youd need to swap. The heavy lump and turbo also means changing springs/dampers and other bits and pieces I'm sure wont fit anymore.
  7. No. Should be plug and play as long as you get one with the same features as what you have now (DAB etc.) The bluetooth module is separate to the head unit. There should be guides on here somewhere on how to retrofit. You need to find one from a pre-facelift fiesta. The facelift introduced more features, mainly SYNC. The plugs on the back are different to what you have now too. Anything from 2008-2012 is what you're after. So your answer is no, you cant upgrade to the later one as SYNC isnt possible to retrofit or would be incredibly hard/time consuming and not really worth it. That's if you managed to get any of it working correctly as it is integrated into the ECU a lot more than the PFL.
  8. If the cooling fan wasnt working correctly youd soon know about it when steam starts pouring out the bonnet sat in stop/start traffic. You certainly wouldnt be able to do any town journey longer than half an hour without the cooling fan. The engine runs at about 90 degrees C, so yeah it will be warm to the touch lol. My mk7 facelift had the temp gauge on the instrument cluster, but I believe the PFL had it in the "hidden menu". Either that or use an OBD2 scanner to monitor the temperature live.
  9. Your condenser wouldn't transfer the heat as efficiently if it didn't have air forced through it, so yes it's supposed to happen. What temperature is "really hot"? The surface of the sun is really hot, but so is a kettle after its been boiled...
  10. Have you had a new fuel filter fitted recently? Check the housing seal for signs of leaks.
  11. Wax/rain-x your windscreen and the bugs will come off during a routine wash.
  12. I can only assume that's supposed to spell diesel Haha. How do you know there's air in the fuel lines (I'm guessing that's what you mean since you cant put air inside the fuel itself).
  13. Like what? Bolt on engine mods? Not a chance. Two completely different types of engine altogether.
  14. I've just bought the Eonon unit. The internals will be exactly the same (8 core CPU with 4gb RAM) but just the name on the front will be different. I paid £220 off Ebay rather than £300 on Amazon for the same unit. It's dead easy to install, all just plug and play. To get the basics going is literally 10 minutes start to finish. Only reason I spent longer was installing the mic, WiFi, DAB tuner etc. You can also buy a USB socket like this to replace a cigarette lighter socket so you can plug your phone straight into the unit. Just looks a bit neater than having the USB extension cable dangling inside the glovebox or out the front of the dash etc. I'd decide on what colour you're going to turn the silver into before ordering a head unit as a black unit would look silly with the silver trim and vise versa. The trouble is with a Matt finish on interior trim is it always just looks like someones took a rattle can and botched it. If they do get a decent/even finish, it just looks cheap and plasticky. I love the glossy carbon fibre effect on the dash in my ST(example pictured below).
  15. I have factory 18's and factory suspension (which is probably a bit harder than a regular focus) on my ST and I'd argue it's a comfier and quieter than my mk7 Fiesta that had both 15's and 17's fitted. Though I reckon the seats take soften a lot of it. They are really comfy to sit in for long periods.