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    ford fiesta 1.4 zetec climate
  1. heres my fiesta zetec

    thankyou m8. you no ne1 selling alloys?
  2. heres my fiesta zetec

    here my fiesta zetec mk6. engine : 1.4 zetec. alloys : 15" black painted tsw's with black and green overlays badges : black with green `FORD'. alpine head unit & 12" vibe sub. smoked rear lights. smoked repeaters. looking to get 16/ 17" alloys. angel eyes. lowered. tints all round. change callipers and drums green. spoiler & get it all colour coded.
  3. my modified fiesta mk6.5

    im changing me callipers/ drums to green i think. if that dont look good then i will be changing the colour again lol. gets washed every week some times two times, always looking clean and tidy, but it got to aint it, its a black car
  4. my modified fiesta mk6.5

    it zetec 1.4. mk6.5. made them for a year or so and stopped. I had a head unit fitted last month and had to get a specific facia for the car as it wasnt the same as a normal mk6. what ya think of it anyway
  5. help uploading photos

    tar buddy
  6. help uploading photos

    hi i havesome pics to upload, but what is the website you have to use in order to make it so that i can add the url? help please
  7. penneys car

    here is my car and how it looks, comment on it everyone, would like to see what you all think. tar
  8. Hey hey people. have a look at my album to see my car Fitted me gel overlays yeasterday. what you think of it and how it looks?? any ideas what i should do next, angel eyes ???? I have got to wash it but atm in the weather there is really know point lol, so excuse the dirty car comment please
  9. gel overlays ..... your opions please

    thats gud then lol. mine are now black so thay match the car
  10. gel overlays ..... your opions please

    hi all. got me overlays fitted today, me car look alots better now :) will add pics soon
  11. gel overlays ..... your opions please

    orite m8. if you go on......... http://www.dmb.uk.com/Product/Ford-Badge-GEL-Overlays/460 u can get the gel over lays
  12. Hi there, Im looking to colour code all the out side of the car i.e grill, mirrors, and the trim down the side of the car. any suggestions on how i should do this?? special paint to use??/ or does anyone no where i can get new trim etc from in black?? pics if your have done this to your car would be helpful and suggestions welcome thankyou all. have a look at my car pics and your will see what i mean dan
  13. gel overlays ..... your opions please

    heer m8. ill put some pics up on here when i have got them on and that. i ordered them wednesday from DMB. so not to sure when they will arrive. how long have you had yours on the car?
  14. hd cable for xbox 360... help?

    were can i get one, and what is the right one? it will make gaming alot better i feel, any help welcome