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  1. The Joshua Tree

    What size are the alloys on my Focus 08 Titanium ?

    Thanks Scots, that's the exact info i was after. The reason i posted for such a basic thing is i'd seen exact models of mine with 16 inch and 17 inch alloys so it had me baffled a bit why my tyres were indicating that they were 18 inch, so that's 3 different alloy wheel sizes for the same model/year car. I needed to know exactly as i'm planning on changing the alloy wheels. Thanks again for clearing it up.
  2. The tyre sizes are 225/40 R18, would i be right in presuming they are 18 inch alloys as in the R18 part ? ... Pic below
  3. Any ideas where i can find one in black at a reasonable price, the only ones i can seem to find are cheap looking stick on chrome ones.
  4. I need a bit of help. I noticed the other day that the Chrome boot trim grab handle looked loose, it's the chrome trim that has the boot unlock handle in it. I took the panels off and had a look, at least 4 of the plastic lugs that hold the bolts have snapped away inside, not sure if someone has had a go at trying to get it off or they have come away with age. I did try and superglue them back on but they are having none of it. Anyway i need to try and find a new one, chrome ones seem hard to come by or stupidly over priced if you do manage to find one. I don't mind a black one if they do one as it would look better as well imo, has anyone any ideas as to where i can get one or can help in any way ? Cheers
  5. I could ideally do with a new exhaust for my 1.8 petrol Titanium on a 2008 plate, apparently the local garage said that i can't just buy the rear section because of the way it goes over the rear axel, they said you need to buy a full system, Ford actually sell the rear section but they said you can't fit that section on it's own. Basically it's the rear pipe section that hangs out of the bumper that i need, the arm that connects to the rubber mount has come away from the tail pipe, it can't be re-welded back on or clamped back on etc due to rust. I just need the rear pipe part but the exhaust centre that i went too said you can't just fit the rear pipe part even though it's sold separate as the exhaust needs to be cut off to get it out and only a full system can be used to replace it. If that's the case, can someone recommend a full exhaust for my car at a reasonable price. Cheers
  6. The Joshua Tree

    Battery, need help asap.

    I managed to get it sorted after a lot of trying, basically nowhere in this area had any silver/calcium type batteries in stock. Places like Kwik Fit and National Tyre etc just stock basic batteries, i rang the local Halfords and luckily they had one in stock, i told them i would be down within 30 mins so would they reserve it for me. I also got them to price match this website who had them listed for £74.99 compared to the Halfords site which is £117 So basically i saved £42 on their advertised price via a price match, i didn't even need a print off, i showed them the website on my phone. I got the lad to pop it on for £10 as i'm at work shortly and it saved me messing about when i got home.
  7. The Joshua Tree

    Battery, need help asap.

    Euro car parts don't stock any silver calcium batteries for this car that i can see from their item descriptions, i typed in my reg and it brought up a few options, just basic type batteries like Lion, Exide, Duracell and Bosch seems to be the best one they do but can't see that it says silver calcium anywhere.
  8. The Joshua Tree

    Battery, need help asap.

    Thanks for the quick reply Stef I put my reg into the Halfords site, this was one of the options, how do you rate them ?
  9. The Joshua Tree

    Battery, need help asap.

    I've got a 2008 Ford Focus Titanium, it's a 1.8 petrol The battery has finally decided it's had enough, do i need a certain type of battery for this or would any normal type of car battery do. Could do with an answer asap if poss as i'll need to get one first thing saturday morning. Thanks
  10. I'm looking to get some work done on my Focus, i'm after a good reputable garage around the Warrington if anyone knows of one ? Thanks
  11. The Joshua Tree

    Need New Wishbone.

    I've no idea to be honest Dee as i'm certainly no mechanic, how would i found out if mine are 19mm or 21mm or what the correct size is ? I used that drop down menu on the ebay link and selected Ford Focus and put the year of my car and put 1.8 and it gave an option for a saloon in the year of my car.
  12. The Joshua Tree

    Need New Wishbone.

    I just wanted to bump an old thread as i have a similar conundrum with my MOT due very soon, my car went in for a service recently and they highlighted that the front Wishbone bushes had significant play in them and both wishbones would need to be replaced, they also said that one of the rear trailing arm bushes could do with replacing so i'll get them to do both sides. Was you happy with the wishbones that you bought from the ebay seller, did the bushes last well and can you confirm that it's the wishbones below as i basically bookmarked your original ebay link and they are still selling them, not sure if the ebay seller is still getting them from the same supplier or not these days|Model%3AFocus|Plat_Gen%3AMK+II&hash=item4cfc1a25f1&utm_source=FordOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_campaign=referrals&clk_rvr_id=1205732474601&afsrc=1&rmvSB=true My car is a 2008 Ford Focus 1.8 petrol Titanium. Cheers
  13. Bump for the above, cheers
  14. Thanks JW In your previous reply you said to check the connections first for water ingress, are the connections easy to get at without taking the pump off. I'm not a mechanic but fairly mechanically minded, if the power steering fluid level bottle is just behind the headlight can you get at the connections to check them by removing the headlight ? Is it the nearside or offside headlight where the fluid filler bottle is located ?
  15. Just a quick one on the power steering pump. When my car was in for a full service the mechanic said he topped up the power steering fluid as it was fractionally on the low side, he said the filler bottle was located behind one of the headlights. I was under the impression that the electric power steering pumps didn't need topping up with fluid, am I wrong on that, think I read it on here on a power steering pump search.