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  1. Ah well you didn't say you were doing it under warranty. In which case, it shouldn't cost you for it to be fixed.
  2. Even if the plates have been changed (most likely). That car's fairly unique as far as fiestas go. Not many 5 doors with the zetec-s bodykit, wind deflectors and towing eye fitted. Well provided they haven't been ripped off to make it blend in of course.
  3. 2018? Surely this is a warranty issue?
  4. How have you checked this? The tanks are quite prone to failing with hairline cracks that you cant really see.
  5. Not sure why you posted that here. Create your own topic and we'll reply.
  6. Goes to a main dealer... wonders why prices are so high 🤔🤔
  7. This literally describes most modern car faults...
  8. Put any sort of decent wax on your car and when your car gets muddy, the rain will tend to wash it off overnight.
  9. To be fair LeBlanc had no experience and because he was a yank, nothing he said was funny to us. At least Flintoff has done bit of driving stuff on other shows. Him and paddy will be quite funny together I think.
  10. Doubtful, although can be a bit of a lottery so worth checking for yourself.
  11. Stripping the console? More like stripping the whole interior 😂😂
  12. Forgive me for sounding naive, but is an aftermarket locking kit not a bit pointless?
  13. The only thing they missed were the fact nobody will own one as they're all on £200 a month finance...
  14. Will have logged a fault code. Either use Forscan to read it or get someone to fix it for you
  15. Save yourself the money and hassle of calling the AA out by using Forscan at home. If you do call them out, dont bother mentioning possible faults you read about online. Nobody likes to be told how to do their job, you know. I mean if you really knew that it could be an o2 sensor, youd be doing the job yourself...