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  1. Hi everyone, I have a mk6 ford fiesta diesel, 1.4tDCI, reg 07, with no cranking sound, but with a full battery and no clicking or reduction in the power of the headlights when using the ignition. I thought I should check the relay of the starter motor. It should be in the fuse box of the engine, but I can only find a fuse box in the glove compartment, as in the attached picture. I have also attached a picture of my engine. Can anyone please help me find the engine compartment fuse box? Thank you in advance, Kind Regards, George
  2. Air Intake Snorkel Missing

    Thanks for your input everyone, I really appreciate the fact that you replied to me and you have all been very helpful. Kind Regards, George
  3. Air Intake Snorkel Missing

    ... is the one that seems to be missing from my car the air intake pipe or the snorkel? Thanks Ryan_Tango and anyone else who helps me with that issue, Kind Regards, George
  4. Air Intake Snorkel Missing

    There is a yellow arrow just below the battery on the right in the attached image. This is where the engineer has pointed out there should be an air intake pipe... This is a photo of my engine which I had taken some time ago.
  5. Air Intake Snorkel Missing

    Hi everyone. The 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.4TDCi I bought from a garage on September 16, 2016 has presented a whole lot of problems, the most prominent ones being that it has a major diesel leak and it also leaks oil. Before going back to the garage owner who sold it to me to report that the car has been faulty, I decided to take it to Arnold Clark Ford on Scotswood Road, Newcastle, for a diagnostic round, I wanted to have a report about what is wrong with the car. They have said that possibly the injector seals have failed and this is the source of the diesel leak. They have also found that I need to replace the CV boot clips to the driver side outer joint. I had also asked them to check about an air-sucking like noise or a sound similar to the whirlpool noise when a water basin sink is emptying from water, which I had noticed whenever the car was driving at speeds higher than 50mph or so. They have also pointed out that there is a part of the engine that is missing -there is no air intake pipe, or air intake snorkel, as they call it. Is that an important part of the engine? I have read some horror stories online about the possibility of the engine being destroyed if that part is missing and the car drives through the rain. Since September, when I bought the car, I have been driving in rainy conditions for many hours -being in Newcastle upon Tyne suggests that this is quite standard anyway.... Is there any case I have caused any major damage to my car? Thanks everyone in advance for your input, help and advice, Kind Regards, George
  6. Illegal Tyres?

    ....so, in other words, my car dealer is right, the tyres were fine for the car, I should try to settle my problem with the "tyre specialist" who sold me at least 2 extra tyres that were not needed, by telling me that I had to change all 4 car tyres to the 195/510X15 size or else I would be driving an illegal car... The good thing is that I have the attached invoice, where the "tyre specialist" has written down which type of tyres were fitted, with the indication that they were wrong, as well as the type of the tyres he fitted, supposedly the right ones. I suppose I can take this up with trading standards, as I was mis-sold something I did not need... Thanks everyone for your input.
  7. Illegal Tyres?

    Thank you everyone for your replies!!! I am a bit confused, however... As in btmaldon's reply, the speedometers are already programmed by the manufacturers to show about 5% higher speeds than the real speed, in order to fit within the law, taking into perspective variables such as the tyre thread, which can affect the speedo recorded speed in the long term... However, as in m1tch's reply, the tyres fitted on the car were larger (I could clearly see that, there is a big difference with the tyres that have been fitted by the tyres specialist, which definitely seem to have a smaller diameter.) And then, according to the car expert, http://www.thecarexpert.co.uk/how-accurate-is-a-car-speedometer/, a speedometer should never read a lower speed than the actual car's speed, and this is supposedly the UK law. So, if 5% is the standard deviation applied to the speedometers by the car manufacturers and, as in the reply by m1tch, the tyre fitted originally on the car was 8% bigger, then, the speedometer would show a 3% lower speed than the one I travelled at. So, if the article by the car expert is right, these tyres were illegal, if the speedometer was showing me any speed that was lower than my travelling speed. Is anyone following my reasoning or is it completely wrong? Thanks again everyone for your input, it is very much appreciated... Kind Regards, George
  8. Illegal Tyres?

    Hi everyone, I have an important question... My Ford Fiesta Style 1.4 TDCi, was fitted with two types of tyres, the front ones were 195/6015, the rear ones were 185/65X15. After suffering a flat rear tyre, I took the car to a local "tyre specialist", who told me not only that the tyres of my car were incorrect, but they were illegal to drive, as my speedometer would show incorrect values, because it works on calculating revolutions per minute on the axle, so, a smaller or larger tyre would give different and incorrect values on the speedometer. He also said that the car should have not passed an MOT with these tyres. He offered to change all 4 tyres and he fitted on both the front and rear axle some 195/510X15 tyres, which I asked him to do. I believed what he said, as he offered to write on my invoice that the tyres previously fitted on the car were incorrect, which he has actually done. As I had bought the car only recently with a full year's MOT, I contacted the car dealer who had sold me the car. But he replied to me saying that the "tyre specialist" gave me false information and charged me for two extra tyres which were not really needed. Who is right here? Thank you in advance everyone, Kind Regards, George
  9. Engine light on shortly after full service

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply to my questions. The service I had in Halfords Autocentre was not the Full one, it was the Major one, as per the list in here: http://www.halfordsautocentres.com/advice/servicing-advice/car-servicing-whats-included But I got no report at all about what was carried out... and I paid an extra £20 almost for them to add something to the oil tank to clean it before replacing the oil. Anyway, I used an OBD2 reader and I have got the error message P1412 logged. For a Ford this has to do with the EGR valve being frozen. As this happened a few days after the Major Service from Halfords, could they have caused that? (maybe intentionally, so that I go back to the garage? ) Or is this something that can happen randomly on a car with 109K miles on the clock? Thanks again m1tch, dave_k and Tdci-Peter for your replies and your advice... Kind Regards, George PS: The car has passed the last MOT without any advisories, as in the attached image, it had failed only once in the past, as in the second attachment... PS2: The heated windscreen is there, I can see the lines. However, even thought the dashboard switch lights up when I press it, nothing happens on either the left or the right side of the windscreen. I will check the case of the fuse, just in case it may be that easy... PS3: The car did not have a service book, I think in retrospect I might have been stupid to buy a car at this price without a service book, but I completely forgot to ask for one... PS4: I thought I could trust Halfords because they are like a national company, it seems that this is not the case from your experiences, so, I will try to stay away from them. I was afraid to go to a local dealer, just in case I encountered a bogus one, who would ask me to pay for jobs that were not needed, such as the ones presented on BBC Watchdog.... This seems to be unavoidable I suppose, if Halfords follow similar practices or are inadequate...
  10. Hi everyone, It is nice being a member of the community. I bought a second hand Ford Fiesta 1.4 CDTI Style (diesel model), registration 07 from a dealer less than two weeks ago with 109K miles on the clock. On the second day I got the car in my hands, I booked a full service from Halfords Autocentre for £235, with the added option of the cleaning liquid for the oil, which got the price to something like £250. That service was done on Friday, Sept 23. Today, Wednesday, Sept 28, when I switched on the engine in the morning to commute to my place of work, the yellow engine light came up and stayed on for the whole route to work, about 2 miles. I feel suspicious about the fact that this happened less than a week after I had the full service from Halfords. Do you think that my suspicions are founded? On a different fact, I paid £1250 buying the car from the dealer (using a VISA credit card, but without finance or anything). Since then, I have also realised that the heated windscreen is not working (the light comes on when I press it with the engine running, but nothing happens). The heated windscreen was mentioned in the car description on AutoTrader and was one of the major reasons I went for this car. There are I think some regulations that say that any car sold by a dealer should be driveable, I don't know if the engine light coming up less than two weeks after a purchase counts as against this condition... However, even though the Autotrader ad for the car described it as "looks and drives great" (I have kept a screenshot of the ad, attached), the dealer wrote on my receipt "no warranties given or implied". Does this mean that my rights as a buyer are limited? The lighter socket and the cabin light were not working as well when I bought it, I had Halfords repairing these two for an added £20, now I have the heated windscreen not working and the engine light on less than 2 weeks after buying the car.... I am truly scared that I have bought an empty barrel in terms of spending money to fix it and everything... Thank you all in advance for your time and your advice, Kind Regards, George