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  1. red but not so fast!

    Lights And Sidelights

    they all work when you apply brakes and indicators etc its just when u put the side or the normal lights on all off side does not light up
  2. red but not so fast!

    Lights And Sidelights

    since having to change some bulbs in my 08 mondeo 2.0 tdci the off side lights and side lights do not work at all even though all the bulbs work! all near side functions and the brakes work fine ? someone told me about the bcm? ive replaced even suitable bulbs and are dual filament! any pointers?
  3. red but not so fast!

    New Car

    Ive just bought a 2008 tdci 140 ghia mondeo after having my zetec tdci for 5 years. I think im happy with power (got k&n in too) :) but what can i do to make more oomph. Top end only feels same as zetec and that was 115 model. Dont get me wrong its quickish but i want a bit more witout a chip or remap. Any suggestions guys? Cheers
  4. Starting my mondeo mk 3 tdci up to day i noticed a rattle! after getting out and looking under car i noticed that all the metal lining under the exhaust ( heat shield? ) had come away. it is severly hanging off and looks like it was held by bolts or rivets? any ideas if it can be held back on and do i really need it! thinking off getting ripped off but i cant get under the car anyway! is it dangerous if i leave it or even dangerous if i remove it? please help! it is this stuff in pic i am on about half way down the exhuast! :(
  5. red but not so fast!

    Fob Dont Bloody Work!

    just had my windscreen replaced in my 55 plate tci mondeo zetec and my fob wont work in central locking! i can open it manually only to be greeted by the alarm every time i open the door! people think im nicking my own car and its startng to get to me! funny how that autowindscreens fit me a new window then my keys dont work! the mrs does though am i just being stupid anf its ironci that the battery might have failed at the same time!? i had a look in my manual and it says try reprogramming!? turning it 4 times back and forth to position 2 within six seconds but this has done nothing! anyone got any advice? please?
  6. red but not so fast!


    my windows in the back of my 05 mondeo only go so far down! surely they should go all the way into the door? is this how theyre supposed to be or can you program them to do this?
  7. red but not so fast!

    fuel magnets

    ive purcahsed some turbo mag fuel savers for my tdci 55 plate but it says i have to clamp them on my inlet fuel line! where is it does any one know? i think it is the thick line coming out of the top of the fuel filter is this the one please help!
  8. red but not so fast!

    mondeo de-cat

    thanks guys just wanted piece of mind. seen some on ebay they vary in price from 65 to 120 quid what do you look out for?
  9. red but not so fast!

    mondeo de-cat

    does anyone know the rules on these? someone told me that you will still pass an mot with these as diesels are tested differently to petrol ? surely you need a cat?
  10. red but not so fast!

    Mondeo tdci 140

    hi im a newbie! i was looking for consumption questions and saw this. i have a zetec 115 tdci and i am experiencing similar sort of problems. for mine only being 115 bhp surely i would or should be getting 50+ mpg!? dont get me wrong i am getting about 48 but that was down to gt yarmouth yesterday i am looking at ways to make it more lively too any pointers from anyone? i know that there are plug in chips or remaps which one is best?