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  1. It did for me. See first post in this thread.
  2. It's only taken them 2.5 years to get this sorted!
  3. Has Ford started pushing updates out via WiFi/Internet? The reason I ask is I got in my car today and on the Sync 3 display where the WiFi symbol usually sits there was a big fat down arrow. When I selected it to see what was going on I got a splash screen stating Sync 3 had been updated. I've not been near the car with a USB stick. One for the Ford gurus amongst us on here. Jim
  4. I've just had my 36k servicing. Rear pads were 80% worn so I got them changed. The front pads were replaced 10 months ago when a warped disk was replaced under warranty and they are already 50% worn so only expecting 18 months-ish total worth of driving, at my mileage rate, before they need changing, probably in about 6-8 months. As they probably won't last til next servicing I hope there aren't too difficult to change. Not cheap if you get Ford to do it for you
  5. When Map F7 became available I, eventually, successfully updated the map and uploaded the confirmation file to https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/. For long enough since there were no updates available for my car however I have recently noticed another Map update available. What I find suspicious is there is no one on here discussing anything other than F7 maps. To those of you in the know is there another update post F7? Regards
  6. Jim610


    Is this recall for autos only? Manual here,no letter. Jim
  7. Jim610

    VIN Number

    Mine is also described as a Edge 2015- . That just means it is second generation. When I go to the above link I still see my window sticker even though the car was built 2 years ago. Jim
  8. Guys Managed to carry out the update today with no issues. Thanks for finding this. Jim
  9. Thanks. Will give it a go in a day or 2. Jim
  10. Hi guys It has taken me several attempts to download these files and I now think I have them all however, every time I download Stick 2 from onedrive I find a file called download errors.txt which states: "Sorry, there was a problem downloading some files from OneDrive. Please try again. DONTINDX.MSA - https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=fa391a00022c4105&id=FA391A00022C4105!200653&action=Download&authKey=!AFLEcMD0QXbZ9eo" Any idea if this is significant? Rgds Jim
  11. Exactly the same here except 25000 miles. Not impressed either.
  12. Jim610

    Sat Nav

    i would be concerned about it covering any new roads as the map is 4 years old with no update on the horizon. if you don't want to use the Tomtom then plug a mobile in using Android Auto (or the iphone equivalent) and use google maps. Much better than the inbuilt map.
  13. I think the Edge is great. Only problem in 21000 miles was a steering vibration under moderate braking. Front disks and pads changed under warranty with no quibbling. Tows great, not bad off road (mild) and handles better than my last 2 Mondeos. Oh, and averaging 40 mpg. PS. I chose not to have a sunroof as they all leak eventually regardless of make of car.
  14. exFAT and 8 GB for me. Worked first time but it takes car about 8 mins before it even recognises the USB stick and starts, as per the instructions.