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  1. '97 Fiesta Auxiliary Audio Input?

    i bought a I trip for mine in the end . . . . . plays the ipod through a un-used radio channel. cost me about 25 quid but i believe you can get them for about a tenner now from ebay or amazon
  2. fiesta mk4 16v zetec idol problems

    mines a 2000 reg and idles somewhere between 1000 and 1100 . . . . . . i had the same symtons on my GTI6 last year and had to replace the stepper motor ( which is a retarded french way of naming the idle motor . . . . .) was the size of a miniture coke can and set me back about 100 quid i believe
  3. Fan not working

    mine does similar . . . . only blows hot air regardless of where you set the temperature. theres a electric solenoid valve at the back right of the engine bay which had to be replaced on mine . . . . . . . ford would be your best bet, i dont think the parts available anywhere else
  4. Airbag light flashing occasionally.

    i had a similar problem on an escort i had a few years back . . . they apparently have a airbag sensor behind the steering wheel which is held in place by a plastic bracket . . . the idea is that if you crash the plastic snaps and the airbag deploys . . . i believe the sensor on mine had shorted out so it thought the airbag had been used . . . . .
  5. oil filter??

    any idea where the oil filter is on a 2000reg 1.25 fiesta zetec??? plus any specialist tools or am i right in thinking regular bolts/screws? needs an oil change but no point doing it without replacing the filter any help woulbe be brill :P