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  1. jjay Afraid can't help as having electrical problems myself have taken car in garage twice and all they seem to do is stick diags on (£80 a pop)and say it's this or that, but still having problems, not impressed with garage as they rely to much on sticking a machine on. What happened to the days of real mechanics who relied on their own experience. Car wouldn't start the other day 2 days after getting it back, chargehand in garage doesn't seem to have a clue. Mine wouldn't start the other day but ignition system wouldn't switch off, onece sorted for now getting rid off.
  2. Suffered multiple failures in 2008 Titanium Kuga this afternoon, first speedometer stopped working then warning light after warning light came on one after the other, lost traction control, power steering etc, managed to drive back home about 2 miles but a ***** with no power steering etc. Message on dash says AWD malfunction, phoned dealer garage but no mechanics in after 12 so stuck until Monday. Had trouble switching engine off and only way to lock door was physically as electronic system not working. Tried starting car but no power all now any thoughts