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  1. 2011 Ford Fiesta Red led Kick plates not lighting up

    Have seen on the autobeam website there is a guide on how to fit their own backlit ones so am going to use that at some point to remove the trim near the plates to see if i can see any wires etc and where they go, should run up the inside of the door a pillar and then splice into the footwell wires, these work on my car so i know those are getting power at least, could be that the leds are just failing etc Cheers Chris
  2. Hi Guys, have had my 2011 Zetec S for a year and it has had the red fiesta logo LED kick plates fitted since i have had it but the lights have never lit up, out of the blue today one side has now half lit up, as i did not fit them i have no idea how to test connection, get in them to check led's etc. Anyone who has any experience of fitting these and how to troubleshoot why they do not light up would be much appreciated Thanks again Chris
  3. Illuminated Sill Protector Wiring

    Hi Guys, looking good, how do these wire in? seems like my fiesta had them fitted but they do not light up? just want to check where the wiring runs from and to and which route it takes Thanks again Chris
  4. Fiesta Steering Wheel Controls Problem!

    Had this on my 2011 Zetec S, bought some new buttons and swapped out, all ok now
  5. Hi Guys, just wanted to check on process for fitting the Ford Front Bumper Aero Foil Splitter to 2011 Zetec S. Looking underneath existing bumper it looks riveted? so am guessing would have to drill out the rivets and then install the splitter with new rivets? pics of splitter looks like it has some sort of clips possibly? Thanks in advance Chris
  6. Fiesta Mk7 Firmware Update

    Can get the update here: http://willtaylor.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/ford_audio_update.zip Chris
  7. Swapping electric window switches ?

    I have a 2011 Zetec S and only works on Drivers side, i think this is normal as the Passenger switch only has one click down or up whereas the drivers side has two, first for manual and all the way down or up for auto Thats how i believe it works Chris
  8. MK6 Zetec S MPG

    Hi, i had a mk6 zetec s for a few years and motorway mpg was not that great, it sits at 4,000rpm at 70mph so is getting worked a lot, around town it was not to bad, i would say around 37mpg average, tank full to empty would be around 350-375 at a push Chris
  9. MK7 Steering Wheel swap Airbag Light on

    Hi Guys, i checked and the connector that goes into the back of the airbag had broken hence the light, am getting new part fitted to solve, i like the full leather wheel, much better then the part leather one Cheers Chris
  10. Hi Guys, i swapped my steering wheel on my 2011 Fiesta to full leather all connections back as they were double checked but airbag light is now on, do i need to reset or get codes cleared etc.? not sure why light is now on Any help much appreciated Chris
  11. ! Guide ! [Video] Installing Usb Update

    You need the November Update, i bought a 2011 Zetec S recently and had the same issue with the usb and no audio, the november update enables audio through the usb port, also improved bluetooth, took me about 20mins and was all done Chris
  12. Steering wheel Controls

    Had the same on my 2011 Zetec S, replaced them and now all good, as mentioned is a common fault Chris
  13. Swapping Zetec Stereo For A Sony One

    So all i replaced was the fascia, so the buttons. The display, cd unit was all left as is, the Sony can have a blue and white screen but i have not found one yet, My car is a 2011 Zetec S Chris
  14. Swapping Zetec Stereo For A Sony One

    Hi Guys, have managed to swap my standard fascia to a Sony one today, was a straight swap, i had a head unit with usb, bluetooth etc From: To:
  15. Swapping Zetec Stereo For A Sony One

    Hi Guys, i managed to find a Sony Fascia on ebay from a 2010 car, swapped over today and all working fine, from this: to