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  1. Hi All So, after a day trip to Lookers, Chelmsford, last week, I now have working Auto Relock, yippee. Its only taken 2.5 years of warranty visits along with various excuses to get it sorted. They also checked out my Tpms, resetting all the sensors (so they told me) as it gave another fault report on my dashboard as I was driving to Lookers. Lisa, from Ford Crc was extremely helpful in this matter, even going as far as to phone me up to confirm what lookers had done. I still intend to do some more forscan tweaks, once my warranty is up. Will let you know how I get on with these later. Happy motoring Dave
  2. Hi BluePeter My Auto Relock has not worked at all, mainly due to the fact it is not in the menu's in my Edge's dash, which was one of the reasons for my asking about it. As my previous two 2002 Fords both had it as standard. My EX local dealers essex ford gave me various excuses including the classic "your car is the wrong shape", or because I had the keys on me when trying it. Am going to see about going to Lookers in Chelmsford. Happy motoring Dave
  3. Hi All Having sent both a letter and email to Ford Crc about my car's Auto Relock not working, no answer from letter, but as regards email :- I have been playing email ping pong with Ford Crc for the last couple of weeks. The end result being that they have told me (in black and white) that my Edge should have Auto Relock fittrf/working as standard (now we are getting somewhere). And further on that the matter needs more investigation at dealer level. Given my lack of faith in my local dealers I asked Ford Crc what the next step of action will/should be. I have another couple of warranty matters to get sorted out as well, as in my TPMS has twice now failed (with photographic evidence on both occasions) Guess what the first time my local dealers said - No faults found (even though I showed them the photo). Really! Was what went through my mind Me thinks another more reputable dealer will be getting my car to sort out properly. Will post more when I find out more details. Happy motoring Dave
  4. Hi All I got my Edge before the Led lights were fitted, though I have carried out the Led mod by changing all my bulbs to Led. I do not have the adaptive headlights, just changed halogen etc for Led bulbs. If it comes into your price range/is available, I would recommend the Lux pack option. Leather seats, full length sunroof, enhanced stereo system, larger screen, etc Less plastic feel interior, more comfortable (personal opinion) than standard seats. Happy motoring Dave
  5. Hi All Just as bad with some queries I sent and emailed them. No answer from letter sent, but, in email I enclosed my full chassis number, they could not answer questions about my car's build. I would have thought that as they built my car, giving it a chassis number in the first place, this would have been easy for them to sort out. I should have known better! Case now under investigation (I am not holding my breath too much though). At least with Sync 3 you (in theory) get free map updates, when it can be made to work/update correctly. Reading various posts this seems to be a bit hit and miss. With Sync 2, I have to purchase and install a new card. Happy motoring Dave
  6. Hi theguy5 Obviously I can't speak for others, but personally the issues that I have had with my Edge I would not describe as "quirks", I would (and do) class them as faults. I have just re-read my post to remind myself, and going through it, I give my impression throughout it, not at the end. Though I still stand by my impressions. As I purchased my car at an older age (me, not the car), I do intend to keep it, not change it later. Overall I am still happy with my purchase. When I purchased, as I was looking at long term ownership, I looked at the whole range of 4x4's or to use an americanism, Suv's that were made by all the manufacturers. I carried out this investigation over the course of about 6 months, including quite a lot of test drives. It was only when I went to my local ford dealer to go on a pre-arranged Mazda test drive, that I was introduced to the Edge, this after going out in both a Mazda Cx5 and Kuga. On this day after going out in these three cars, one after the other, on the same route, that I made my choice. So I am now, still, a proud Edge owner, despite my car's problems I too wondered about an auto that stalls (as you commented on). Maybe the idle speed is incorrectly adjusted on that Edge, who knows? Anyway whatever your choice, I hope you enjoy it. Happy motoring Dave My delaers still tell me that the Edge sells well, though I still do not see that many around.
  7. Hi I have had my Edge Titanium 6 speed manual since 2016. As I purchased during/Just after the UK launch, I have had a few warranty problems (mentioned in other posts of mine on this forum). One post that I made called "My Car After 25 Months Of Ownership" (I think it was called this) gives my overall opinion of the Edge. If you do find and read this post, I will just say that a few more months on, I still stick with what I said back then. Whatever your final choice, I hope you make the right choice to your own satisfaction. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  8. DavesEdge


    Hi All I have completed the chart I was compiling, comparing my car to 4 other models as built config data (details taken from Forscan website) The 4 models I compared against were the 2015 - 2019 F150s, the 2011 - 2015 Explorer, the 2014 Onwards Fusion, and the 2017 Super Duty F150s All of these spreadsheets are available from Forscan on their website As going by what Forscan was telling me, these were all fairly similar to the Edge (I could not locate a Mondeo as built spreadsheet, so settled for the American Mondeo being the Fusion spreadsheet) I have uploaded my comparison chart, which is (or should be) available to view by following the below link (not including the quotation marks) "https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRK8-il4hWKWTts_YJiFlHdfXiqlcXfg880-PP2GDJBN66wpKwyeFuROdgitmFf4Tt6Nk0IvbRafK-v/pubhtml" If you copy the link (without the quote marks) and paste into search bar it should give you my chart I compiled my chart in excel but this forum would not let me attach an excel file As I said earlier (in another post) the nearest as built config I found was that of the 2015 - 2019 F150s, as this had the most module matches to my Edge Though also my Edge has some modules that I copied from my car that do not appear on any of the spreadsheets that I compared against The next step will be for me to make my changes/modifications, but as I have already said, I will be doing this once my warranty has expired (sometime this August) So will post further details after this time Happy motoring Dave
  9. DavesEdge


    Hi Alistair Ta for the info. I will bear in mind your comments when I do start to tweak. I have already copied my car's entire code listing from all the modules, hence the chart that I am compiling.I will now check the Mondeo details as well for my chart. As I have been compiling my chart, it has given me a good idea of what codes to modify, in theory. But with theory verses practice, I may well end up with trial verses error, and resetting faults. Further to what you said I will re-copy each module before (and entire listing from all modules), and after for each modification I do. It is a little way off yet, but once I do mods, I will post results. Happy motoring Dave
  10. DavesEdge


    Hi All I too have been looking at Forscan, with a view to tweaking some of the bells and whistles on my Edge, but not until the warranty expires. One of the tweaks I am looking at is activating my Auto Relock (mentioned elsewhere on these forums), if I get no success on warranty with this (currently ongoing). I have read a great deal on the forscan forum, having also downloaded and registered a copy of the software. I have also looked at the American forums to see what they have to say about doing this. Through what I have seen so far, the Edge seems to be very similar to the 2015 - 2019 F150s, in that a lot of the codes seem to match, as found out through the forscan forum. But, the post that I read, goes on to mention that also the Edge is similar to the 2011 - 2015 Explorer, and the 2014 Onwards Fusion, and the 2017 Super Duty F150s. I purchased the ELM327 Usb OBDII Diagnostic Tool Interface Code Reader For Ford HS CAN/MS CAN from Amazon in readiness for when I start to tweak I am currently compiling a chart showing all the codes from the above 4 models against all the codes that I have already read from my Edge (a long process). I will post this chart once I complete it. KugaEdge - If you read this post, did you come across any pitfulls when you tweaked your car? Any other things to be wary of? I am presuming correctly that maybe you have to modify several codes in different modules sometimes to activate/deactivate certain features? Will post more later. Happy motoring Dave
  11. Hi All Yep, have to admit that I am not disappointed with the results of changing to led. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  12. Hi All The scatter maybe down to being too close to wall (approx car park space length), but could also be down to "side effect" of led lights as has been mentioned elsewhere on here (and the American forums that I looked at). I still don't think there was anything wrong with the oem lights, but the led lights do give a crisper, more white light and being more white seems to make them appear brighter, which in turn gives a bit more visibility down the road (so to speak). It took me about 1.5 hours to change all lights, and kept old lights in car as back up in case of any bulb failures. Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  13. Hi All I have now received refund with further email confirming goods will be sent when he gets them. Happy motoring Dave
  14. Hi All Here is the second post. This time pictures taken in same locations as before but with Led lights. When fitting the Fog lights, mine were slightly loose, did anyone else come across this? The pictures of lights against a wall in these two posts, the distance leading to the wall is at a slight uphill angle. I found it easier to remove the whole headlight units to change bulbs, this also gave easy access to fog light bulbs to change. All I did was make a note of where headlight units and bolts were prior to removal. Have not had anyone flash me since changing bulbs last Saturday. All the bulbs cost me approx £45ish and were obtained from Amazon. Ps I forgot before/after pictures of fog lights. But there are 3 daylight pictures taken during bulb changeover, on one of these is the fog lights, though taken in reasonably bright sunlight, as you can tell by my shadow. Happy motoring Dave
  15. Hi All As I said last week, I have now changed my Oem lights to Led lights and I have to agree, they are better. As I said I have taken before and after photos and am posting them here. I have put a description of each photo in the actual photo itself, hopefully this can be seen/read. I will do two posts as there are a few pictures. This post is of the Oem lights in various locations. Yes, in the one with no lights, it really was that dark. Happy motoring Dave