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  1. I have a 2009 1.6 TDCI (110BHP) with 116k miles. I got my car serviced at a local independent garage. The spec for this car if I'm not mistaken is 5W-30. On the receipt from the garage it looks like they have put in 10W-40 instead. Does this really make any realistic difference? Should I considered having this replaced to 5W-30 ASAP? I've always been under the impression it is fairly vital to stick to the spec for the car but a few people have told me that it realistically makes no difference and if I change the oil every 6k miles there is no difference. Is this true or are the people who I have spoken to overlooking this completely? I had also been extra cautious about only using 5W-30 in the past as this is my first diesel and car with a DPF. Would the have any affect on the DPF? I've heard of things such as low-ash spec oils before.
  2. Hi all, I have a 2009 focus MK2.5 1.6TDCI zetec with about 116k miles on the clock. I've just come back from work and for the first time that I've seen the 'engine malfunction' error come up on the dash. The car drove perfectly on the way home. no weird noises or limp home. When mentioning this to my wife she apparently saw the error thursday last week when she was moving my car but didnt tell me as she thought I was already aware . however I've used the car for 10+ trips since then and I didnt see anything. However since the first time I saw the error it seems to be consistent now. I've used forscan and found the following codes: PCM: Code: P0704-28 - Clutch switch input circuit malfunction Code: P2585-61 - Fuel Additive Control Module Warning Lamp Request FACM: Code: P2409-60 - Fuel Cap Sensor/Switch Circuit Range or Performance Code: P1922-60 - Fuel Additive Level Circuit Code: B1317-20 - Battery Voltage High The last time I checked codes on the car was probably 5-6 months ago. The only code then was the first one in the FACM P2409-60. I've tried resetting this and it keeps coming back. I have a feeling the magnet is missing from the fuel filler flap. This code has been there since I bought the car, 1 year ago. So I was aware of this one. It never caused any harm so I never bothered with it. Some of these codes could be old but they dont really point me into the direction that is causing the error. If the fuel additive tank needs topping up I was expecting P1927 or P1932 to be present. Any insight would really help. If it makes any difference, I'm fairly sure the DPF has been gutted on my car by the previous owner. I've also attached the DTC log for full analysis. My next course of action was going to be jacking the car up and visually looking at the additive tank to assess if it is empty or near empty. I was also going to reset all DTCs and monitor which ones reappear, i.e. presistant issues. However Im far far from an expert here which is why I came to you guys DTCs.txt
  3. Why is it bad to use diesels for short trips?

    Brilliant post and well summed up. In this example I was assuming the EGR was blanked but where do you think the EGR falls into this? Does the EGR clog up significantly faster by doing mainly short trips? Great point!
  4. Why is it bad to use diesels for short trips?

    Very true in general but I feel this is incorrect in certain countries, one being Ireland, where the significant decrease in road tax can easily match the increased price of a diesel. But as far as I'm aware this is not he case in the UK.
  5. Why is it bad to use diesels for short trips?

    Ok this makes more sense. I always got the impression that there was something about diesels that made it just so much worse but in reality I assume its the combination of a couple of factors of how diesel engines work that make them worse for short trips than petrols.
  6. Why is it bad to use diesels for short trips?

    Ok that makes sense but without an EGR and DPF are these issues negligible or as big of a deal as people make them out to be? I ask this because in Ireland, the motor tax rules changed to be measured from engine cc to Co2 emissions in 2008. Since then there has been a massive influx of diesel cars. I'm just interested as diesel cars seem to only fit a very select group of people. Yet they seem to be way more common than just a small group of customers. Are the issues with using a diesel just magnified or are people's car's dying everywhere?
  7. Why is it bad to use diesels for short trips?

    Is this really an issue? I have absolutely no idea but I would have assumed soot or not, the vacuum in the cylinder from the exhaust stroke would remove everything from the cylinder?
  8. People always say diesels are for people who do the mileage and should not be bought for short trips. What exactly is harmful for diesel cars by doing short trips. I mean short trips are bad for any car really. The obvious answer is the DPF & EGR from my knowledge. This will get blocked with soot because the driver wont be doing motorway runs to clear it. That is obvious but what if the DPF is removed or the car doesn't have one (for example MK2.5 1.8tdci). Also imagine the EGR blanked too. What damage is being done to the engine then by doing short trips? Anymore so than a petrol even?
  9. Reprogramming key?

    Using a modified eml I assume? I only have a standard ELM and I'm fairly sure I don't see any option for this on forscan.
  10. Reprogramming key?

    Hi Guys, Really simple question here. I recall seeing somewhere either on this forum or a different site that it is possible to program the MK2.5 central locking key to double lock the car when you hit the lock button once (instead of the standard - twice within 3 seconds). There was something to do with holding down two of the buttons at the same time for a couple of seconds but I just cant remember and for the life of me I can't find instructions anywhere! I recently got into the habit of double locking so I can see the indicators flashing from a distance to let me know the car is locked. Any help is appreciated!
  11. MK2 1.6 TDCi stalling issue

    Are you sure that it has anything to do with the clutch? I only ask because I had a similar issue where the car would stall at high revs (it was at about 3000 though). This was due to low fuel pressure due to a clogged fuel filter. Either way I would recommend plugging in diagnostics equipment if you have access to any and reading any available codes. This should be the first step aside from booking it into a garage to have a professional look at it.
  12. Stone chips and windscreen wiper

    I have a MK2.5 but I agree that rain X does abosutely not work with my windscreen. Wipers were shuddering after I put it on. Spent an hour wiping it all down with alcohol after one drive..
  13. Diesel low power in cold weather

    I'll try this the next cold morning as an experiment. Could well be a factor. Interesting.. This is being pedantic but being near the coast would the actual temperature not be warmer than further inland? As in when it is raining where I live it tends to be warmer than cold dry frosty mornings. Regardless I did intend to change the glow plugs at my next service as I don't know the history of on them. I've found some available for €20 each by Japanparts: http://www.micksgarage.com/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=5105930&carid=18378. Is it simple to change these myself? The most complicated thing I've done myself mechanically is probably changing the fuel filter. Is this of the same standard or would I be better off buying them and going to a garage to get it done? I suppose it was important to mention that this is the first winter I've owned this car. Bought it in April this year.
  14. Diesel low power in cold weather

    Very interesting. I would generally have the AC on, rear demister, lights and radio on in the mornings.
  15. Diesel low power in cold weather

    My understanding of the glowplugs is that they heat the block which if not heated in the cold would absorb combustion and prevent ignition. The car starts absolutely fine and there's been no difference in the ignition. This tells me that if the ignition is unaffected it is not related to the glowplugs. I feel like this is the answer. This has also happened to me in the past with previous cars and not even diesels but it just seems worse in the focus. This is also almost definitely related to cold weather as this has happened phenomena has happened 2 of the 3 times I've used the car this week, Monday and today. Wednesday morning no different to usual and it also wasn't as cold. Only 2 or 3 times a week I swear! I make up for it with a long drive on the weekend!