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  1. Hi All Yep, have to admit that I am not disappointed with the results of changing to led. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  2. Hi All The scatter maybe down to being too close to wall (approx car park space length), but could also be down to "side effect" of led lights as has been mentioned elsewhere on here (and the American forums that I looked at). I still don't think there was anything wrong with the oem lights, but the led lights do give a crisper, more white light and being more white seems to make them appear brighter, which in turn gives a bit more visibility down the road (so to speak). It took me about 1.5 hours to change all lights, and kept old lights in car as back up in case of any bulb failures. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  3. Hi All I have now received refund with further email confirming goods will be sent when he gets them. Happy motoring Dave
  4. Hi All Here is the second post. This time pictures taken in same locations as before but with Led lights. When fitting the Fog lights, mine were slightly loose, did anyone else come across this? The pictures of lights against a wall in these two posts, the distance leading to the wall is at a slight uphill angle. I found it easier to remove the whole headlight units to change bulbs, this also gave easy access to fog light bulbs to change. All I did was make a note of where headlight units and bolts were prior to removal. Have not had anyone flash me since changing bulbs last Saturday. All the bulbs cost me approx £45ish and were obtained from Amazon. Ps I forgot before/after pictures of fog lights. But there are 3 daylight pictures taken during bulb changeover, on one of these is the fog lights, though taken in reasonably bright sunlight, as you can tell by my shadow. Happy motoring Dave
  5. Hi All As I said last week, I have now changed my Oem lights to Led lights and I have to agree, they are better. As I said I have taken before and after photos and am posting them here. I have put a description of each photo in the actual photo itself, hopefully this can be seen/read. I will do two posts as there are a few pictures. This post is of the Oem lights in various locations. Yes, in the one with no lights, it really was that dark. Happy motoring Dave
  6. Hi All Further to my earlier comments, I ordered an F7 upgrade sd card off ebay for just over £21 late January The ebay seller emailed me shortly after my order, saying that delivery has been delayed and offered 50% discount plus goods ordered, of which I have accepted. He then further emailed me saying that royal mail have lost his order, so has now offered me a full refund, and will supply sd card for free when he gets them, eta 22/2/19 So I have now accepted his latest offer. Whilst I am slightly suspicious and skeptical of this offer, he does have a good ebay seller rating, so I am taking this at face value. If I start getting mucked about too much, I shall use the paypal promise regarding undelivered goods, if I do not get a full refund. Happy motoring Dave
  7. Hi All I have to admit that I have not tried both auto parks yet, but when I do (this is on my to do list) I will bear in mind mind comments about dark coloured vehicles. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  8. Hi All Have now received all led lights that I ordered. I am going to try take before/after photos of dip/main beam patterns against wall and down the road views, only in as much as have read few posts asking about these pics. Will try to take before pics this week, and weather permitting change lights at weekend with after pics taken next week. Well that's my plan, unless other things crop up. Will post again with pics once all done. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  9. Oh what joy, my word m a s o c h I s t used to possibly describe myself in this context was started out. Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  10. Hi All Though I have the heated front screen, etc. I suppose you could call me old fashioned or even a bit of a ***** as I enjoy scraping the snow/ice off all my windows. I also remove all the snow off my roof. To date, I have not had any problems with my battery. Car still starts with no struggling. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  11. Hi All It seems a bit strange to me that, seemingly, if you have Sync 3 you can update for free, but with Sync 2 you have to pay for it. I don't recall any posts about upgrade costs incurred with Sync 3 Fmc customer relations going a bit down the pan with this (me thinks). Having just come in from checking my car, I discovered that it actually is using F5 according to it's display. Happy motoring Dave
  12. Hi All Am I right in thinking that this update is only for vehicles with Sync 3. Meaning that those of us with Sync 2 (myself included) are unable to update to latest version of maps? Happy motoring Dave
  13. DavesEdge


    Hi All I tend to think that by reading the posts on this topic, it seems to be only applicable to the 210/230 ps engine variants, though not sure as to only Auto or both transmission types. After again checking Etis this morning, my car still not showing as being affected by this service recall. Though I could well be proved wrong on this. Happy motoring Dave
  14. Hi CBazFreeman92 Given your list of problems, it leads me to wonder if your Edge was built by the same crew that built my Edge. I have not suffered the starting problems as you describe, though does take a wee bit longer to start in these cold conditions. I try to remember to let the glow plugs do their job before starting engine. As to the Squeaky front wiper blades, in my experience virtually all wiper blades will squeak if on dry windscreen (you did not say whether wet or dry conditions). Stop/start hissing when auto stop/start active is a new one on me. In my opinion, something wrong there. Intelligent All Wheel Drive “AWD OFF” - I only had this once, and that was when I was demonstrating to my son how dangerous driving in snowy/icy conditions can be. In this instance I deliberately drove a bit harsh (in a safe location with no other cars/pedestrians/etc nearby) to show my son what happens. Oil change required, I had this come up near my first service, but I put it down to the timing from when car first connected to power, not from vehicle's registration.. This tallied up with the two year service interval warning timing on my Edge. When I dipped oil was about middle of upper/lower level marks. Coolant Tank, I have had no problems here. Issues with gear box/clutch, the only thing I have encountered here is when I shift gears and get my timing wrong. I have even managed to stall car a couple of times, though a press of the clutch activated the auto start to restart engine. Driver’s door, Could just be down to the door switch being incorrectly fitted. Not the same, but I had similar on one of my seat belt latches, new switch fitted, problem cured. Wind turbulence rattle, when I am travelling around the speeds you mention, my Edge gives a quiet ride, nothing like what you describe. Signs reader, admittedly, this is my first car with this. So all I can say is that it seems to be fairly accurate as you said your Mondeo was. All in all with the problems you spoke of as regards oil, coolant, stop/start hissing, starting up,to me it sounds like you have possibly quite a major engine problem/fault. Though as not actually heard/listened to/checked your Edge (obviously), this is only my own personal thoughts on symptoms that you have described. It could be something a lot simpler, and easier to sort out. If this was/is the case, I would take car back and request it to be sorted properly under warranty (presuming you purchased from new), as could potentially be quite dangerous. Hope this helps a bit. Don't mean to scare monger you on engine, just what I think from your description of various faults Happy motoring Dave
  15. Hi All After much giving this subject a lot of thought and reading others comments both on here and on other forums, I have decided to upgrade my Edge to Led headlights. Don't get me wrong, I have not had any problems with the factory fitted Oem lights. I have ordered mine from Amazon, just waiting for delivery. Happy motoring Dave