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  1. Left the car overnight and seems to have sorted itself out! Thanks.
  2. Hi, My sync 2 system is totally unresponsive. I’m able to do limited functions. Ive tried to do a master reset but this is not work. Does anyone have ideas or suggestions?
  3. Paul, Interested in what you have done. I have a 2007 Mondeo without Sony 6CD changer (non-DAB). Could I change Bluetooth module to allow streaming or would I need to replace headunit as well? If you have any guides or links I’d appreciate them. Cheers, Jamie
  4. Looking for some help! I have a Mk4 Tit X Estate. The boot switch is not opening the boot however a double tap on the keyfob opens in no problem. I bought a new switch off ebay thinking this would be the issue but no such luck. Does anyone have any ideas or troubleshooting tips? Many thanks, Jamie
  5. Still not had a chance to get it fitted sorry! Will update when I can. Did you get anywhere Harni?
  6. And that new one is a diesel, cheaper to run.
  7. Wee update. Got a subwoofer on eBay for £9 as an experiment so will see how this goes. However spent about 20 minutes going over the wiring schematics... The Subwoofer has 4 wires. A DAB In, SW1 (-), SW2 (-), SW2 (+). From the subwoofer these go to an Inline Connector (assuming this is just a mid point connector in the car). From the Inline Connector the 4 wires go to a Premium Audio Connector at the rear of the Sync unit (think this is called the APIM/ACM) I need to figure out if firstly my car has the wiring installed or tucked away for the subwoofer, and if it has the premium audio connector and finally if the Sync unit is configured to output signals to the premium audio connector. To do that I'll need to take the Sync unit out (unless I find wiring tucked away) and even then I think my loom I made up would be better and less hassle as all my loom is effectively doing is splicing into the front speaker outputs without cutting into the main loom as I used a sound on top (SOT) lead. Does anyone know if I can get to the connectors at the rear of the Sync unit without ripping most of the centre console out.
  8. Cheers for the photos. Think I'll be keeping an eye out on eBay for something similar. Not sure if the wiring will be in situ for it however.
  9. I'll keep you posted... another one of my ongoing projects :)
  10. Top man! Thank you! Will keep these saved for my next attempt.
  11. Yes, It's different holes you need to put the screwdriver into, as the two shown on the original guide don't exist on the Mk3.5. I can see where I need to remove the airbag from, just not having any luck freeing it from the wheel itself.
  12. Bit of an update: Received the missing wiring, and had a bit of spare time this morning. Went out to fit the wheel, was able to remove the trim around the wheel to get into the airbag release, but just can't get the airbag out. Dont want to put much force on it or break anything! Any ideas or a set of instructions? The Mk3.5 wheel & airbag is different from the Mk3.
  13. Received the steering wheel, no wiring sent out with it so waiting on the seller posting this out to me. Then onto getting the wheel fitted and programmed.
  14. I'm having issues with that type of cable, I bought one and it went faulty, got sent a replacement. Whilst awaiting on the replacement I bought another (so it would arrive quicker). The first replacement has now died on me and the one I bought is still working. My original replacement isn't recognised by Windows, FoCCCus or ForScan and the 2nd one I bought connects straight away and is recognised on all software. The one I bought has a 3 year "warranty" but wondering if anyone can recommend a more quality cable?
  15. Many thanks :) i hope FoCCCus works. Is the ForScan procedure the same? Or do you have the guide for using ForScan to do it? Jamie