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  1. Isofix Help/ Information

    Yesterday I decided to have a look. I tipped the base of the back seat and had a good feel of the bottom of the backrest part of the seat. I could actually feel two recesses in the material part of the underside of the seat. To ensure I was feeling the right part, I fetched the Isofix base and aligned it with the two recesses to ensure it was the same width and I would be cutting the correct place. I got a brand new stanley blade and made two incisions, I felt inside and could feel what I thought would be the Isofix part but not two definite hoops like in a BMW or VW. I tried in vain to get my isofix to clip on to it, it seemed an awkward angle to get it to align correctly as the part I thought I needed to hook on to (inside the seat) was at least an inch up inside the foam. In the end I gave up. It may be worth my while actually completely removing the backrest part of the rear seat from the vehicle and trying to get the isofix base to clip on to it out of the car, if it works then I can then bolt it back in. :bangs-head-on-wall:
  2. Isofix Help/ Information

    Neil, thank you very much for taking the time to reply and thank you for the congratulations, the baby is due next Friday :-) I'm at work today but will have a good look over the weekend. The car has leather Recaros and I'm not the best person with his hands at doing stuff but I'm sure if I'm confident of locating the fixings that I should be able to manage. I was getting a little frustrated at nobody being able to offer any help so your reply is very much apprecated. I shall let you know how I get on.
  3. Isofix Help/ Information

    Surely, someone on a Ford Owners Club forum can help me please? :(
  4. Isofix Help/ Information

    If someone would be so kind to take a photograph of their isofix mounting/fitment and post it for me to see then that'd be fantastic and very much appreciated.
  5. Hello Guys, I'm seeking advice /information on Isofix as fitted to the Ford Mondeo and was hoping that someone may have a vehicle with it fitted or had it fitted to their vehicle. I recently purchased (for my expectant wife) a 2006 (06) Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCi ST (155) Estate in Performance Blue. It's a lovely car with a huge boot suitable for prams/pushchairs etc. I mistakenly bought this car after reading somewhere on the net that it would have Isofix fitted/capability. When the car was delivered I tipped the back seat (base and backrest) and could not find any isofix fitments to attach our isofix seat and adaptor to :-( I surfed the net some more and found some comments about the Isofix actually being inside the leather seats cover and it would require cutting???? I found this very strange but went and checked and had a good feel but could not feel anything remotely like the isofix 'hoops'. Some more surfing discovered that Ford actually supply a retrofit kit but amazingly they only list it for the Focus and nothing for my particular car when I rang their parts department. The kit I saw on the net was a proper Ford part that resembled a black bar with the isofix hoops on it and a couple of bolts to bolt it in. I had a look in a friends 2007 (07) Focus yesterday and it appeared the same as our Mondeo, no isofix mounts showing. I'd like to know if anyone has a Mondeo with isofix and what it looks like, is it a bolt in part or is it hidden somewhere that I haven't looked? I really have looked properly at the body of the car behind the seats and trult can't see anything nor anywhere that it would bolt to other than the seatbelt mountings. I'm pretty sure that Ford would not manufacture one bodyshell with Isofix capability (extras holes) and one without it? My wife's due delivery date is next Friday so I'd like to get this sorted asap if someone can point me in the right direction, I'd be most grateful for any information. Thanks in advance Rob.