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  1. Hi all, I am new to this forum but wondered if anyone has fitted a frontrunner winch plate to a 2016 Wildtrak 3.2 ? Part is WPFR001 as sold by Maverick 4x4. The guy trying to fit it is having many difficulties, but the instructions look simple enough to follow. The vehicle is in the Falklands and I am in UK at the moment so hard to describe exactly what the problems are !! So I just wondered if anyone might be able to tell me if they had fitted one of these and how the job went - any pitfalls etc. Any and all advice is welcome !
  2. bit of a guess, as I am not familar with Fords, but sounds a bit like one of my cars - putting the wrong key into the ignition may have triggered off th SKIM module (sentry key immobiliser module). The SKIM works on receiving an RFID signal from a chip in the key and if the CPU or PCM on the car (the car's compiter) doesn't recognise the key signal from the SKIM it becomes immobilised. On my vehicle it will start but the engine runs for only a second or two. The remedy is to get a dealer with a scan tool to reset. As I say - this is a bit of a guess so I could be completely wrong. Hope it may help though. I would suggest first step is to scan the vehicle for a diagnostic trouble code (if you know someone with a scanner) and take it from there.
  3. Satnav SD cards

    Thanks for that Alex - looks like I am stuffed - oh well, not that important
  4. Satnav SD cards

    aha...the Gold Rover. Yes, I remember being literally dropped off the GR in Falkland Sound on a windsurfer some years ago - only problem was it was blowing a hooligh - approx 50 knots, which made it all a bit tricky (haha). However, the drinks went down well after a near drowning :)
  5. Satnav SD cards

    Hi Sean - off topic is good !! (hey ho). East Cove is a bit dreary I'll admit so am guessing Port Troop maybe ? as for MPA (aka Darth Star ?) least said the better, but there are some great off-road places that tourists never get to see. If you ever come back here give me a shout !!
  6. Satnav SD cards

    Hi Alex - just wondered if you could explain HeRE as I am new to Fords ? Do you hapoen to know the file format (thinking I may be able to use files off a Garmin)
  7. Satnav SD cards

    Hi Stoney - thanks for that and most of the software for maps around his part of the world does include the "A" place (haha). I had a look at Navmii but it doesn;t seem to include anything around S America. Have you any idea how I can get my phone apps to show up on te screen ? I've had a look at carlink (the app) but it doesn;t sseem to be compatible with Sync2 whch is a pity. I guess Sync3 might do the job ? Cheers and thanks for the response.
  8. Hi and hello to all fellow Ford owners. I have just become the proud ownder of a Wildtrak 2016 3.2 automatic and have some questions. I'm really hoping that people may be able to help me out. 1. It has satnav but there is no SD card. I'm in the Falklands, so any UK satnav SD is useless for me. My boat (garmin) uses a satnav based on South America so I am wondering whether there is a Ford Sync 2 SD that covers my area (i.e. including the Falkland Islands). It would be useful to simply show tourists where they are rather than for directions - I already know where I am going when off-road !! 2. If there is no SD card for my area, how can I use my iPhone off-line to show the same thing ? I have researched Applink, but there seems to be very little help out there and car play (Apple's thingy) does not seem to work.Looking online, there are very few apps that are Applink enabled 3. Does anyone know what file format the Ford SD card is ? Just thinking that I might be able to change the format off my Garmin so that might work. Many thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestons
  9. Newbie to the forum

    haha - yes, my name tends to get deleted by most forums (something I find a bit irritating as Mr D Cheney doesn't seem to suffer the same problem !!) Anyway - must learn how to receive upates to posts on here ! Just noticed at the bottom of this post there is a notify replies button which is now ON. The Wildtrak is very very nice indeed - noticed today when fiddling with some of the buttons that I am returning only 13.4 mpg . I can only hope/guess that this is short trips around Stanley. Heck - if not, then I will be running out of fuel when driving tourists off-road to see Penguins. Got a few questions to ask wo will see if I can post them elsewhere and hopefully get some replies. Cheers all !! Oh...at the risk of annoying all Ford owners on here, my Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8 gives me arouf 25 mpg ...haha !!
  10. Newbie to the forum

    Cheers Dezwez ! Looking forward to having a look around the forum to anser a few questions :)
  11. Hi all, I am new to this forum. I've never owned a Ford before but am now the owner of a 2016 Wildtrak. I've only been driving it for a couple of days but am well impressed. I notice that the 3.2 diesil automatic is good and powerful, but seems to linger in the gears before changing up. However, as I am actually based in the Falkland Islands, this is not a problem. Most of the work it will be doing will be off - road, driving tourists out and about and mainly to see Penguins (which stink !) I have a Toyota Hi Lux crew cab (not enough leg room in the back unlike the Ranger). I also use a Jeep Grand Cherokee (4.5 V8 - expensive on fuel) but really comfortable. I will be ineterested to see ho the Wildtrak performs off-road. I've read a lot about it and am expecting a good end of term report !