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  1. Dashlight staying on all night

    Ok a development. removed the stereo and unplugged all the cables. Locked the car and low and behold 10 mins later the dash lights are off.. One other thing, we have an estate and I have one of them boot mats (more of a durable cloth) and noticed some of it was getting stuck in the lock mechanism. Boot was still closing and locking and also rear interior light was going off as Normal so not sure if this was the issue. going to plug the head unit back in later and retest the wife did say that since the battery went flat and was charged the stereo has not been working. So this could well be the issue. Will update in due course.
  2. Hi all i have a Focus 2010 1.6tdci Zetec Estate. Been fine all year and last week had a flat battery. I charge it up over night. Seems fine then day later flat battery. Checked alternator with a volt meter and it’s charging the battery fine. then yesterday I noticed the dash light was on, just the mileage screen, the car hadn’t been used for a whole day/night. Onto Google and forums, reading it maybe the ignition switch? But mainly on keyless entry? My car doesn’t have keyless entry. Ive reset the IC 10amp fuse under the glove box, tried leaving car without steering lock on to no avail. all doors close properly and the interior light does go off on each door close. So it seems something else is keeping the ECU awake. the car does have factory fitted sat nav/Bluetooth so my next step is to unplug this and test again. the only other thing I can think of is the previous owner installed led rear number plate lights, one of them sometimes needs a tap or two to come on but generally been fine, it passed mot last month, il go grab some standard bulbs today . anyone got any other ideas ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all my mk2.5 and with one 3 button remote flip blade keyfob and i want to get a second one sorted out just incase. i have purchased a new keyfob from ebay, arrived today upload jpg i have done the ignition on and off 4 times procedure today and have paired the new key fob to the remote central locking. the little plastic thing, is that the immobiliser chip? if so, where does it go within the keyfob? the blade is brand new and was wondering where i could get it cut? after that its trying to get the immobiliser chip paired, i have got elm327 and Forscan, anyone have a procedure for me to to do this? although i guess i need to get the blade cut first? im located in Manchester if anyone can recommend any one to program the key. thanks
  4. Already posted pics above mate :) found this, not sure if relevant to our engines: http://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1517&p=5126&hilit=Dist_regen#p5126
  5. as promised here what mine shows
  6. Good to hear I'm not the only one :) Have you ever heard/seen your car do a regen ?
  7. Thanks guys i searched for dist on each module, read and control to no avail il take some screenshots tonight from forscan i have the static regen procedure option but not clicked on it . ive only had the car 2 weeks but not noticed any regens, I even went on a 25 min motorway run the other night but didn't notice any regens
  8. Got my modified ELM327 usb cable today connected it up to Forscan 2.3.4 beta and my Mk2.5 Focus 1.6tdci 2010 and i cannot find any distance to regen values, only dpf temp and pressure difference (i think) i tried elmconfig too but was not there. any ideas? on a plus note, i have enabled auto door lock when car moves using the cable :)
  9. **help please** 2012 Ford Focus Key Fob

    Great! got the dongle orderer, it should be here any day do i need to get the key cut first? or can i programme the key uncut? you wouldn't happen to know any guides showing me how to programme using Forscan?
  10. **help please** 2012 Ford Focus Key Fob

    Thanks guys heres my car, no idea if its a Mk2 or a MK2.5 can i do the keyfob programming myself? (using the right kit)
  11. **help please** 2012 Ford Focus Key Fob

    Let us know how much they charge please.
  12. **help please** 2012 Ford Focus Key Fob

    The general consensus is buy a new unprogrammed key fob with new blade from eBay and get a auto electrician to come out and programme it and cut it for you. im about to do the same for my mk2 Focus
  13. Testing immobiliser on a mk2/2.5 focus

    That explains it :) will the key I bought from eBay be ok for the spare ? (Once I get it programmed up) thanks mate.
  14. Hi all so I'm after a spare key fob/key for my 2010 focus and just ordered one from eBay ; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291822367403?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT the aim is to buy it and get an auto electrician to cut and programme it to my car. this got me thinking about the immobiliser in my current key fob. I opened it up and only saw the battery and little circuit board. whilst the button part was separated from the blade part, I used the key part to open the door of the car manually and started the car fine. the 3 button part of the key fob was in my other hand. where exactly is the transponder for the PATs system in the key fob? I have a normal flashing PATs red flashing LED on my dash board and alarm works fine, I've gone into the test menu on my dash and shows no DTC codes how can I fully test the immobiliser? Do I need to leave the button part of the key fob indoors and try starting the car with just the key blade part? Just want to make sure PATs is is working fine hope that made sense ! thanks.
  15. Excellent, thanks ordered the modified USB ELM adapter, looking forward to trying it out