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  1. Danny

    Hi can any one tell me why I'm not getting two horn beeps on trying to set auto locking on my cmax 2013 I've watched all the videos on YouTube I'm getting one beep which it's says you will get I can't seam to activate it.
  2. Number plate wires

    Hi can any body tell me how to get to my number plate wires I've changed my bulbs to brighter ones on doing this the wires on one side were to short pulling out the bulb caseing how caused the wires to come out I need to get to them to exstend the wires can I take out the tailgate button to reach them it's a electric tail gate
  3. Side light bulb

    Hi how do you get out side lamp bulb on a cmax 2013 model I've removed headlamp I can just touch bulb holder is there clips holding it in or do you just twist it ? Any suggestions
  4. Ambient lights

    Hi I've got a cmax titanium x 2013 the ambient lights I can switch on are red does anybody know how to change their colour my manual says there's a knob by the internal mirror there's not on my model is there any other way to change colour?
  5. Danny D

    Hi I've got a cmax 1.6 titanium x 2013 when I turn on the ambient lighting it's red does any one know how to change the colour the manual states there a turn knob by the internal mirror not on my model there's not any suggestions?
  6. Titanium badge

    Hi ordered my car badge thanks for answeres going to stick it on 👍
  7. Hi I've got a cmax titanium x 2013 it's got a cmax badge on the back but no titanium x badge when I've tried to buy one they are telling me this will not fit my vehicle can some one tell me why it won't fit my car ?
  8. I've got a cmax 2013 when you drive down motorway you get a whistling from the door it sounds like the window or door is open has anyone got this problem any solutions ?