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  1. Hi, I have had my latest service and been advised that the rear radius arm bushes will need replacing soon as they are starting to split. I was looking at replacing these with an upgrade instead of the Ford OME ones. Have anyone got any suggestions and are they easy to replace? Thanks Aaron
  2. The Bulb is a P21W would these normally be a 21W? So I think I need a 6.8 ohm resistor in series… thanks for your help Aaron
  3. Hi, I have noticed that on my mk 3 focus st that my fog light led bulb is faintly lighting up even when the car is off (but does drains the power and goes off) and there are no other lights on. I am guessing it’s led residual current. To stop this led from lighting up unless it’s switched on would putting a resistor in parallel stop this? the bulb fitted is a Auto Beam led. any help would be much appreciated, Aaron
  4. Hi all, considering doing a steroid upgrade but I am not sure on what options I have. Thinking about the big screen type with Apple car play. I have a 2016 Focus MK3.5 ST-1 Any ideas or thoughts would be great. Thanks Aaron
  5. Hi all, Am I correct in thinking I would need the small disklok for a Focus MK3.5 ST? Thanks Aaron
  6. Hi all, Has anyone fitted a tracker to there MK3 Focus and would recommend any trackers. I have had a look online and can’t decide on one. Also where have people wired them from front or rear fuse box. thanks
  7. So it turns out it was the tracking after all. I decided yesterday that I would go back to where I got the tracking done last and explained everything. So they checked it again and it was wrong even though they said it was bang on before. Bit annoying but all sorted now.
  8. So I have checked if the wheels spin freely again on the car while jacked up. The fronts spin freely but the rears that I didn’t check before are really stiff! Can only just about move them and yes the hand break was fully off. Makes me wonder of this is causing me issues. Do I need a special tool to push the pistons back on the rear callipers ? thanks Aaron
  9. Thanks. I was wondering while sitting with a beer this evening if there is something on the left that could be causing it. I had another look under the car on the right today and couldn’t see anything wrong.
  10. Hi. I have a MK3 facelift 2016. I believe I have sync 2. Aaron
  11. Hi all, I have bought a OBD cable so I can use Forscan. I have enabled auto lock I was wondering if there’s any other things I can do with it? I have Sync 2 system. Thanks Aaron
  12. Tried this today. Forscan tells you to do it with the ignition on. Hasn’t made any difference. So it continues to try and find out what causing it to pull.
  13. Ok I will go down the windows version as it going to give me more options. Is there a particular cable to go with. Looking on Amazon there about £20. Aaron
  14. Can this be done on the lite forscan version? Thanks Aaron
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