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  1. Hi All Have you tried Amazon? I got a small bottle of Ruby Red that is a very close match. You have to look closely to see the difference. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  2. Hi All Hampster, I took on board what you said, and tried it out last weekend. Early days at mo, but your "fix" seems to have done the trick Off to Wales next week (solemn occasion unfortunately, Wifes brother's funeral). So I going to give my sat nav a test up there to see how it goes in the hills. Maybe more dirt tracks that it has a habit of finding (lol). Happy motoring Dave
  3. Hi All Since I reported this intermittent error last (about 1.5 years ago), I have not had any more occurances of this problem. I have my wipers continously set to auto, with the sensitivity set reasonably low. Happy motoring Dave
  4. Hi All Since about 5 days out of warranty, I have been getting this twice a day, everyday for just over a week now, when I travel to and from work. Have dipped oil a few times, after letting settle on a flat surface, and always shows topped up to about 1/4 inch below max mark. My Edge regularly serviced, and low mileage, currently at 24k, so would not say has been driven excessively. Just wondering if I could have a dodgy oil sender. Any thoughts out there? Will contact Ford dealer tomorrow to see if can get looked at under warranty as a courtesy on dealers behalf (doubt that they will though). Happy motoring Dave
  5. Hi All Westville Using Forscan I was able to read all the modules in/on my Edge. Any readings that start with a header code of 726 were (as far as I could figure out) associated with the Park Assist Module. Happy motoring Dave
  6. Ooops missed out couple of words. Should have read weren't trained on same course as my local dealership, by any chance? Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  7. Hi All Bigchris63 The Ford Nottingham mechanics weren't trained on the same course as the Essex Ford mechanics who told me my Edge was the wrong shape to have auto relock fitted, let alone working (factory fitted feature). Hence why I lost all faith in dealership and went elsewhere, Ford Customer Services fully aware of my frustrations and chosen outcome with this. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  8. DavesEdge


    Westville Ok, back to the drawing board I go. Will have another look at and let you know what I find. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  9. DavesEdge


    Hi All Ignoring my previous post where i just called it "To Be Tested" With the help of my son, I have created a new link that enables the downloading of my spreadsheet in it's original Excel format. Once you click on the link (it acts as if it were a hyperlink, taking you to a new webpage). From this new web page, it gives you a copy document screen. Click the "Make A Copy" button on this page. This will open my spreadsheet. Once spreadsheet open, click on "File" scroll down to "Download As", chooese "Microsoft Excel" and then you should get a full copy of my spreadsheet in it;'s original Excel format. My son and myself tested this (hence the previous post) and it worked ok on his laptop. If it does not work, let me know and I will relook at making it downloadable. Happy motoring Dave
  10. DavesEdge


    Hi All Update to my earlier post, after being out in my car today, through a software update, I too have a plus sign top left of display to zoom in/out (instead of the slider I used to have). Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  11. DavesEdge


    Hi All To the right of my rear camera display is a slider bar that I can use to zoom my camera in and out. When zoomed right out I can see my number plate, but as I zoom in, my number plate goes out of view. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  12. Hi All Edge of Reason - I must admit I'd forgotton all about this when getting ticket. I did convert all my front lights (and mirror puddle lights) to Led, back in February this year. Happy motoring Dave
  13. Hi All My Edge went in for its first Mot yesterday. Officially not due until 14 August. But thought I would put it in early, so if any issues were to arise from mot, could get them on last bit of remaining warranty. Car passed with no problems. Test centre mentioned to me about brake pads being a wee bit low, though was not noted on ticket (but would be on next one). Of which I was expecting a comment about, as other posts have mentioned brake pads wearing down quickly. Only recurring problem I have is with my TPMS system, giving failure messages approx once a month when looking at history. I have been told that as this was reported during warranty that warranty would still cover this after it's expired, until it is rectified. Popped in to see my salesman and asked him about Edge sales. He confirmed that sales ceasing about nowish, though he had not heard about any replacements for the Edge. I still do not see many Edges around, though he still says they have sold quite a few. With the end of Edge sales would the value of them go up through rarity of models, as in the car market not flooded with them? Will post more in couple of weeks after warranty expired, when I get around to tweaking up through Forscan, as I said in another topic. Happy motoring Dave
  14. Hi All So, after a day trip to Lookers, Chelmsford, last week, I now have working Auto Relock, yippee. Its only taken 2.5 years of warranty visits along with various excuses to get it sorted. They also checked out my Tpms, resetting all the sensors (so they told me) as it gave another fault report on my dashboard as I was driving to Lookers. Lisa, from Ford Crc was extremely helpful in this matter, even going as far as to phone me up to confirm what lookers had done. I still intend to do some more forscan tweaks, once my warranty is up. Will let you know how I get on with these later. Happy motoring Dave