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  1. Yeah not really sure what to do, my thinking behind going Eibach or H&R is hoping they will be better made and their fore not brake .But this means changing all 4 corners and costing more than just changing the two on the rear.
  2. Been looking on Eibach website they only show springs for the mk7 lowering by 25 mil and that will be 25 mil from standard considering the st line is already 10 or 15 mil lower I think than standard then I would only be lowering by another 10 or 15 mil not sure if this is worth it may give them a call on monday to see what they can offer.
  3. Hi Ian thanks for your reply my car is not an st it is a st line (used to be known as the zetec s) yes the car is lowered by about 15mil I think compared to the standard zetec and I understand I can lower it further by about 20mil.Have been looking at the H&R springs lowering the car by 35mil.
  4. Hi all have a broken spring on the rear (pot hole) my local garage say they have changed quite a lot of late on my year of car 2016 suggesting poor quality springs from manufacture they have suggested changing both rears , I was thinking of fitting a set of eibach lowering springs as garage says they have never had to replace a broken lowered spring I assume these are made stronger , have any of you guys had any broken lowered springs and what do you recommend in terms of lowered springs many thanks .
  5. PS regarding carwow you can compare offers for buying pcp or leasing your choice of car.
  6. look at carwow used them for my last two fiestas and had very good savings , you can build your own spec etc and see what dealers all over the country are offering well worth a look.
  7. Don't use it , its the first thing I switch off when I start the car. I like to wait in traffic with car in neutral and don't wont the engine stopping and starting every few minutes can not be doing engine battery or starter any good and only a small saving on fuel and a small saving to the environment, having said that my regular journey to work is all rural roads so not many times when it would be used.
  8. looking on line they call it shoulder wear and says it points to underinflated tires but mine have never lost more than the odd pound of pressure between checks and have been run with the recommended 33psi in them.
  9. could accept this if it was on inner or outside edge but not on both edges.
  10. Hi all can any one tell me the reason for my front tyres on my st line 66 plate fiesta wearing more on both edges 3.5 mil on average in centre 3rd of both front tires down to 1.5 to 1.0 on outer and inner edges on average, I regally check pressures and have the recommended pressures in my tires and I don't drive around corners with tires squealing, these are the original continental tires fitted new and have covered 20800 miles.
  11. First thing I do when I start the car up is switch the stop start off, don't like this feature on any vehicle I drive , if I am sat in traffic at railway crossing or some other obvious long hold up then I will switch off the engine myself if need be, have seen this type of system malfunction on lorries before then causing a problem for everyone else around you.
  12. Hi has anybody fitted the syco developments mudflaps to their st or zetec s, I,am looking to fit some to my st line , what have you guys ( or girls ) fitted to you car, would really like some but not many options out their and don,t know which would be the best , thanks for any help.
  13. Deep impact blue absolutely love mine , makes the car look bigger.
  14. Cheers folks thanks for all your replies disklok looks favorite, birthday coming up and Christmas so will hopefully have some cash to spend thanks again