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  1. A Moan !!!

    I just wonder what Ford would do if i put the car in for them to sort like some old woman who wouldn't know any better. How much they'd rip you off to fix it if it's a bulk order of 100. Probly £200 for a bag of clips and then an hours labour on top. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. A Moan !!!

    Hi All I have mudflaps fitted to my Mk5 . I noticed yesterday the nearside front kind of just hanging off. I assume the biblical floods of water lying around up here or the potholes have almost ripped it off. Its only getting held on by one clip now. So easy fix i thought ..... Called my nearest dealer .... ah yes we can get those clips , about £1.50 each but you'll need to buy 50 ....... minimum order of 50 lol. Tried the next nearest dealer .... same story but minimum order of 100 ..... After a long search with the part number the guy gave ( 4125817 ) me i have managed to order 5 ... at least i hope they are the correct ones. Question is though what do body shops etc do when they need them ... do they have to order 100 at a time . How can it be so difficult. Slightly ***** off lol
  3. Cheers .. just bought one of the trim removal tools so hopefully itll be here in a day or two .... just dont want to damage or break anything
  4. Hi All Is there a how to for taking out the hatchback boot lights and the inner trim on the hatchback itself ? Going to fit a genuine spoiler and according to the instructions the hatch lights and rear trim may need to come off to allow access to the bolts / nuts . It doesn't actually say where the fittings holding the inner trim on are or what they are ... just has a stupid pic of some one lifting it away . No instructions on how to actually get it off and the lights out without destroying anything lol Anyone with previous experience in doing this ? Cheers
  5. That'll make changing the pads and discs simple then ....
  6. As above in this video he puts the rear calipers into maintenance mode. Its in the first 3-4 minutes of the video I assume this will work for our Mondeo MK5's ? I know the car in the vid is a Fusion but they will be similar surely ? A google around doesnt really clear it up ... some saying it does work and some saying it doesnt. Can this be done with Forscan ? Thanks
  7. Just doing mine now. It stalled on installing update 3 of 16 for like 15 minutes but it's all done now [emoji106][emoji106]
  8. I put up a question on there 2 or 3 days ago .... as of yet theres been no reply lol . Unless im on the wrong Mk 5 page !
  9. I have seen this post but i thought id come across an even newer update It file name is Gen2v310build16180updatepackageEULangpack5 ... im guessing buy the numbers 15128 and 16180 that 16180 is something even newer ?
  10. Hi all How do i go about updating my sync 2 in the UK ? I understand everywhere else gets to do it online but we UK plebs do not . I'd be really interested in updating mine but obviously weary of anything going wrong . I have a 2015 titanium ecoboost 1.5 petrol. Where do i obtain the latest sync 2 update ? I have the latest Ford SD Nav card F6 so would like to see if there are any updates for the sync 2 itself. How do i find out what version i have and what is the latest version ? Thanks in advance
  11. StartStop stopped working

    Been here and got the t-shirt ... my money on battery !
  12. Battery

    They've probably charged the battery ...
  13. Battery

    My car ( MK 5 ) showed no sign of any battery issues ... started fist time every time. No hint of any kind of battery weakening at all. The only reason i decided to change the battery was by being on here and on google. Everything with heated screen and S/S issues was found to be battery related so i took the plunge and changed it myself even though the car is still under the 3 year warranty. I couldn't be bothered with the usual issue of not having the car for days while they mucked about then say theirs nothing wrong with it. As said i googled something like " heated screen and S/S issue " and almost everything stated battery would be at fault on all the forums.
  14. Battery

    I was having the same issue ... i replaced the battery and problem solved Heated screen works every time and start stop works so well its getting annoying See here ...
  15. My heated windscreen now works every time ... and first thing in the morning . Certainly been cured by the new battery .