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  1. Good evening I wonder if anyone can help ... my 61 plate 1.6 Tdci fiesta when engine is off reads 12.4v but when running only reads 13.2v but constantly . dont know if same issue but high current drain items cause weird problems like electric windows come down fine but only go up a mm or two with a press of up button but then hear the switch click so have to release and do it again . Another odd is right indicator on wipers on press foot on brake can hear the ignition relay chattering but not when left indicator on 🤷‍♂️ Also with right indicator on the windows don’t even come down . The above happen with or without engine running ... so any help would be appreciated I changed the ignition relay no change and main battery no change
  2. I’m having really odd intermittent issues with my 61 plate Ford Fiesta 1.6 diesel titanium I wonder if any of you could help please first of all sometimes my drivers side window will go all the way down then pressing the button to go back up it goes up a little bit as in mm then stops and I hear the click as if it’s complete and then have to put it back up have to keep clicking the button until it goes up all the way ... which can take a while . but then sometimes it works for a day or so ... now and again it won’t even go down and the click isn’t there of the switch. This could I think point to a dodgy earth but unless it’s gone it’s pretty much hard to find. However now I have noticed that now and again the right hand indicator when on will click at the normal speed then all of sudden click fast a few times then go back to normal... coupled with this the headlights seem to dim and brighten when the right hand indicator is on ... oh and when the indicator is doing it’s weird fast clicks the wipers stop and stutter then return to normal ... if it was one thing I think I’d be okay but it seems to be quite a lot of the electrics ... ( oh and now and again clicking the central locking unlock the wing mirrors can be very slow to unfold) anyone have any ideas where to start please ... I was thinking maybe an earth or plug to generic electronic module but 🤷‍♂️
  3. Well that's the "independent" inspector been to examine both the flywheel and the car ... wouldn't give me a straight answer !! Only said report will be going into warranty people today ... yeah okay well I'll call them tommorrow and see what happens ... they will not win
  4. It took about 30 minutes ... but the garage had no idea about it
  5. So the garage looked at the outside air temperature and checked it with a fluke and heat gun seemed to be giving correct readings but showed -80 c in the car ... so they ordered me a new sensor and were going to fit it Wednesday for me just charging for parts . However as I was driving home I noticed the temperature raising so I drove around for a while and it rose from -80 to +11 and fluctuated between 11 and 10 as I got home so got out checked my other. Car and that read +10c so that's fixed ... no idea how but it did so woohoo !!
  6. Oh and the "independent"inspector is coming to look at the flywheel Thursday so we will see what he says !!
  7. Took it back to garage and after 3 hours they found the issue the had pulled a wire out of the boost control ... fixed that .. however as I was driving away noticed the outside air temp was reading -40 so looks like they knocked something else whilst repairing the pulled wire oh well they are looking at that now .. but of course this is costing me nothing as it was their fault I like this garage .. owning up to problems they cause
  8. Brilliant looks like they have done something to the turbo ... code p0045 is showing and no power :(
  9. Oh and as I was driving the car home I noticed that it seemed to be lacking in power and then noticed engine management light on ... but of course garage was then shut as I was the last person in the garage I couldn't get hold of the garage who did the repair . probably just a sensor not connected but as I don't have a code reader yet .. ( just ordered one ) . So looks like car will be going back in Monday to get that sorted :( not going well ... I'm sure the garage will sort it as it wasn't there before the dmf change . The warranty people did not call the garage back on Friday to arrange the independent inspectors visit . Luckily the garage is going to ring them back on Monday asking what's going on and why they didn't ring them back . Any excuse to prelong the payment huh. The garage are only changing 672 for the flywheel replacement complete .. of course I'm paying extra for the clutch but that's on a seperate invoice so I don't confuse the warranty people . But yes I will let you know how it all goes
  10. Cheers I will see what the independent mechanic says but I'm not backing down
  11. Oh and I bet they just expect people to back down ... well that's not going to happen
  12. No bought last April with 31000 on the clock but still I can't see in service use wearing it down in 49k but we bought the warranty just for piece of mind because I go away a bit and it's the wife's car but I'm getting very annoyed with the warranty people trying to weasel their way out ..even though three seperate mechanics have said it isn't anything we have done ... but warranty won't accept their opinions and want to send an "independent" mechanic out to confirm it... problem is how independent will this person be as the warranty people are paying for it ??
  13. Hi there I have a 4 year old 1.6 tdci galaxy which has done just 49000 miles and the dual mass flywheel has gone ... thought it would be covered by warranty taken out last year but apparently ... it's in service wear so they not covering it ... at 49000 miles I don't think it's just in service wear ... anyone have any thoughts on this because these warranty people are annoying me