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  1. The cost of doing such a change would outweigh any fuel savings for a good few years. What MPG are you actually getting?
  2. There is no keyslot on the boot. Why won't the slot on the door work for manual opening? Have you tried the spare key? Or changing the battery in the fob?
  3. Ah the good ol' block mod. A massive myth that somehow a few shims will prevent your liners from cracking lol. From my experience I can say that you will definitely be changing the driveshafts at least once during your ownership. Also, every pothole sounds half the suspension has just dropped off. As others have said make sure the cambelt has been done, although it's very easy to do on this engine (apart from getting the waterpump out). Check for rust where the rear bumper meets the body, they tend to rub and the paint wears away.
  4. The problem here is that the majority of people don't regularly drive past a petrol station that has LPG. It means by the time you've gone completely out of your way going to and from the petrol station, you've going wasted about an hour just to fill your car up every week or so. LPG just isn't worth it imo. I struggled to justify the initial installation cost and additional maintenance costs compared to the amount of savings I'd make (and this was on a 4.2L v8!). I'm sure I worked it out to be around 5 years of doing 10,000 miles a year just to break even. I think by that point I'd have probably changed car or parts of the system would be degrading anyway and needing to be replaced.
  5. Exactly the same? Usually when people say they have the same issue, it turns out their symptoms are slightly different and end up with a solution that was nothing to do with the OP. For example, have you been retrofitting a new unit like in the above post? Do you have the same fault code as the OP? Tbh I suggest you start your own topic to keep everything more organised.
  6. And there's your probable cause. The service schedule goes off mileage or age, whichever comes first. There's dozens of topics about the exact same issue on the forum. If you've had a full service history from Ford and serviced on time (but you're outside the warranty by a few months) then they can sometimes offer a goodwill gesture and replace the engine for free. The new 1.0L engines are chain driven, but there is still a wetbelt for the oil pump.
  7. That title makes it look like you're asking something completely different to what you actually want. So if I'm correct you want an ignition live wire you can tap off? Use the rear wiper in the fusebox and fit a piggyback. There's loads to choose from tbh.
  8. Your profile says ford focus yet you've posted this in the edge forum so which one is it? Have you checked the basic stuff such as battery voltage?
  9. Sync was never supported on the pre-facelift. Afaik I've never seen anybody that has been able to retrofit it fully.
  10. Without knowing the fault code it could be literally anything. You need to read the codes and come back if you want anybody to offer some meaningful advice.
  11. It could be literally anything without knowing the fault code.
  12. You'll not make more money selling a car privately than what a dealer would get, especially given your car has 0 service history. Do you have any evidence of this? If not then youve not really got any legal basis to fall back on. You say you couldn't get insured because the car was modified/lowered, but then went on to modify it yourself? I doubt your dealer would buy into that story on a goodwill gesture.
  13. That SD card is a mere 13 years out of date. For the more up to date maps you need a new SD card.
  14. The instrument cluster is also part of the PATS. Have you swapped that over?
  15. Screenwash is screenwash. It makes no difference what you put in it.
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