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  1. Zebedru

    mk2.5 wind deflectors HELP!!

    I'm new to ford's so I had no idea but I was told that apparently here in Northern Ireland they're not as common as the 5Dr. im yet to see one bar my own. no need for the pissy comment.
  2. Zebedru

    mk2.5 wind deflectors HELP!!

    I'm returning to sender and they're paying lol still searching for them. £23 on eBay btw. apparently 3dr 2011 zetec sport are rare!?
  3. Zebedru

    Mk2.5 Focus Zetec towbar.. Easy to remove??

    Thank you for your help. im not handy at all when it comes to cars so best for me to take it to the garage! you're help is greatly appreciated
  4. Ordered a set of Heko wind deflectors and they don't fit as they're 5dr! anyone know where I can get one to fit mk2.5 focus zetec sport??
  5. Zebedru


    Hey guys looking a bodykit for 2011 focus zetec. not a clue where to look any ideas? I'm in Northern Ireland if that helps lol
  6. Zebedru

    Newbie in need of a hand!

    Your car is some job! what a beauty love the color! Sorry for late reply trying to get the hang of this! do you mind if I ask were you got your Android monitor and was it difficult to fit?
  7. Picking up 2011 focus zetec sport tomorrow and it has a towbar fitted. does anyone know if this is easy enough to remove? (new to cars) can the dealership even do it for me? Thanks
  8. Zebedru

    Newbie in need of a hand!

    Yes please mate that would be awesome!
  9. Zebedru

    Newbie in need of a hand!

    Hi guys, I'm new to forums and also Ford so please forgive if I come across daft! Just purchased a 2011 focus zetec 1.6 sport, and I was wondering if anyone would have an suggestions/tips on how to jazz it up a bit. Looks forward to your replys. Ta, Andy
  10. Yes a bit odd, right? will have to get it off! lol
  11. Thank you. Im as new to forums as I am Ford! 😂
  12. Hi guys proud first time ford owner as my second car. Anyone have any tips on them and I'd love to start working on cool accessories etc. thanks!