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  1. Rear discs

    .Hi All My daily commute to/from work consists of just over 20 miles a day with speed limits from 20 - 70mph. Passing through 36 enforcement cameras each day. So as you can either imagine (or have come across yourselves) there are those drivers who speed up to enforcement cameras, then brake heavy to avoid any penalty actions. Also do a fair amount of round town driving during weekends, shopping etc. Dave
  2. usb

    Hi All I have used quite a few different usb sticks for listening to music through Mp3 format with no problems encountered at all. Dave
  3. Rear discs

    Ps the top picture is the rear disc. The bottom is the front disc Dave
  4. Rear discs

    Hi All Just had a look at my discs after 13500 miles. Both N/S and O/S rear discs look to have the same wear, as do both O/S and N/S fronts. They look like this
  5. Windscreen Wipers

    When I was in the trade this definitely seemed to be the case. Also, we could tell where the vehicles were built from the build quality. Dave
  6. Windscreen Wipers

    Hi All As promised here is an update after car went in for latest problems :- Wipers - Unable To Fault On Test NSR Door - Striker Adjusted And Re-tested Drivers Seatbelt Warning Goes Off Whilst Driving Down Road - New Seatbelt Buckle Ordered Horn Not Working - New Horn Unit Ordered And one thing I did not report, but what was found :- Driver Airbag Out Of Align Strangely enough, driving to work this morning in misty fog, wipers again stopped working, so again had to stop/restart car to get going as stalk switch not functioning. Will be reporting this to my dealers today to see what they say. More to follow on this one, no doubt. Car booked back in for 16 April (the earliest with courtesy car available to me) as dealers want my car for two days to do work and parts on order. Originally dealers wanted to book my car in whilst I am on a weeks break just after Easter, (sat nav maybe reported as additional issue after this. Will see how it copes!). Will report outcome after car has been in for re-work. Dave
  7. Windscreen Wipers

    Further to my earlier post (as above) yesterday I had reason to use my horn on way home from work, only to find out that it was not working, missed the other driver who caused me to use the horn. When I got home I tried my horn a few times. Couple of times no noise, then just one of the two tones started working. It now sounds like a castrated duck when I push the horn with only one tone working. Have reported this to dealers to add to list of things to sort out when car goes in. Dealers told me that they have seen an increase in horn problems over the last few years, as in more failures than they would expect to see. Will report outcome once car been in to get sorted. Dave
  8. Snow

    Have spent every day clearing snow off all of car before going to/from work (yes, this includes the roof. Got a great telescopic brush/rubber window blade/ice scraper from Amazon). Have not experienced too much difficulty in driving as I have driven according to the weather/road conditions, using the car's acceleration to start before touching accelerator pedal. Braking through engine rather than foot brake (my car is a manual). Of the four times of skidding slightly :- The first one was to show my son how bad snow can be to drive in (was done in empty car park at very low speed) both skid to stop and hard to pull away with lead foot syndrome. The second was when I hit some black Ice on a roundabout (again was driving slow for conditions) so removed cause of slip to regain control and continue safely. The other two were through idiotic drivers going too fast for the conditions, so just briefly touching the brakes to give them more time/space to lose control (and they did). Dave
  9. Windscreen Wipers

    Whilst driving home from work today in the ice rain/snow etc, my windscreen wipers suddenly decided to stop working. No, motor did not freeze up, blades did not freeze to windscreen, was not a blown fuse, no error messages on gauges display, just stopped working altogether. Anyone else had this problem? A bit daunting as was in offside lane of dual carriageway in rush hour. Put heated screen on and screen blower on full heat, full fan at screen to prevent build up of ice rain and to keep a bit of visibility until able to pull over safely, I eventually stopped in a lay by. Kept trying wiper stalk in various positions, but wipers not responsive at all. Turned off engine and restarted, wipers came back to life. Phoned up my dealers as soon as I got home to arrange for car to go in to get this looked at. Will post outcome (if any) after my car's visit to dealers. Dave
  10. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    Hi Hamster + Anyone Else Interested Where I have been reading the American Edge club forum posts, and some posts also on the Sync forum, the posts have been talking about having to use a Fat16 formatted Usb stick in order for their updates to install with some degree of success. So presumably would be the same over here in the Uk, as is basically the same system. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that all Usb sticks nowadays are Ntfs formatted. Dave
  11. Hi All As promised late last year, the latest on my Edge now is that after compiling my faults diary for the last few months, I am only suffering from the two (possibly three) problems as listed below. I am now convinced that when car was in to have all faults sorted last time, Ford technicians must have done either a computer reset or update to the car. NSR door is still hard for pasengers to shut once in car. OSF seat belt warning pings still occasionally go off when driving down road, even though I am wearing seat belt. Time to test the Sat Nav again... I wonder how my sat nav is going to cope with my upcoming easter holiday this year. It was a nightmare last year sending me down two way one track country lanes that were really too narrow with the vegetation on either side brushing against my car. Judging by other members comments, I was not the only one to suffer this. After my upcoming holiday, I am going to arrange for car to go in to have the above problems sorted (this will include sat nav if it plays up again). I will post results once I know them. I have been following a lot of the comments on here about conversion to Led headlights, but am unsure whether to go ahead at the moment, as reading on the American forums, the same debate appears to be going on. I may well do this mod once I make up my mind about which way to go with this. Have been reading a few comments on American forums of tailgate windows exploding, not sure if this is down to the excessive cold spell that they have had, or a design fault itself. Also I am still toying with the idea of changing my Sync 2 to Sync 3, am reading the American forums finding out their pro's and con's from doing this. I suppose that I had better test out the autopark features to make sure that they all work before my three year warrenty runs out, just a case of trying to remember to do this when parking up. Apart from all that I am still really enjoying my car. Happy motoring to you all Dave
  12. Oil leaks from Gearbox case

    Back in August 2017, whilst my Edge in for free interim service (probably from many various faults I had with car), an oil leak was found from (basically) the rear differential. This was repaired under warrenty. Dave
  13. Over The Pond

    Hi NeilRS I too have seen a few ad's for upgrade kits, one that I have been looking at is from this website ( https://www.4dtech.com/products/ford/edge/2015/myford-touch-8/ ). The cost side of this does not bother me. But, where I have been reading the american forum's (have logged onto another one called "Ford Sync Forum"), I have read various posts where there have been varying degrees of succes to failure with these updates, So I am hesitant at the moment to go ahead with upgrading until from what I read, the upgrades are more stable and successful. Also there has been quite a few posts about conversionfrom Halogen to Led lights, as there has been on this forum as well. I am taking note of what all posts basically say before deciding how to do this conversion myslef. Happy New Year. Dave
  14. Over The Pond

    Hi NeilRs I thought I would take a look see what variations had been worked out for Led lights by American, etc owners, etc and conversion to Sync 3 from Sync 2, (amongst other ideas floating around in my head). Hi Marks adventure The link to the forum is http://www.fordedgeforum.com/ Dave
  15. Over The Pond

    Hi I have just completed registering with the Edge forum over the pond (as it is sometimes commonly referred to) to get some info from owners in the States/Canada/etc. I had trouble with my hotmail account when registering so would recommend using gmail if you have it and want to register on it. Have only been on it for 1.5 days, so still browsing for some of my answers that I am looking for. Dave