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  1. Happy Birthday MarkyR!

  2. Best Spray On Wax

    Thanks mate. I'm a lil peeved at the mo, the car went in today for the passenger window to be looked at and the stereo updated, they discovered an update was released yesterday but as per the norm it'll take forever to download, and then they will have my car for a day to update it. I can live with that. But with my window they said they could not find anything wrong with it, they greased the tracks of the glass and reset the auto close, I got home from picking it up and had the window down and it had the fault three times in a row until it stopped auto closing. This is what the window does, when you auto close it closes all the way and then auto opens back to the position you had it, after a few times of repeating this the auto close stops working until you fully open the window, then it works again and usually closes fine? Needless to say I will be fully testing this again up to next week, but has anyone else had a fault like this before?
  3. Best Spray On Wax

    Thanks mate, I'll have a look into that. Can i use the RMT on my headlights though?
  4. Best Spray On Wax

    Right, bit of an update, and some questions. I went with the Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical, brilliant stuff, looks gleemy and was dead easy to slap on :D My Fiesta visited my dealer last week, I went to show them my niggles and they fixed my interior cover whilst I was there, a genius mechanic only took 5 mins gently tweaking the clips, they also had the bodyshop boys just patch up a couple of very small spots where I thought the paint was missed but it could also have been a stone chip. And my car is booked in for it's 1500 mile checkup where the will check out my passenger window auto opening after auto closing, and see if an update is availabel for the stereo although, touch wood, after I reset everything it's been fine. Now questions: Can I put my Dodo Juice Red mist Tropical on my headlamps? Make cleaning the bugs off a bit easier? What's gone on with the ST recall for the leaking brakes? And I've been thinking about the Mountune upgrade, has anyone got it? And f so how much impact does it make to the MPG, insurance, punch in performance? Oh and also, I'm getting a lot of watermarks left after rinsing my car, I just use the hosepipe and my two buckets and Dodo Juice Born to Be Mild shampoo. But it's after I rinse the car I get water marks, I use my drying towels to wipe them off my windows but I try to just pat the paintwork down. How can I reduce the watermarks?
  5. Anyone Put The New Shell V-Power In Their Fez?

    Well here's the Fifth Gear test: http://youtu.be/WTaBngvsPrc And I wouldn't put some supermarket stuff in a Ferrari!
  6. Usb Not Found

    This one: http://youtu.be/mkEncolexEA
  7. Anyone Put The New Shell V-Power In Their Fez?

    Fifth Gear proved the V Power gave a few extra BHP in a Golf GTI, it gave the biggest boost out of the fuels. They said you most likely won't see the difference but I don't know, apparently Scooby drivers swear by V Power.
  8. Best Spray On Wax

    Okdoky. I am now going to hijack my own thread hahaha! Anyway, so tonight I just did a wash, so it's a bit cleaner when I do the wash and sealant if I get it before my day off. But I have noticed the faults with my ST. So far the Sync seriously needs an update, it states cannot play music whilst indexing when I try to use the iPod connected via the USB, and then it state creating voice commands - when I try to use my iPhone via bluetooth, both are random but seem to be happening more now. On my rear bumper I have noticed two spots missing paint, not big but the are there. The passenger window will sometimes open itself after I close it, as though it is detecting an obstruction, I reset the windows and it was a better but it happened again the other day. And on the new model Fiesta, under my Sony stereo controls, the panel with the passenger airbag warning light has come unclipped at the top, I can push it back on but it just pops out again when I let go? this is a weird one as it was perfectly fine? Anyone else had any of these faults?
  9. Anyone Put The New Shell V-Power In Their Fez?

    I should add I drive right past a Shell to work so its pretty much all I buy now, just figured Nitro would be good for the ST?
  10. Best Spray On Wax

    Thanks mate, yeah I just about remembered the discount haha.
  11. Anyone Put The New Shell V-Power In Their Fez?

    Hmmm interesting, I've been feeding my ST on Shell Nitro since I've had it, about four tanks now, maybe five. Its averaging around 36 mpg so not bad. No idea of any performance boost as I've not put normal fuel in it.
  12. Best Spray On Wax

    Quick one, what do I use to apply the RMT? A foam applicator or microfibre? And do you buff it off with a microfibre? Seen a box of Autoglym microfibres on I4D and thinking of using those?
  13. Best Spray On Wax

    Thanks mate, I never knew RM was like a quick wax/ sealant haha. Is the Autoglym going to be quicker to apply at all? Also do you have to avoid getting the RMT onto the plastic trim?
  14. Best Spray On Wax

    Hmm, well I think I may give the Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical a go? http://www.dodojuice.com/red-mist-tropical-protection-detailer.html Is that good? Not a bad price and seems you spray then wipe it in then wipe it off. Do you do that on a wet car or a dry car? It seems the tropical version is easier to use as it's less fussy about the temperature and sun etc. I think this with my Dodo Juice wash would be good? Also how frequently do you have to use it?
  15. Best Spray On Wax

    Does a sealant give protection and help make the car easy to clean?