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    Ford Fiesta MK4 1.3, V reg 99
  1. Pictures of my Fiestas :-)

    i found a privite plate for me AP54 LEX but then it sold so mite get AP-- LEX ( 2 other numbas)
  2. Zetec s alloys

    Hey im looking for some zetec s or any fiesta alloys reali and well im having some probs. I first went to scrap yards but it seems that they dont have anything that is ford( want ford cus i dont have to pay insurance then) also looked on ebay but there all bout 200+ and i havent got that money to spend on something that may or maynot fit. any ideas where i can get sum?
  3. Performance parts

    lol no point already have a celica 190 modded up to the heavens, and just fort id do the same to the fiesta as the celica is more of a show car. i could get a puma speed special done on it for about 5k( 200bhp) but id rather just mod it myself that way if it messes up i can only blame myself!
  4. Performance parts

    Hey ther i have a 1.3 mk4 fiesta and im looking at modding it a bit alloys (zetec s)lowering kit, performance mods. apart from demon tweaks and puma build and speed does anyone know any good sites where i can get parts from. Thanks
  5. Hello evry1

    Hey im alex(evry one calls me lex) im 18 and i drive a ford fiesta MK4 1.3 duratec. Purple lol. live in the halesowen area. Pics to follow.
  6. National Speed Limit

    to be fair itl make it worse if someone is doing 70 and some idiot is doing 80-90 and rear ends you, you wont suffer half as much damage as if you were going 50. plus most people speed anyway.