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  1. steve1312

    MK8 Start Stop

    First thing I do when I start the car up is switch the stop start off, don't like this feature on any vehicle I drive , if I am sat in traffic at railway crossing or some other obvious long hold up then I will switch off the engine myself if need be, have seen this type of system malfunction on lorries before then causing a problem for everyone else around you.
  2. steve1312

    st mudflaps

    Hi has anybody fitted the syco developments mudflaps to their st or zetec s, I,am looking to fit some to my st line , what have you guys ( or girls ) fitted to you car, would really like some but not many options out their and don,t know which would be the best , thanks for any help.
  3. steve1312

    Deep impact blue

    Deep impact blue absolutely love mine , makes the car look bigger.
  4. steve1312

    Steering wheel disklok

    Cheers folks thanks for all your replies disklok looks favorite, birthday coming up and Christmas so will hopefully have some cash to spend thanks again
  5. steve1312

    Steering wheel disklok

    Tin found tried it out it blocks signal keys ( both sets )put away in tin, well its a start.
  6. steve1312

    Steering wheel disklok

    Cheers Stoney sorry didn't see that thread , its the video I watched and yes its a merc not an audi thanks again.
  7. steve1312

    Steering wheel disklok

    Hi having just watched an alarming video released by west midlands police showing two scum bags nicking a car (audi I think) with keyless ignition and entry, using some sort of gismo to transmit the signal from the keys which were in the owners house to the car, I am now seriously thinking of following the advise of the police and getting some sort of steering wheel lock, what do you guys recommend and has anybody got the Disklok steering wheel cover and if you have how does it sit on the fiesta wheel does it mark the wheel or cause any problems with the steering wheel controls thanks in advance for your input Steve.
  8. steve1312

    Retro fit heated seats,

    Hi all I,ve got a 66 plate st line what I would like to know is would the front seats already have the heating elements and wiring to enable me to connect them up and use them as heated seats, if yes how would I go about doing it, thanks in advance steve.
  9. steve1312

    car security

    Hi Karl46 do you have one of these fitted to your car and if yes what price are you looking at to buy and have installed thanks steve 1312
  10. steve1312

    car security

    cheers mate I will have a look at the weekend
  11. steve1312

    car security

    not shore how to go about moving the OBD port but will look at the disklok , thanks
  12. steve1312

    car security

    can anyone recommend a steering wheel lock for the fiesta mk7.5 I have keyless ignition and entry and don't wont to become another fiesta owner to have their pride and joy stolen so would like to add a bit more off a visual security device to hopefully put off would be car thieves .
  13. steve1312


    So Bob how much have they quoted you for this Detox treatment, and are there any guaranties that you will get all or any of the said results.
  14. steve1312

    Lowering springs for a mk7.5 titanium

    cheers mate thanks for your reply.