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  1. Streetka alarm : - Dont think its working

    Hmmm not sure if roof contacts would be our problem as we dont have a hardtop. Still can not get it working, its a strange one :)
  2. Streetka alarm : - Dont think its working

    Ok i have checked the fuse and thats fine. Also had a look in the boot at the alarm module, cant see any obvious problems with it. Its got a set of batteries in it but i cant Imagen them being flat would make the alarm not work? Any more ideas why i cant get it working?
  3. Streetka alarm : - Dont think its working

    And how do i get to that? I can see the front fuses.....
  4. My missus brought a 04 streetka the other day and i was just cleaning it and messing about and i though "i wonder how the alarm goes off in these things" as i know ones fitted as standard. Anyway i lock the car with me in it and start moving about, nothing. I did this for 5 odd mins. Out comes the manual, it states when the car is locked via the remote and you try and open the car with the key alone it should sound the alarm, again nothing. Is there somewhere the alarm could have been disabled? Im trying to find where the alarm fuse is but even though the manual says under the instrument panel i cant see fuse 32 anywhere