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  1. Hi All Have to agree with @simonb65 as to dealership knowledge. Had my Edge since Aug 2016, and apart from other issues it took Fmc 4. 5 years to sort out TPMS issue (after talking to customer care centre). Also took just under 4 years and two separate dealerships to sort out AutoRelock (not to be confused with AutoLock). Have you tried another dealership or contacted customer care centre. Since all my probs now sorted, I still rate Edge highly. Happy motoring. Stay safe Dave
  2. Hi All Oops, totally forgot about the low pressure switch at start. Stay safe Happy motoring Dave
  3. Hi All Just to throw a bit of possible confusion into the topic. I am coming up for 36K mileage (currently 35.6), Edge has had regular scheduled services as per Fmc every 2 years. Next service not due until Aug 2022 (54K) Though very much doubt that I will hit that mileage. by time service becomes due. Interim check due roughly Aug this year. And have had interim checks done, every other year in between scheduled services. Only had to top up oil slightly once by about 1/2 pint. Fmc have never informed me of oil light having to be reset at any service that I have had do
  4. Hi All @eddiek Now that the snow/ice/etc has gone, I will take a look this or next weekend at what you suggested, sounds like a possible repair plan. @Adam Smith I like your silicone lube idea. I will give this a try once rubber seal refitted. Stay safe Happy motoring Dave
  5. Hi FiestaForever It is not the actual door rubber that goes round the door opening, but it is an extra bit of rubber that is or appears to be fitted along the sills of the Edge so that when doors shut it comes into contact with bottom of doors. Stay safe Happy motoring Dave
  6. Hi All When getting in my Edge to go to work today, due to the cold from this years beast from the east, the door seal rubber/weatherstrip was frozen to the inside bottom of osf door. Due to this freezing, the rubber strip pulled away from the osf sill of my Edge. When I got to work, this rubber seal just fell down as it was no longer frozen to door. So I had to pull it all off otherwise it would have just dragged on road when I drove home from work. In doing so, I found out it goes from the front door to the back door in one piece. My questions are as follows :-
  7. Hi All I am still of the opinion that as Edge's no longer sold in the Uk, that their value will go up over a period of time. And I still fully intend to keep my Edge, especially now that all warranty issues finally sorted out. Tpms being the last one to be done. Am I right or am I wrong? Only time will give an honest answer to this question. Stay safe Happy motoring Dave
  8. Hi All @eddiek I looked at that YT video, but it is for an American Edge (At least I think it is from what I can work out). If you look at the horn mounting bolt pictures you will see where my horns are mounted. As I said earlier, when I looked, my horns are below the front cross radiator support? Not sure if this is what it's function is or what it is called, but that is what I shall call it for this. I have now replaced my horns, I went for a pair of aftermarket horns from Amazon, as I fitted a pair of these to one of my previous cars and had no problems with them.
  9. Hi All Have not tried yet, but another look at horns location leads me to think that by removing N/S headlight assy, and the trim ontop of the front top cross beam above radiator. I could then get horns out with a bit of jiggling. Though like I said earlier wont know for sure until I try. Am also thinking of some after market horns instead, so how can I find out decibel rating of factory fit horns, any ideas? Ps - am still unable to use tapatalk on my mobile for whatever reason, so can only read replies/comments when on my home pc. That is when I am at home due to
  10. Hi @iantt Thanks for the info. When I partially stripped down my car to locate horns, I found that the horns were actually mounted on the underside of the front top cross beam above radiator. And are literally positioned right behind the very top of the grill, so I don't think at the moment that the front bumper has to come off. Though until I actually fit replacements, I could be wrong with the bumper. Happy motoring Stay safe Dave
  11. Hi All Have now decided to tackle my horns problem as have gone back to single tone working, after another 1d1ot driver pulled out on me couple of days ago. My questions are:- What is the Ford part number for the horns? Is there an english (Uk) version of the workshop manual available, as the copy I have shows the horns below headlight, whereas I found them below the front panel above the radiator? And on a seperate note - Am having immense trouble with my mobile and tapatalk with not being able to log on, view content. Is it just me, or anyone else having problems?
  12. Hi All Hopefully final post on TPMS issue. Car went in last Monday (5 Oct). I sort of passed/threw fault pictures at them, thinking that it will be no fault found again. To my surprise, some 5 hours later, got a message - fault confirmed, traced back to O/S/R sensor. Faulty sensor replaced. So far all ok and hopefully will stay that way. Only took dealers 4.5 years to get sorted, but sorted it appears to be. As fault reported during warranty and still not repaired once warranty expired, repair was covered under the original warranty. Horns have been behaving themselves so far, since they
  13. Hi All Update on Tpms issues. Car went in couple of three weeks ago, dealer said no faults found. Ford Customer Relations asked me my thoughts, I said I was 99% certainfault still present. On trip to Norwich last week, had Tpms fault 9 times in one day. Car going in 5 October for more checks. Stay safe Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  14. Hi All I am android user, Samsung galaxy, not really apple fan. Have had no probs with phone blue toothed to Sync 2. I noticed that when I get a call the various ringtones that I have set up on my phone ring through Sync so that I can still keep track through personalized ring tones that I use. To play my music I just plug usb stick into usb socket under front storage flap (used to be known as ashtray) with my music as mp3 files which play fine with no probs. I don't use the voice commands, just something never got round to trying, but as cope ok without don't really miss them. Can still use
  15. Hi All Was not aware that they made an Edge with just one horn (though I could be wrong). My 2016 Edge has twin horns, one of which packed up and replaced under warranty couple of three years or so ago, and recently been going between one and two tones. Must admit sounds pretty feeble like a castrated duck when only one tone working. Stay safe Happy motoring Dave Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
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