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  1. how often do you change jobs?

    Well with currant company being my first job and unable to join RLC as I had hoped, I'm still with the company 18 years later.
  2. I use Microsoft Defender that's free with windows 10 and on the mobile I tend to use Comodo.
  3. What the hell is it here with some snow

    What times the bus, I'm SOOOO getting a ticket.
  4. Mods recommendation

    Trip to Los Vegas.
  5. Parking sensors, Cameras and Insurance

    maybe it will or maybe it wont, ask the insurance company first.
  6. Swapping Seats

    I think you also need to tell the insurance company too, from my understanding this would be classed as a mod.
  7. Car insurance renewal

    Ive had to make a claim this year because of some twit on a roundabout and the experience was easy with Direct line. So IMO Id go with Direct Line.
  8. Advice on mods for my Wagon

    Great looking car now what would I do, Eibach is good start, I might also fit the Koni FSD shocks these sound great and I would see about getting it remapped.
  9. Mondeo MPG

    mk4 Mondeo 2008 onwards and I'm getting 33mpg, which is poor to say the least.
  10. Word Game

    Class Leading
  11. Word Game

    Boots laced
  12. Word Game

    Rail Fare
  13. Word Game

    Deaf Idiot
  14. Word Game

    Tattoo Gun
  15. Word Game

    Albums Sleve