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  1. Happy Birthday bill07!

  2. Check a cambelt

    The cam belt on the tdci is about as easy to change as they come. If the car is in good knick and thats the only thing putting you off, buy it and get one fitted. I always fit a new cam belt and service any car i buy or my family and friends buy regardless of what I'm told.
  3. Word of warning focus climate 05-07

    Its a common fault on the earlier focus's and allot the fiesta's. Iv seen a focus 05 that the spark plug had corroded that bad it had shot out under the compression and was in the end of the ht lead dangling down the front of the engine. ts funny that Ford started to fit the modified jets to the fiesta in 2004 but when the focus was released in 05 they fitted the old style jets.
  4. Fitting After-market DAB radio

    First you will need the keys to remove the head unit. If you do have all the correct leads and an adapter plate to fit it into the dash its as simple as unplug and matching up the shape of the new wiring loom plugs and reconnecting them. Take care when removing the head unit, even with the pins engaged correctly they still seam to stick on the passenger side a little so pull that side first.

    It only works if it a 5 or 4 door with all 4 windows having the one shot switches
  6. locking nuts

    To be on the safe side get a new set of locking wheel nuts to fit those wheels, Incorrect nuts may damage the wheel and work lose
  7. Changing idle control "Changing Part Tips"

    easy job underneath the inlet manifold. 2 bolts and a plug to undo, just a quick one tho, why do you think its the control valve? i been working on these for years,seen loads but never change a idle valve on one,post back or message me if it fix's it id love to know.
  8. change a steering rack

    thats 1.8 hours if you know what your doing, have all the right tools and a proper ramp to do it on. Iv done them in just under 1.5 hours but then there's the wheel alignment to set. you have to drop the front sub frame down a touch and disconnect the anti roll bar links,and also remember to secure the steering wheel as soon as you disconnect the rack. you don't want to damage the clock spring and i have seen it break the brake pedal switch once.
  9. trip computer??

    the ambient air temp sensor is under the bonnet.the multi function computer would also need a switch on the end of the light stalk to operate it,if your car has not got it then you need to replace the indicator stalk and replace part of the wiring loom
  10. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    yes the driver side is held in place by the intermediate drive shaft bearing bracket
  11. Ford Focus Black Edition

    the speed sensor is on the back of the gear box just above the offside drive shaft oil seal.at the back of the engine,on the bulk head just to the right of the center there is a small plug with a wire going down to it. but it sounds more like an air flow sensor problem,check the breather pipes on the back of the engine for splits or collapsed pipes, also check the brake servo pipe for splits, you can normally hear a hissing sound if ones gone.
  12. the squeal is common and as said is not a big concern, my 2.0l has it but as you say only when i boot it. The bulb can be change by taking out the top 2 screws in gently pulling the lamp up, after removing the battery cover,its tight but doable.if the bottom screw is left out and there is any movement up and down in the head light it will fail an MoT as insecure.
  13. Humming noise at 50mph

    budget tyre can make alot of road noise,but so can low tyre pressure so check all the tyres.
  14. Ford Focus Water Leak

    i have had problems with some st 170's leaking water in past the door membranes so check the drain holes in the doors.
  15. Ford Focus Water Leak

    not what you want to hear but the best way to find it will be to take out the seats, carpet, boot carpet and get inside with a powerfull light and get some one to jet wash the car as you look for leaks.