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  1. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    The diesel engine is a Renault, the petrol engine is Japanese.
  2. Dirty Rear End

    I always use Pampers for a dirty rear end.
  3. Water In Plug Ports Issue, With Pictures

    You could have had it for the cost of postage, it went in the rubbish bin yesterday.
  4. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    Buy Japanese, Nissan, cant fault them. My Nissan Note
  5. Focus 1.6 2007/08 Auto HELP TO BUY

    Breakdown cover is a necessity.
  6. Engine System Failure.

    Another message on the display today "Get Rid" I have taken that advice and gone for an Audi. Saved £130 on insurance and £60 on road tax
  7. Engine System Failure.

    Using just a generic code reader, Being in my late 70's I am sorry to say I am not into all this technology and would not know how to use it. Drives fine otherwise, It's no fun driving on the M3 Motorway since they done away with the hard shoulders. Sheer lunacy. Thank you Tom.
  8. Engine System Failure.

    Focus 1.6 MKII. Petrol. Automatic. Round trip of 300 miles and engine goes into limp mode five times. Displays shows "Engine System Failure". Stop the car and restart engine and all is fine. OBII Code Reader shows no codes which is what I would expect. Reading other forums this could be a multitude of faults from ECU, Throttle body, bad connections, wiring loom. sensors, etc. etc. It would appear Ford dealers are useless at this sort of problem. Anyone who can point me in the right direction before I throw good money after bad. Thanks in anticipation.
  9. What is this black box for.

    Thanks for replies, you learn something everyday.
  10. What is this black box for.

    My neighbour has a 2012 1.6 petrol Focus Titanium. He discovered a small black box just forward of the spare wheel, attached to the floor pan between the wheel and rear seats. The box has two wires running from it to who knows where, one black one yellow. Any Ideas?
  11. I Saw A Sierra Graveyard

    They were nice cars, I had one in 1962, it ran like a Singer sowing machine. so quiet.. Some hare brained stupid woman crashed into and wrote it off. My son actually cried when they carted it away on a transporter.
  12. Service

    Concur, imperative to use a six sided socket, Ford plugs have a nasty habit of rounding on the edges.
  13. Focus Mk2.5

    Thank you for the kind words Tom, I fit both categories, tight and old.
  14. Service

    Bit confused there as it states Oil Filter.
  15. Using piggy back fuse for dash cam

    I remember doing this many moons back on a Skoda Fabia. I took the transformer to bits, purchased a small electrical wiring box (Ebay) stuck the transformer in the box and then wired to an ignition feed. The box was hidden under the dash. It worked a treat.