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  1. Hi guys, has anyone out there fitted or know of anyone that has fitted wider rear wheels to a streetka ?? The alloys on the wifes car need replacing, i dont want to buy new standard alloys, i think the standard rims look a bit lost in the rear wheel arches but arent too bad on the front. We dont want the wheels to be any bigger than 16 inch but would like them to be more flush with the arches without the hassle of using spacers. I think the standard wheels are either 6 or 6 1/2 wide so going to 16 x 7 on the front would be ok but i dare say the rear wheels could stand being ( at a guess ) another 1 1/2 inches wider, looking at the amount of room in the rear arches. Anyone looked at doing this before ?? Cheers Rich
  2. Crash repaired StreetKa

    A little naive im afraid Debbi, you really do need to take someone along with you that knows what he or she are looking for. As for the MOT, well it is just a safety check to see if your car is roadworthy, they may check any visible repairs they find have been done properly but wont take the car apart to inspect what they cannot see. Saying that, if the car has been properly repaired it certainly wouldnt put me off buying it. There are thousands of cars on British roads that have had some sort of repair, some lightly damaged and some that have had heavy damage, probably repaired by insurance body shops, sold on a few years later and whoever buys them will probably never ever know anything about it. Cheers Rich
  3. Crash repaired StreetKa

    I rebuilt quite a few accident damaged cars myself over the years and my general opinion is that you can get yourself a good car at a good price. However, try to find out if the car your interested in has been repaired just for resale. I built most of mine for my own use, i kept them for a few years and spared little expense in their rebuild. If it has been rebuilt just for profit you never know what corners have been cut. Cheers Rich
  4. Pipercross Viper kit

    LoL, take the rubber inlet pipe off the throttle housing and run your car, probably wont sound much different with the kit fitted. Cheers Rich
  5. Pipercross Viper kit

    Hi mate, i fitted many aftermarket filters in my time to various cars and although they look cool when fitted the performance gain to be honest wont really be worth having, saying that it will probably sound evil ;) Cheers Rich
  6. Mounting hardware hardtop StreetKA

    Hi Herman, with your soft top down there should be a small threaded bar with a hole in the centre for mounting the hard top just at the side of the seat belt top mounts, the pins should go in the centre and bolt down. Hope this helps. Cheers Rich
  7. help - newbie here

    Hi Sophie, sorry not sure about the footwell leak but the !Removed! lighter may be something simple like a blown fuse. Does everything else on the car work ok ? on some cars the !Removed! lighter shares power with other things like the horn and interior lights. Cheers Rich
  8. Streetka alarm removal ??

    Just an update to this, car has been into ford main dealer today and the alarm has been removed. Basically just looks like the alarm box inside the offside rear trim had been unplugged and binned. At the moment it doesnt seem to have affected any other system and the remote boot release and central locking are all still working !! Bonus :D. Fingers crossed for no other problems. :o Cheers Rich
  9. Hi guys, the wife and i have owned our 2004 streetka winter edition for three weeks now and have had our fair share of problems already, thermostat, heater valve, O2 sensor, overheating, the usual problems. We now have a problem with the alarm going off, it has been to my local ford dealer to be looked at and i was told the actual alarm module is faulty, that is gonna cost £220 + vat and fitting. Having read most of the other posts on similar problems i am reluctant to have the alarm replaced just so it can go again a year or 2 down the line and need replacing again. My local dealer said having the factory alarm removed was an option and wasnt a difficult job however i would lose my remote boot release and remote central locking, now we can quite happily live with that so its not waking us and the neighbours up at 2am. I was wondering if anyone else has had the factory alarm removed from a streetka and if it has caused problems elsewhere ?? Thanks Rich
  10. Another noob

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone on the forum, my wife and i have just bought a 2004 streetka which she will use for work and the occational run out at the weekend, i drive and Audi A4 2.0TDI. We have been looking for a small fun convertable for a little while and were thought the streetka would fit the bill nicely. Unfortunatley after only owning it for three weeks we have had problem after problem and i am hoping you guys can give me some advice. Cheers Rich