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  1. Luke4efc

    Cam belt

    Ok then maybe I should've said more expensive. A £4000 plug in scanner should do it compared to free with a mechanical one... Either that or you learn where the chip is and desolder it and reprogram the hex values. I'm pretty sure even Ford's own IDS can't even turn the mileage back.
  2. Luke4efc

    How bad is it?

    Yes it will be gearbox oil. Suppose the level would be around the level of the bottom of the drive shaft anyway. I take it everything else is straight? No banana shaped drop link or steering rack?
  3. Luke4efc

    Led again

    As in you can hear them with the engine running? Or just when your head's close? The latter is pretty normal.
  4. Luke4efc

    Cranks but no start

    What about air? Are you sure the MAP sensor is working? Try unplugging it and turning it over. Same goes with the throttle body. Next thing would be timing. If you've managed to skip a tooth then it might not start. Crankshaft sensor is another culprit. Now assuming that you've done the tests correctly then it would almost have to be the ECU.
  5. Luke4efc

    Cam belt

    Modern cars are incredibly hard to clock backwards compared to mechanical odometers. Those you could basically disassemble the cluster and physically move the wheel backwards. Modern ones often require de-soldering chips and programming them on a PC using logic boards. On the flip side diagnostic equipment could wind the clock forward (If you replaced the cluster). They don't let you wind it back though obviously.
  6. Luke4efc

    How bad is it?

    Oh dear oh dear. As said looks like the ball joint broke which lead to the drive shaft being pulled out and oil leaking everywhere. I hope you turned the engine off pretty sharpish and haven't ran it since.
  7. Luke4efc

    Brake vibrations

    Just put a couple lug nuts on without the wheel and tighten them down a bit. It's best practice to do that anyway to keep the disc in place whilst you bolt the caliper back on. They usually go down the thread far enough to meet the disk, if not then just add a few washers.
  8. Luke4efc

    Brake vibrations

    You did take the guide pins out and clean them up aswell I assume? When you put the disc back on, did you use a DTI to measure the run out? It's usually not needed but yours may not be sitting flat on the hub.
  9. Luke4efc

    are these 60 ps or 82 ps fiestas

    I get what you mean, there won't be many 400,000 mile warriors in a decades time, but as long as you look after it (specifically the turbo warming up/cooling down) then there's no reason why the engine will unexpectedly go pop so soon.
  10. Luke4efc

    Insurance for a new car

    I'd take the £800. You'd be lucky to get it much cheaper tbh. It won't really drop much more next year however. It sort of drops to sub £1000 after 2 years and doesn't go down significantly till you're 25 ish.
  11. Take it to a garage and have a mechanic look at it in person. What you describe sounds more serious than a little oil leak... Green gunk is usually the anti-freeze and if you have oil in the coolant reservoir than yeah it sounds like you blew the head gasket. If not then chances are at that mileage something serious has gone pop and would be uneconomical to repair, it's probably done a fair bit of damage either way by keeping on topping it up and driving it.
  12. Luke4efc

    My focus drinks petrol for breakfast

    I wouldn't say 42MPG is "eating petrol". That's average for mixed driving, the manufacturers figures are very inflated. Try resetting the trip computer as it will have counted since it was last reset, which may have been months ago. If you actually calculate the MPG for that journey (3/4 tank = 30 litres) over 360 miles then you actually averaged nearly 55MPG, which is about right. Plus 450-360 miles would leave 90 miles left, which again is about right.
  13. Luke4efc

    OE vs Aftermarket wheels

    Your stock wheels will be 215/50/R17. As soon as you change that to a random tyre size you will probably throw your speedo out. 225/45/r18 will make your speedo 2% out (as the wheel circumference & Diameter is 2 larger). At 60mph you'll be doing just over 61. 235/40/r18 is the tyre size used on Focus 18 inch alloys. The speedo difference is negligible. I'm not sure what you mean by which alloy is better. It's all personal choice as to what you prefer.
  14. Luke4efc

    Upgrade head unit

    Straight from China? No thanks. Prepare to add at least 20% on that price for import fees... Then there's the fact if it breaks (and believe me these Chinese units aren't perfect by any means) you have to pay a ridiculous amount to send it back to china. Don't get me wrong the majority of these android units are from China, but at least from a UK seller there's no hidden surprises.
  15. Luke4efc

    Colour code

    It does look like a silvery blue so doesn't surprise me if the log book says something else than the paint code. We've had a green car recorded as silver before.