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  1. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    Depressed the clutch and it went straight to the floor. As I was in rush hour traffic, close to the dealer I bought it from and still covered by the Ford Direct scheme, I had it recovered back to the dealership. A phone call from the dealer the following morning said they had ordered a new master cylinder and would let me know when it was in. A phone call the day after told me my car was ready for collection. It wasn't the master cylinder but a push fit pipe onto the master cylinder had "dropped off" due to a (plastic ?)securing clip breaking. Has anyone else had or heard about this happening? Car has done 28K miles.
  2. My problem has now been sorted and I have had no recurrence in 10k miles. However, I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem. My 2015 Focus engine continued running even though the ignition key had been removed and the rev counter was showing zero. Ford dealer didn't believe me until I gave him a copy of the AA fault report. Print out showed System: Engine Control-ZDE /Motronic MED17.0.1 U2PO25A-Fuel Pump Control Unit-Malfunction P06E4-Unknown Fault. Error message Malfunction U0109. The problem, I was told, was water ingress into a section of the wiring harness from the washer bottle/pump. A new section of wiring harness was inserted and a modification made to the washer/ bottle/pump though the dealer couldn't specify what. Any thoughts?
  3. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    Many thanks for the replies. Looks like a job on my next visit.
  4. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    It is a manual AC control unit. Thanks.
  5. Trying to fault my sons 2008 plate Mk6 1.25 Fiesta from 200 miles away. The heater when switched on blows hot air only irrelevant to what blower or heat setting you are on. Switching on the A/C makes no difference whatsoever. Seems to me that no outside/cold air is being allowed into the system. Any ideas please?