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  1. richy klark

    Is my DMF knackered?

    I am wondering whether my DMF is broken and causing the loud clunk at the end of this video? If not does anyone else have an idea of what is causing the noise. My Ford garage has not been able to identify the fault and even at one point suggested it was the EGR valve?Video of suspect noise.
  2. richy klark

    Clunk after coming to a stop

    If only it were that simple!
  3. richy klark

    Clunk after coming to a stop

    Goldtail, in my quest to isolate the problem have also de-activated the hill start assit. Regards, Richard.
  4. richy klark

    Clunk after coming to a stop

    Hi, I have a 2015 Focus 1.6TDCI with approx 14k miles on the clock; I have had the car for 3 months. I have noticed a single clunk mechanical noise which occurs mainly when the car has come to a stop and is stationary; usually between 4 and 15 seconds after coming to a stop. The engine can be running or off, in gear or out of gear, clutch in or out, brakes on or off, air con on or off; just a single audible clunk which can be felt through the pedals. I have also noticed the noise at very slow speed after setting of from stationary; i.e. come to a stop, wait for a few seconds, set off then 'clunk'. I suspect it may be the drive shaft sliding back home after moving under load whilst driving? Otherwise car drives fine. Anyone have any ideas, is this a characteristic, should I expect Ford to be able to fix it? Regards, Richard.