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  1. Essex V6 Block Type Difference To Cologne?

    Hi Will, I'm not an expert just yet by any means I've still got plenty of learning to do however i do know of a couple of differences. The biggest difference i know of is that the essex v6 has, on each cylinder head, 2 inlet and 3 exhaust ports. The cologne v6 has 3 inlet ports and two exhaust ports. As far as I'm aware it should have the same flywheel bolt pattern and they also both have the same bell housing so if your speedboat uses somesort of gearbox and it is the standard essex bell housing fitting then it will fit the cologne. Again I might be wrong but I think the cologne also changed from rotor arm and points ignition to electronic ignition. Alternatively there are some essex v6s on ebay atm for about £150 and they are pretty solid engines although I'm not sure how well they cope with being constantly high on the revs. Did the boat come with the v6 when it was first made?
  2. My Ford Capri Mk3 3.0S Restoration

    All now taxed and tested and given a good first run of a 250 mile round trip to Santa Pod for Classic Ford. No problems at all. Top notch motoring :D:D
  3. Loom Fire In Capri 3.0

    Not really had experience of fires but I have had experience with those dash connectors which i can tell you are a bit rubbish. On the actual clocks the strips of metal set into the plastic backing have a habit of not sticking very well to the plastic and coming loose and moving around when you put the connector back in. I had several problems with the connections and in the end I put a small strip of solder down each connection on the clocks to keep them straight. Also visually check all the metal connections throughout the whole clock unit. I had issues with the wiring at the top of the clocks where the plastic rubs when the clocks are removed and fitted. Are there any signs of damage any where else within the wiring loom? Chris
  4. My Ford Capri Mk3 3.0S Restoration

    Well a bit more done over the royal wedding weekend :D
  5. My Ford Capri Mk3 3.0S Restoration

    Well here it is the 99% finished article. Its been nearly two years in the making but its finally done. Let me know what you think :D
  6. My Ford Capri Mk3 3.0S Restoration

    Yea the front and rear valances, along with the bumpers, are both off a Mk2 Capri as I prefer the way they look. Im still not sure about the positioning of the indicators but for now thats where they will stay??? Chris
  7. My Ford Capri Mk3 3.0S Restoration

    A bit more progress over the winter, driving time soon:D
  8. Hi there, Yes i do have photos...there are some here - http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9359 The car has moved on quite a bit from the latest photo on that page so here are some later ones, still not completely up to date but things are changing almost everyday atm. Chris
  9. Hey, Looks very interesting, Im nearing the end of a Mk3 3.0 Capri restoration I'm hoping its finished soon so maybe if it is finished :D Chris
  10. My Ford Capri Mk3 3.0S Restoration

    New news! The capri has been sprayed and it had the engine and windows put back in over the weekend :D. Should start to move along a bit now...exhausts to fit tomorrow:)
  11. Ford Capri Mk3 3.0

    Nope not found one yet
  12. Ford Capri Mk3 3.0

    Hi, I just wondered whether anybody has or knows any body that has a reversing light switch for a 4 speed 3.0S gearbox? Chris
  13. Ford Capri Paint

    Hi, I was just wondering whether any body could help me out with the colours of the Capri's from about 76-80. Im asking because my 1979 Mk3 Capri is about to go into the spray shop and I need to chose a colour. Any chance anybody has any colour cards or charts from that era? or perhaps your own Capris sprayed in a colour so I can see what they look like :D Cheers Chris
  14. My Ford Capri Mk3 3.0S Restoration

    Hi there, Just a quick update and some more photos, the roof is now fully fitted! Now just waiting on some paint quotes and then see where that takes me. More electrical problems found but hey:D Chris
  15. My Ford Capri Mk3 3.0S Restoration

    Thanks for your info on scorpion rear suspension, any other info like this would be greatly appreciated as I'm new to the restoration thing