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  1. I had always thought that it was only on diesels. But my previous car a Saab 9-5 petrol had an EGR valve. That is why I asked here because I did not find it on this engine. Pic of my engine
  2. What it does is IT keeps the hot gasses out from your airfilter that sucks it back in the engine . I can tell you it does not make any diverens in power butt it keeps my engine tidy inside thats the only reason it put it on there. By the way i moved the breather to the front down where there is cool air because the fumes came in the car . Its done al for the so cald envirement the old cars din't even have these usely it was just a vent tube that went right back in the carter.
  3. I think its the idle control valve you are showing here
  4. I have mounted a valve cover breather is this good or is this only drawback for the engine ?
  5. I have changed my mind and bought Nokian WR D3 155/70 R13 75T 3PMSF . The reviews where very good it has 4.5 stars out of 5
  6. hello eveybody, I just bougt a used roofspoiler with third breaking light in it . Has anyone some good manual or pics on how to put it on . Thanks Johnny
  7. I have a duratec engine 1.3 60Bhp build 2006 (ROCAM ENGINE)
  8. Can anyone tell me wher the FORD KA 99-08 EGR VALVE (1.3l 8V PETROL) is situaded sorry for my bad english i am from belgium
  9. Hello, Can someone tell me if the ka is good on snowy roads because where i live it snows very hard . I put some new Vredestein Wintertrac 5 on the car in 155/70R13
  10. hello , My name is Johnny i am new here . I just bought a ford ka 1.3 60 bhp with 45000 km its from 2006 but looks brandnew i just did the whole undersite with soudal antirust black against chips and rust . I come from a saab with 250 bhp i have wreckt it in an accident . I love the design from the ka but its sooooooooo slow .
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