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    Good evening all I hope you can help with some advice on buying a Ford Mustang for my brother. Its his birthday ...big 40 and my sister In law wants to get him a mustang....we are both out of our depths here. All we know is that he loves mustangs....and that he deserves a treat as he works extremely hard!!! Preferably Shelby old classic like 60's....all out of our budget...so What would you recommend for a budget of 5000-7500. The only one we found at a local dealer is a white Saleen 1987...@£6500 but we don't know how genuine it is and whether the price is right...it certainly sounds powerful when turned on. Then of course comes the paperwork as its not registered in UK plus insurance etc. what should we know in order to not get tricked or loose money... looking forward to read your ideas....