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  1. I can't even say "that's so last decade" anymore because underglows really did die out 2 decades ago haha. Very much apart of the "s*x spec" show era that was all show and no go. However if you insist on living in the early 2000's, then you just splce into the positive wire going to the footwell lamp. It's not an overly difficult job to do.
  2. They're legal if they're set to white/yellow whilst it's foggy lol (or dim them and can be used as a DRL). Otherwise no they're not even close to legal. Look a bit chavvy imo. It's just the evolution of under glow lights 😂.
  3. Pull the fuse for the stereo and wait a bit. Just check it's now blown too
  4. Your phone? Hahaha There is such thing as a bluetooth receiver. You have to charge them though so either remove it to charge it every now and then or run a permanent USB socket into the glovebox. I've never used one so can't comment on how good they are. Guess at £12 it's worth a try.
  5. The standard Ford/Nokia bluetooth module for the mk6 Fiesta and mk2 Focus doesn't support bluetooth music (only phone calls). You'll struggle to pick one up for under £50 too. One option is an FM transmitter. Phone connects to your transmitter plugged into the cig lighter socket. Then tune your FM stereo into the frequency on the transmitter and it'll play music just like a radio station. Downside is the audio quality isn't very good. Best bet is an aftermarket radio with bluetooth included. You can pick up a semi-decent Pioneer or sony touch screen for under £200. Makes the interior look a lot more modern too.
  6. +1 for Windows Defender (or whatever they call it now) coupled with MalwareBytes. There's more Malware out there than virus nowadays (about 90% is Malware I believe could be wrong though) so anti-virus isn't as important as anti-malware. I got a lifetime MalwareBytes dead cheap the other year. I don't know if they've stopped doing lifetime ones now though. Not a fan of the ones that include free trials with a laptop for example (McAfee, Norton, AVG etc.) Found them to be a big resource hog and the companies to be very "corporate" rather than on the consumers level if that makes sense haha. Also heard good things about ESET and Emsisoft. Had emsisoft for a bit but I've got lifetime MalwareBytes so got rid. They're both quite highly rated by the geeks on the internet.
  7. Ford use their own special nuts with a big taper on them. Don't use these on anything but Ford rims, it can be extremely dangerous lol. They should physically fit. You'll need new tyres though as the overall circumference will change, using the ones on them now will mean your speedo is around 5% below the speed you're actually doing. You want to be within a percent or so if possible.
  8. If it's a trade sale then you need to get back to the garage you bought the car from. Kick scream threaten legal action. Whatever you need to do to get their attention. This is their problem unless you've had the car longer than a month, in which case ignore all the above aha (well you've got 1 month to inform them of the fault from purchase date on your invoice). Make sure to keep a track of all emails, diagnostic reports etc. If the EML is coming on then there will be a fault code somewhere. Probably a Ford specific code that needs Forscan (you can do this yourself. Software is free. All you need to buy is a £15 modified Elm327 adapter from here and any old laptop). Should pay for itself after the first use.
  9. I'd have hoped the OP got their car jacked up by now. Can't imagine them waiting nearly 10 months for a reply lol.
  10. I've been trying to find a good deal on a new george lol. You can pick one up for just over £200 atm. We have an old henry so just using that without the vac bag for now. Not ideal but good enough for a small area like the drivers side carpet as long as it's not too wet.
  11. Pretty much anything on a modern car. You need to read the codes lol.
  12. The sync apps were a load of rubbish. I don't think any apps actually work with it anymore now that spotify removed compatibility.
  13. I don't think there's anything wrong with your engine then, just the type of driving you go. As said a few times above, the 1.6L was never a good engine on fuel.
  14. Cobra do one. You'll pay through the roof for it though, really isn't worth it for what you get. Plus I've seen a fair few valves exhausts that are stuck open/shut (all valves exhausts I mean, not the cobra one in particular). Most maps will run better with it open all the time anyway. Otherwise go custom made and you can design it how you want.
  15. Well instead of using a usb, buy a piggy back fuse holder and wire the dashcam directly into the fuse box. You wont be able to see any wires. Good luck finding the wiring adapter for the second usb lol. I don't think anyone has had the need to add a second usb from the sync module just for power. Adding a pigy back is far easier. There are proper "hard wire" kits on Amazon so you plug one end into the dash cam, and crimp the other into the piggy back fuse holder.