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  1. Hi, i had this same problem and was the beam running accross and one of the points that are glued had come loose, had to get the door stripped down and it stuck back together, i noticed because my speakers were rattling the door or also tapping the outside of the door below the handle, it clearly rattled Chris
  2. Is pretty straightforward, i did mine myself, there are videos on youtube on how to do it, is just a few screws/clips and then it pulls out and one cable at the back Chris
  3. Do you want the whole stereo or just for it to have the Sony fascia, as you can just get the Sony fascia and connect to the current unit you have behind it, this is what i have done below Chris
  4. just get the one below, when in the car 12v socket it sits flush so then you have an additional two usb ports, assuming you have a 12v socket Chris
  5. Had the same on my 2011 Fiesta, had to get replacement buttons from ebay, seems to be a common issue Chris
  6. Hi, my stereo already had bluetooth streaming and phone, changing the fascia just changes the look, does not add any functionality Chris
  7. I have a 2011 Zetec S and just swapped over the stereo fasica to the Sony one, i think it looks better with the orange screen that matches the orange guage cluster screen, have attached pics Chris
  8. i have replaced steering wheel on my Fiesta and have needed the wheel alignment doing after, all steering wheels are not the same with reference to the hex and wheel etc, clicking does sound like it will need checking though Chris
  9. Hi Again, also did you have to take the inner door panel off to do this? Thanks again Chris
  10. Thanks for the replies, i have a metallic buzzing in the drivers door which am still trying to solve, another post had mentioned he found that the door impact protection bar had failed tack welds that were causing the buzzing, have put sound deadening on the panel but no difference as yet, going to have another look this weekend as long as the weather holds May get the Sony speakers and try them if i can stop the rattle
  11. Hi Guys, Just wondered if anyone had swapped the standard speakers to the Sony Speakers that you get on Titanium models, and if so is there any noticeable sound quality improvement Looking to poosibly do this on my 2011 Zetec S Cheers Chris
  12. I think i have this or similar on my drivers side door, very metallic rattle on some music and when sometimes shutting the door, have put sound deadening on some of the inside of the door with what i can reach through the speaker whole but will see if i can see anything like this tomorrow, if i tap the outside of the door near the middle it buzzes so am assuming it may be this
  13. Hi Axorazor, i noticed you mentioned you have soundproofed the doors of your fiesta, just wondered how far you went with this? did you take the internal plastic door panel off as well? i have buzzing from my 2011 fiesta drivers door but cannot do anymore sound deadening without taking the whole door apart, have done the door card and behind the speaker, also reached in behind the panel and stuck some to the back of the outer door panel. Regards Chris
  14. Hi, on my mk7 fiesta zetec s i have a front drivers door rattle that i cannot seem to find where it is, i have taken the door card off and tried to use sound deadening material on the door and door card but it still happens when on the move and music with a bass thump is playing, does not seem to be there when stationery. It did not do this until recently, seems a metal sound so am guessing it may be inside the door further I know is a long shot but any suggestions would be much appreciated Chris
  15. Hi Alex, so registered and does say build date of Jan 2011 and registered March 2011 so must have been a custom/private plate Thanks again Chris