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  1. Thanks!, actually I did it and still on... everytime is on.
  2. Hello! I have my fiesta since 3 weeks now and I'm still wondering why the gear icon is always on in the left side of the screen, it's on even before inserting the key. Troubleshooting: - I found nothing related to that icon in the user manual - I found nothing on any forum nor google - I did "system check" and everything is ok Any clues?? I mean this icon as shown in the attached image. Thanks a lot! Cheers, Bruno.
  3. Ford Sync Updates

    Hi!, I have german fiesta built in Cologne (I'm living in Germany), the thing is I must send my car to the dealer for a SYNC upgrade, ford page say that... Do you know if could be a problem if I apply this version to my car?, actually I have the following version: VMCU: Vector_VMCU_03.00.07 CCPU: EC216H45.8.10349_sp0.0_Product Thanks! Cheers, Bruno.
  4. Cruise Control Activation Mk 7.5

    Hello Guys, sorry for bringing this back to life but are you aware if any helpful soul could find out how to program the ECU in the newer programming method for the mk 7.5 CC retrofitting? Thanks and cheers! Bruno.
  5. CarPC or HTPC Fiesta mk7.5

    bump!, anyone have a clue? Thanks!
  6. Hello guys, I'm a happy owner of a 2013 ecoboost 1.0 mk7.5 and I would like to ask if have you heard/read about installing a car pc in this model?. My mainly concerns are: - at least the colour screen should be used instead of the black/blue one - what about ford sync?, do you believe it can work together?, I'm thinking something like a video splitter to choose between ford sync menu and the car pc - steering wheel controls? buttons from the main stereo can be used for the carpc? - any other ideas/suggestions? Thanks a lot! Cheers, Bruno.