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  1. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    Can you explain this a bit more, never heard about it?
  2. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    There is. Under Settings/General Settings/Automatic System Updates there is a button marked Scan for updates now. Doesn't make any difference, none ever found.
  3. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    If you have his contact detail can you let me have them and I'll add my tuppence worth on this subject. I got fed all sorts of contradictory manure by Ford Technical, Ford Customer Services and the dealer. Stuff like: "Yes sir but that 2014 date is just the base map date and that never changes but the map does update in the background as long as you connect it to WiFi" "I'm afraid a map update needs to be installed by the dealer" (Sync 3!!!) The fact that the map version is 4 14 indicates there at least 4 updates per year, which would seem to be the industry standard, certainly how Tomtom do it. And, as the car was built in Dec 16 I'm fairly sure I at least paid for the 4 16 version. See, you've got me started now
  4. Traffic sign recognition

    And in mine.
  5. Traffic sign recognition

    If your car has it installed you can find the setting to switch it on/off on the left hand info screen (left hand keypad) under Driver Assist/Pre Collision Assistant/Distance indication Before: After: Hope that helps. Jim
  6. Tyre life

    The Nokian Weatherproof SUVs only go up to 19" so not an option for you I'm afraid. Other models they do in 20" (different tread pattern) are £170-181 a corner.
  7. Tyre life

    I changed all 4 of mine when I realized how ***** dangerous they were in the snow. I did that at 13.5k and the fronts had 3.5-4mm left and the backs 5-5.5mm. I also noticed that the car had been delivered with the tyres under inflated, so much for the PDI, and as I didn't notice straight away that might have accounted for some extra wear. If you ever want really good tyres for the wet and snow then you will struggle to do better that Nokian Weatherproof SUVs. They are an all season tyre and at £160 a corner not the cheapest of most expensive (19" wheels).
  8. wipers

    Mine also do this but if the screen receives no more water after about 20-30 seconds they do park correctly and I leave them on Auto all the time.
  9. Seat Covers anyone?

    Let us know how you get on please? I bought these https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel3.php?emulate=seatcover&query=8315&vptype=&category=Walser+seat+covers%2C+leather%3A and despite supposidly being for the Edge they didn't fit so I sent them back.
  10. LED Replacement Bulbs

    Hamster I've just done as you suggested and you are correct there are 3 light levels. Referring to the diagram below (you know I love diagrams); with the light switch off Filament 1 is at full brightness (well, as bright as it can be), with the light switch at Side lights Filament 1 is at what appears to be half brightness, with the light switch at head lights (dipped), Filament 1 is as above and the other bulb comes on, with the head lights selected to Main beam Filament 2 lights up as its full intensity. So, Filament 1 has two distinct levels. They may be controlled by PWM, as stated above, or simply by supplying them with a reduced voltage, via a resistor in series perhaps. Either way it has nothing to do with CANBus, which is where this conversation seemed to lose track. A H15 bulb has no CANBus Nod circuitry inside to communicate with the CANBus. Also, have you noticed if you indicate the DRL/Sidelight on that side extinguishes when the indicator is flashing?
  11. LED Replacement Bulbs

    Oh my! Sorry, didn’t mean to touch a sensitive spot. Thank you for your critique of my grammar, was never very talented in that area. I do however understand digital transmission techniques and data bus architectures, of which CANBus is but one of many. My main experience is in modern digitally controlled aeroplanes however, some of the smaller ones do use CANBus. I also know that a halogen bulb is a filament lamp using a tungsten wire in an Argon/Nitrogen gas mixture and that has no use of a digital message and purely needs a 12 volt DC power supply. You might be right about the 3 levels, I tend to be sat in the car when the lights are on and they do seem to have a mind of their own however the differences in brightness can only be a variation of Hi/Lo/Hi+Lo/off. See attached picture for H15 bulb pinout. No place for CANBus here just good old fashioned DC electrics.
  12. LED Replacement Bulbs

    CAN-Bus does not mean variable voltage! Controller Area Network DataBus is a digital communications protocol used in vehicles. I'm fairly sure Edge Hallogen bulbs do NOT use CAN-Bus. Also, you can not vary the power without varying the current. That can only be done by varying either the Voltage or the load Resistance (Ohms Law). As I doubt they have found a way to vary the resistance of the bulbs at will then the only way to vary the power is the voltage. As it happens the 3 pins on the H15 are 1 x earth return and 2 x 12V supplies. One supplies the low power DRL element (Filament or LED) and the other supplies the higher powered Main Beam element therefore as the H15 is 2 bulbs in one the 3 light levels are Bright (Main beam), not so bright (DRL) and Off! I believe the LED lights fitted at build do use CAN-Bus. Have a happy new year.
  13. Auto Relock Sync 2 cars

    Just about and I am renowned for sharp hearing!
  14. Auto Relock Sync 2 cars

    Exactly how mine works as well.
  15. Poor cold wether heating

    See bold text above, you might have a couple of things that need looking at.