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  1. Hi guys, my rear plate is rattling all the time as one screw not tight as I would like. I think the replacement part to hold the screw is FINIS 4937694. But I would like to avoid replacing it from outside as it looks solid in there. What have I noticed is that newer fiesta comes with foam padding behind rear number plate. Can anyone tell me part number or link for buying one? I can't find it at all and don't want to stick on the number plate. Cheers
  2. Hey guys, when I was waiting outside with air con running I heard knocking noise every 14 seconds or so. I didn't like it so I made some footage: Opened bonnet 00:05, 00:19, 00:32 http://sendvid.com/q8jcm0n9 Outside 00:06, 00:20, 00:33 http://sendvid.com/r1e9btfy Does anyone know what it could be and if I should get it checked in garage?
  3. I knew that this filter is reusable, but maybe I was just overreacting from the excess oil. I'll leave it on kitchen towels to absorb it and wipe out the plastic sides before use. Thanks guys and at least I know how to reuse it in the future.
  4. Hey guys, I have bought K&N Air Filter 33-2955 from carparts4less for my fiesta and when I took it out of the box it is all oily. Should I just give it a good clean with rag and canned air? Or not open it at all and apply for refund?