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  1. Strange Cruise Control Issue

    Awesome! I'll definitely have to try it now! Thanks mate :)
  2. Strange Cruise Control Issue

    Hi mate, Glad the battery trick worked for you! Currently got the same CC issue with my car... has it been fine since when you posted in February or have you had to re-do it since?
  3. Has Anyone Fitted Led Indicator Bulbs ?

    Sorry to bump the thread... but I was looking into fitting load resistors too and found the following wiring diagram for the 10-pin headlight cable (EDM = European). I'm assuming I wire it in series between the indicator positive and ground, but I dont know for sure... I'll check back with results. (Image Source: http://www.fiestastforum.com/forum/threads/1416-Fiesta-ST-Head-Light-Wiring-Schematics)
  4. Autobeam, dipped beam experience.

    I havent got the LEDs but I did get the Xenons from autobeam, the bulbs are reasonably good quality but you dont get instructions - may need to do a bit of googling for fitting if you're unfamiliar.
  5. Ford Fiesta Suspension noise

    I get this on my '13 fiesta too. Only when its cold though... if its more than about 5oC or I've driven the car for more than 5 mins then no squeaking. I just assumed it was because the car was cold and stiff.
  6. Silencer/back box MK6 Fiesta

    I'd agree with everything that's been said so far...cheaper boxes last less time, but then again at £24 you can't look too closely! You could pay more for a more long term solution, but it depends on how long you'll be keeping the car.
  7. fiesta mk7 wing replacement

    This video is a decent guide! See if it helps.
  8. EGR and coolant

    I don't have a solution, but plenty of sympathy...sounds like a complete mare. Hope you get it sorted mate!
  9. Cheers mate, I'll try that.
  10. Bought these from my dealer for about £45. The climair ones are good and reccomended by ford, but I know a lot of people who go for the Heko ones too.
  11. Afternoon all, i recently got the climair wind deflectors and really like them. However I noticed that the way I've fitted them seems to pry the door seal open a bit. I have a funny feeling this isnt right, as water could get down there: Do I need to refit so the bottom of the wind deflector comes over the top of the door seal? Also if anyone has a photo of the 'correct' fitting that would be super helpful! Thanks, Adam
  12. Brake Calipers MK7

    Hi MissNisa1990, welcome to the forums. Firstly nice wheels! I can see the calipers will be nicely on display when/if you get them done. I personally haven't got mine changed, but I am potentially interested in getting the stock ones painted. I'm under the impression this is a cost effective alternative to replacing them and quite a few places offer this.
  13. Thinking about getting a Fiesta ST, but ..

    I have a 1.6 diesel titanium and I think its great fun to drive. I agree that road noise is on the noticeable side, but good tyres can reduce that to some degree. I'm getting mine chipped to 125bhp, so it has the comfy(er) suspension and setup but has a bit more bite when I put the foot down. Have a test drive of the titanium and the ST and see what you think. Personally I would have the titanium diesel over the ST purely for mpg...but thats a boring thing to say!
  14. New Here

    Hi VagaBong! Nice username. Welcome - I love mondeos!
  15. bump...I too would like an ESP toggle button...