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  1. Fec "ford Escort Club" Closing

    Just heard a wisper from a guy on the forum over there, that they are to close,shame really used to be a good forum. Not bad as it was started by a chip shop owner who rides a bike. Needs buying out and running by some deadicated Ford guys instead of goon heads, except for one guy from the west country.
  2. Fifth Gear Problems

    Nothing to do with the clutch,they haven`t reconnected the gear linkage in the same spot as it was b4. Its to far clockwise on the clamp !Take it back and and get it realined. Easy fix, takes 2 minutes on ramps.1 bolt and clamp is undone reposition and tighten bolt.
  3. Mk6 Suspension Upgrade

    Yes they will fit.
  4. Can You Assist Me With A Question?

    In the state as in the pics there prolly worth £5 a rim excluding tyres "you don`t indicate state of tyres",you really need to refurb the rims and advertise them in tiptop condition to be fair.Seen better in my local scrapyard,not being mean. Jeff
  5. Grill Types?

    Like This~ Prolly why after blatting round tracks at 6500 for 30 odd minutes mine runs below normal Old add car not for sale. J
  6. Manual

    Pretty simple really...go to Halfords and buy a Haynes Manual. J
  7. Escort Xr3I Mk4 Fuel Pump Fitting

    Pump and float are combined within fueltank m8. Jeff
  8. Grill Types?

    I use a modified chrome grill on my track RS2K and can report the temp guage hovers just below center after 20 mins of revving around the 6k,as Vinny says they look better than slatted or honeycombe versions.Although the back of my bonnet is raised an inch on spacers to flow a tad more air. J
  9. Enjoy Vinny Rs2K On Track Castlecombe

    in car video footage at RSCombe day, yesterday chasing down another mk6 Escort. Our other car White Mitsibushi Evo 5 flies past on 2nd lap Jeff
  10. Engine Swap

    Just buy an outobox for your car.They are readily available. But to be honest why not do a search online for an Escort with an outobox already installed.
  11. Enjoy Vinny Rs2K On Track Castlecombe

    Yea they do sound kinda sweet don`t they Vinny,better with the 2nd big snorkle I have feeding the airbox. And with the modded ECU no limiter lol.Revs to 6,200 just put the finishing touches to her for RSCombe tonight "bonnet grfx".She is up for sale there aswell. Jeff
  12. Enjoy Vinny Rs2K On Track Castlecombe

    30.000 genuine miles, been garaged for 5 years, i bought it off an old man, since i have had it ive lowered it, ford piper stainless steel exhaust system, its been super chipped, cold air induction kit and crank case breather, uprated clutch, platinum plugs, full new gti badge kit as 1 badge was missing, a megane front splitter,custom mesh grills, fully tuned by camco,on ford focus alloys, mondeo trottle body, air mass meter. fully clifford alarm with tracker and voice warning. 165 bhp lmfao.My sides split when I read this...Surely the splitter added this power Vinny. That place gets worse. He`s a full grown man aswell hheeeeee hee hheee J
  13. Enjoy Vinny Rs2K On Track Castlecombe

    Have to had done a few proven modz to be banging on 180 lol.Obviously with a printout to prove. Well I think me and you know how to acheive that sort of thing with the zetec..nuff sed. Yea moneys tight aint it,bit quite here with the building industry..not alot going on. Doing cars for track aint cheap as I know,put way too much into my RS2K,bout 4k to date. Then I support the Evo 5 that I have personally put in about 5k. Still you can`t take it with ya. Be good Vinny catch you round the tracks someday aye? Jeff
  14. Enjoy Vinny Rs2K On Track Castlecombe

    N`let `em know up on FordEscortClub that the decals are still on my car Vinny. As you know because of a few jockstraps I vacated the place. 2 forums I go to now here and Welsh. Still loving your sig pics.... Jeff
  15. Enjoy Vinny Rs2K On Track Castlecombe

    That will be a good project Vinny,are you gonna keep us posted here? Be good to see you on track some time Heres me gunning it at Combe the other day. CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY