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  1. Missus New Car

    From experience with mine (Midnight Sky) under different lighting conditions it can have a green or purple tinge to it.
  2. Missus New Car

    So that's what mine will look like when I eventually get around to cleaning it!
  3. Fuel Counter

    I think it's just an estimate of how far you can travel based on your current economy and the fuel left in the tank. I personally don't trust the range reading on the computer, just keep an eye on ye olde fuel gauge.
  4. Pet Hates

    Middle lane hoggers. People driving around with no lights on the pitch black. People driving everywhere at 40mph (30mph zones, 40mph zones, 50mph zones...) People driving at 15mph everywhere until they reach a straight section, then fire off like roadrunner until they get to the next corner and slow back down to 15mph again. I'd rather they'd stay at 15mph so I can get past. People who stop every time another car approaches them in the dark. Pedestrians just wandering across the road without looking, even had it happen with someone pushing a pram! I live in the country where there are many places where the road is only wide enough for one vehicle. So is it too much trouble for drivers to acknowledge when someone else as obviously stopped to let you through. I've even resorted to putting my hand up to them to shame them into it! As a cyclist i'd also add: Idiots giving cyclists no room whatsoever. Life would be a lot safer and less stressful if people were more courteous and in less of a hurry.
  5. Fittings For The Car Mats On Fiesta Mk7

    Depends how old your Mk7 is. My new ZS has got little plastics studs in the carpet just in front of the drivers seat that the new mats fit into. My previous Mk7 ZS had little plastic brackets coming forwards from under the seat with little bits at the end to fit into the mats. I've had to buy new front mats as my old mats wouldn't fit the new style of bracket/clip (different spacing of holes). So now I've two front mats going spare! If you don't have the little clips in the carpet then I think you'll need the old style mats (which I assume would come with any clips needed). In this case I'd do as Scotty86 suggests and go back to your dealer and see if they'll exchange them for the appropriate ones.
  6. Spritmonitor

    Thank you.
  7. Spritmonitor

    Hello everyone. I've just changed my car, for another ZS (will post pics as soon as I can get some of it when clean). What I want to do is update my signature with the mileage icon from Spritmonitor. Unfortunately I didn't take note of how it was set in my old signature before I deleted it and now I can't get it to work. Can any fellow Spritmonitor users help? Thanks
  8. Mp3 Converter For Fiesta Usb

    I rip all my CD's onto my hard-drive using Windows Media Player, then just copy what I want onto a memory stick for use in the car. Just check that it's set to MP3 on the 'rip music' tab in tools>options as I think it defaults to WMA format. I have the audio quality set to 192kbps, which works fine for me.
  9. Your Views Can Make A Difference

    I think there's a little too many to be honest. Could I suggest that the guides be placed in a sub-forum that would sit above the pinned topics (if it's even possible). This would clear up a bit of space, but also leave them easily accessible.
  10. Smett72 Fiesta Zetec S

    Fiesta Zetec S in Vision Blue
  11. How Long Does It Take You To Wash Your Car?

    A quick wash takes me about an hour, but 3 or 4 times a year i'll give it a full wash and wax treatment that probably takes in the region of 6-8 hours over a couple of days.
  12. Is This How It's Supposed To Be?

    Just had a look at mine and it's slightly out of alignment as well, but it's exactly the same on both sides. Makes me wonder whether they're all like this.
  13. Fitting The Drl's

    You can get them from European Parts as well.
  14. Air Conditioning Mk 7 Fiesta

    I commented on this when I took mine in for a courtesy check after a month. They said everything was fine, so maybe it is just a quirk of the car. It may just be that the air-con isn't as powerful as on others cars, it certainly isn't as powerful as the old Mk2 Mondeo I used to have.
  15. Fiesta Mk7 Zs Problem

    If you're changing the ignition leads I would suggest doing them one at a time i.e. remove one old one put first new one on remove second old one etc... That way you shouldn't be able to get them wrong!