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  1. Ford Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Early 2010

    Where was it from?
  2. I need new clutch and dual mass flywheel can anyone help and tell which specific kit i require and where is the best place to get one at reasonable price any feedback would be appreciated
  3. sorry ive got 2010 mondeo titanium 2.0 tdci
  4. Had a little bump yesterday nothing serious but since then my left hand indicator and hazard light front and rear are not working! Can anybody tell me what the fault is and is it an easy fix ,thanks
  5. 2010 Mondeo Wont Go Into Gear

    All gears but once moving all gears change easily so it's not the clutch!
  6. Without switching ignition on no problem with gear change,but when starting car in neutral it will not go into gear! So I'm putting car into gear before ignition and it drives no problem can anyone advise me to what the problem is?
  7. Wrong Tyres

    Hi all can anyone help? Just had my 2010 Mondeo serviced and told I needed 2 new tyres which I said I would sort out myself . Went onto websites inputted my reg which said my tyres should be 235/45/17 thought I'd check my car tyres just to be safe but they are 225/50/17 just purchased car recently I'm thinking I've got wrong tyres fitted and I've noticed the wear is mainly on outside of tyre