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  1. Georgelloyd96

    Omex rev limiters

  2. Georgelloyd96

    Omex rev limiters

    I know you have to have a de-cat pipe to have one of these as it'll just blow your cat up, but what I wanna know is can you still have the standard manifold? Thanks people
  3. Georgelloyd96

    Maxton Design Dual Exit Catback System

    I know this post is over a year old but I came across it when looking to buy a dual exit exhaust for my MK7 fiesta.. I have the 1.6 Zetec s and haven't heard or seen another fiesta with the pumaspeed one so couldn't really compare it.. but, once I installed the exhaust (which is only a back box even though it's advitised as a cat back) it made a bit of difference to the sound but also having a induction kit makes a bit of difference.. I divided to buy the sportex pipes to make it into an actual cat back which cost me another £65 which still makes it considerably cheaper than the pumaspeed one and makes a lot more difference to the sound as you are removing a silencer and replacing it with a straight pipe.. you get some pops and crackles with it and did notice ONCE it spat a flame😂 But got me excited.. anyway I would recommend this but as I say I don't know the difference between it and the pumaspeed milltek one.. but would deffo order the sportex straight pipes with it
  4. Georgelloyd96

    Idling low and engine management light

    Well anyone to be as STUPID as me and forget to plug the MAF sensor back in would feel a bit of a numpty I would think😂
  5. Georgelloyd96

    Idling low and engine management light

    Thanks for the reply I completely understand you and I did research this before I bought it.. the car runs fine now a very very stupid mistake I made when installing it that I don't want to say😂 The car sounds a lot better with it on in my opinion a lot meatier but it's down to opinion like you said but there's too many negative posts which could put people off of them but in my opinion if you have the money I'd buy one don't really notice much in power gains apart from maybe don't feel like it drops a lot of power in the mid range which I found in my car but that might just be me.. thanks for all the replies
  6. Possibly look for some induction kits that come with heat shields.. the k&n comes with a lousy bit of flexy pipe you cable tie to your car that lets air travel through and up to the filter which is completely pointless if you ask me.. imo I would go for a j1 slightly more expensive but worth it in the long run
  7. Georgelloyd96

    Ford Fiesta MK 7 (2011) Drivers Door Speaker Rattle

    I've got the exact same problem but haven't come round to fixing it.. I'm thinking it's just a clip holding some wires together has come loose/broken and is making the ratteling noise.. just take the door card off and make sure everything is connected problem and nothing's broken.. gonna do mine the weekend
  8. Georgelloyd96

    Idling low and engine management light

    I don't really wanna just take the filter off especially when I've just spent £130 on it seems a bit of a waste otherwise
  9. Georgelloyd96

    Idling low and engine management light

    I haven't really done it for power I've done it for sound more than anything to be honest with you mate.. hopefully will restore itself over time if the computer just gets used to having this filter on
  10. Hi, I bought a k&n i57 cone filter for my mk7 Zetec s fiesta.. soon as I installed it the idle has dropped low and sounds a bit lumpy.. I'm thinking it could be the mixture from the air and petrol anyone know how to adjust this used to be a screw on the older cars was told by my dad but is it something different on these? Please help anyone also the engine management light has come on and searched this and seen people say it went off on its own after a little while but still wanna make sure.. thanks
  11. Hi everyone. So I've been looking over for different exhausts and I don't want to get a milltek as it's just what everyone is getting and I've seen a RS style exhaust and valance they do for the fiesta zs and just wanted to know what people think of it? Is it good? Would you recommend it? Does it have a nice noise to it? I don't want something too loud but something that actually has a burble to it.. I've heard em with mongoose exhausts and they sound pretty good? Also please recommend any other exhausts you have or would say are good! Thanks in advance!!
  12. Georgelloyd96

    Interior lighting

    I have put blue LED's in my mk7 fiesta zetec s in the footwell.. they are very simple to do.. first I ordered 4/5 strips of LED lights (approx. 4 inches long) then found a fuse that was only live when the cars ignition was switched on or started up ( e.g the rear wiper blade) run 2 live cables from that to the led strip and connected them together.. earthed it and wired my switch in.. can be a bit tricky finding what fuss to use but as long as u have a diagram you should be able to do this no problem
  13. Georgelloyd96

    What to do?

    So I've got a standard fiesta Zetec s 1.6 2010 petrol and I want to modify it but I just want to know what everyone has done to theirs, possibly with pics but I just want to know so I can maybe grab a few ideas.. I know all the normal stuff you see on pumaspeed and mountune website but what else is there? Any help will do thanks!