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  1. Electric Problem

    have you checked the plate that the conection is put through in the boot is clear there will be 4 pins or 3 pins and the each hit the pad below this was the problem on mine as the pads had worn out you just need to clean then up i used some thinners only a small bit on a rag and just wipe down the pins and the pads then check the power is going to each pad if not try swapping them round to see if one is faulty.
  2. Facia re-style

    cheers mate i will give that ago this week and will let you know how it goes thanks mate
  3. Shell petrol and shell v power

    normal shell has a lower percentage of octane compared to the v power so therefor the v power burns quicker giving u a very little increase in power
  4. Facia re-style

    i wanted to know if ne1 can help i have a ford ka w reg and have just spent alot on having the whole car resprayed and wanted to match the inteiror plastic aroung the dials and cd player etc i have seen it done but i wanted a good finish like some ive seen and dint no if i wud re spray it with the correct paint or have one made any suggestions?
  5. help - newbie here

    if you check the fuse box it is under the steering wheel to the right it is a small plastic front that just lifts off you will have to check the fuses all are labbled on the back of the fornt pannel you take off to help.. for the leak in the footwell i would check that it is defiantly coming in form there and not draining down if so it will probly need welding i have just had mine done on my ka not so long ago i paid 250 but i had to have a lot dine. chris