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  1. Focus MK1 Speed sensor replacement

    If you do it yourself when replacing the pin and sensor put some grease on the pin and on the o ring on the sensor. Makes it a 5 minute job next time
  2. P0489 egr

    Do I need to get it mapped if I blank it off?
  3. P0489 egr

    Also will Wynns egr cleaner work on a 1.8 tdci
  4. P0489 egr

    Had p0489 pop up this morning so cleared it and seemed ok the small distance I had to go. It came on just after I came of the motorway. The code relates to the egr so thinking about just blanking it. Been told it easy enough but might need to get it mapped after. Any recommendations in or near Birmingham and what price am I looking at? Cheers.
  5. Focus 1.6 MK1 - Slow......

    I had a 1.6 to and I thought it was ok. Nothing special. 3rd and 4th had loads of pull and you could get away with no 5th. It has the same engine as the Fiesta Zetec-s but is a lot heavier and set up differently.
  6. Smoke while idle

    Thanks guys. I couldn't replicate it today while it was idle. And it is warmer I do about 50 miles a day for work with about 75% of it being on the M43. On the rare occasion I get up to 70 but mostly 60mph. I reset the MPG today to see what it gave me going and returning from work and it was 52.8MPG with 25% on city roads.
  7. Smoke while idle

    Just hope all is Ok. Regret getting a diesel now. The smoke on idle is just worrying me
  8. Smoke while idle

    Could it be a dirty or faulty EGR?
  9. Dashcam fitting

    I use this http://www.halfords.com/technology/dash-cams/dash-cam-accessories/nextbase-dash-cam-hardwire-kit So easy to fit and uses an existing fuse slot.
  10. Smoke while idle

    Hi all, Mr paranoia is back with another possible issue Just as a reminder car is a 1.8 TDCi 2006. Tonight I noticed the car was leaving some smoke while I accelerated fast. I decided to get out and have a look. Using a torch facing upwards the exhaust while idling I might add I noticed some smoke or steam hard to tell at 8pm in the dark. I got the missus to give it a rev and it got a bit more thicker. but stopped as the revs went down. The temp gauge was showing just below 90c and my car was saying the temp outside was 9c it is dry. Now I know my petrol used to steam while idling do Diesels do this to? My oil level has not dropped and neither has my coolant and it passed its MOT last week with emmisions passing as clean. Any ideas please. Thinking of selling it and getting a petrol. But I like it and I don't want to get rid. Help a paranoid car owner :(
  11. Ford radio

    When I got my Mk2 I took the Ford 6000cd radio out to put in my kenwood. I did this as it has USB on front and back and bluetooth to make calls. I do however like the look of the ford radios and I miss the stalk control and be good to get the clock back. Do Ford do anything similar to my set up? If not is there anyway to get the clock in the dash? I currently have the mileage and temp. I could quite happily lose the temp in place of a clock. The temp is in the menus anyway. Cheers
  12. MK1 Focus - Front Bulb

    H7 for dipped and h1 for main beam.
  13. MK1 Focus - Front Bulb

    There is a third bolt underneath to.
  14. MK1 Focus - Front Bulb

    The Mk1 is easy enough to change. Just one pain of a bolt underneath. You will need to get under the car to get to it. When I had my Mk1 I removed the bolt underneath and left it off.
  15. Possible DMF failure?

    Listened to that video and I can't hear anything like that. My mate said he can fit them though should I need one. Found a flywheel and clutch kit online for £320 and I don't think he will charge much labour. But before I do anything it has its MOT on Saturday. And until the noise gets worse I will not worry. Already lost my hair through stress with Fords :D