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  1. auto or not auto

    An Automatic is an Automatic. i don't think it matters that you can manually sellect a few gears. it acctually still does what it wants, even in "manual" it can still change gears on it's own or stop you from down shiffting i think. I'm pretty confident it's classed as an auto, it's got an auto box and no clutch.
  2. reprogramming key fob

    Hey. you can only program the Remote Entry Fob buy doing that. you turn ignition on and off until you hear it beep, then press a button on your fob and it should program the fob to work the central locking. as for your key being programed to start the car it will have to be done by ford (not sure if any one else can do it) as the computer gives the technician a whole load of numbers which need to be enterd into ford's E-TIS system. it will then return an "IN CODE" to be enterd into the computer attatched to the car to then allow it to program a new key.
  3. Noisey Rear Suspention again

    they did have a problem with the hand brake cables rattling. as the sheath is metal. you need to work it about and you'll first hear it creaking. keep doing it (both sides) till they don't make any more noise. then lubricate them, that might cure it. i've done a few that had that problem.
  4. electronic hand brake

    the problem with the EPB is you need the clutch pedal down far enough for it to activate the clutch pedal switch. as it will not release unless the brake or clutch pedal are pressed
  5. Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 04 engine idles rough

    after changing the fuel filter you need to actually pre fill the new one it with diesel or it'll never start in a month of sundays. and the rumbling noise could be the accesory drive belt tensioner. ford brought out a T.S.B (Technical Service Bulletin) about them. sorry can't think of any thing for the rough running.
  6. windows

    you have to re initialise the auto up. you need the window all the way up then press and hold up for 2 seconds, release then press up again for 2 seconds. you need to do this for each window.
  7. Automatic Headlights

    Obviosly you need the headlamp switch on (A) for auto. and i'm pretty sure the sensor is where your rear view mirror attatches to the screen.
  8. 2003 1.6 steering rack/subframe

    I never use pins to re install a subframe, and as you're changing the rack you'll need to check the wheel alignment when you've done anyway.