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  1. Yeah although I just found a website called FordETIS and put my VIN number in and it said the colour was just Midnight Sky BMZE so I might be wrong. I need to have a look under the bonnet see if it says a code there. I was led to beleive it was the 6 box down to be the paint code ie E B in the pic.
  2. Hi I just bought a Ford Focus 2011 1.6 Zetec in Midnight Sky Grey paint code according to the VIN E B. Can I hellers like find any paint for it. I have ordered parking sensors and they are black so I want to spray them same colour as the car. If you try and google Ford Midnight Sky Grey it comes up with nada. To make things more confusion Ford have another colour called Midnight Sky paint code BMZE. According to what I can find this is actually a blue. So you can imagine all my searches end up at this. I am sure someone else must have come across the need for Midnight Sky Grey and I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction. The only alternatives I can see at the moment is buy it from Ford (expensive) or get Halfords to try and mix it up (again expensive £13.99) and not guaranteed to be right. any help out there ? thanks