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  1. what turbo

    Hi, this will be the first of many questions, bought p reg mondeo ghia x, endura de engine, the head gasket has gone, and think it will need a turbo, as when running lots and lots of white smoke. It is in storage at moment, but now have the urge to play with it. So are endua de turbos the same, mine has an intercooler, would any one fit, or does it have its own type, any one know the type of turbo to look for? There does not appear to be a haynes manual for mk2 mondeo diesel, with endura de engine, only mk1 with older engine, is this right? Thanks Chris.
  2. more spanners than money

    Hi, just joined so please be gentle. Will have lots of questions for you, as i have lots of tools and little money. Have an escort 75 van that just goes, and mondeo mk2 that is very ill, never driven it since i bought it, but feels comfey when i have been towed in it (joys of ebay)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for help in advance. Chris.