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  1. dom550

    Wheel Nuts for Steel Wheels?

    Cheers, that makes sense (steel wheels cutting into a softer nut). My steel wheels actually don't have a taper that the nuts go into though - the nuts just sit flat against the wheel, there's a picture a few posts up - so I'd think it should be fine.
  2. dom550

    Wheel Nuts for Steel Wheels?

    Excellent, thanks for that. So they're saying to only use nuts from alloys together with the spare steel wheel for two weeks max. I wonder whether that applies to all steel wheels, or if they're just referencing the fact that the spare wheel itself should only be used for two weeks max. Don't suppose you have any idea whether there could be an issue which applies to using the nuts with regular steel wheels for more than two weeks? I can't think of anything, personally.. 🤨
  3. dom550

    Wheel Nuts for Steel Wheels?

    Thanks guys. I am planning on going back to alloys again after. I don't think the wheel nuts from my alloys are the same as the ones mentioned in the TSB - don't think mine have a "loose tapered ring". So that removes the possibility of building up dirt in the gap (which is apparently only there if they have the loose ring). The only thing which looks problematic is "Wheel nuts from aluminium wheels must ONLY be used on steel rims in the case of short term use of the spare wheel" - not sure whether that's a universal rule or just talking about the type of alu nuts mentioned in this TSB.
  4. dom550

    Wheel Nuts for Steel Wheels?

    I put one of the steel wheels on the car to see whether or not the nuts sit properly - here's a picture with some of the nuts on. As far as I could tell, it seemed to be ok, and I was able to torque them up to the spec (100 lb/ft I think, but I forget - whatever it says in the handbook!). I'm not sure how it looks, but I don't think the narrow cone-shaped ends of the nuts are actually going inside the wheel, just up against it. Unless anybody's got any concerns about how this looks, I'll probably just go for it.. 😶
  5. dom550

    Wheel Nuts for Steel Wheels?

    I've just checked, and the nuts which currently hold my alloys on look like this: The steel wheels I'm wanting to fit are these: You mentioned checking whether the nuts are conical to see whether they fit into the steel wheels. I think that's a conical nut(?) but the wheels seems to come outward where they make contact with the nuts, rather than having something which the nuts go into, as you mentioned. There is a very thin inward-sloping bit in the middle of each hole, but I think this might be a different design to what you're talking about - the nuts don't go into those, they make contact with the furthest-out part which sticks out of the wheel. Do you (or anybody else reading this) know whether these can be used together happily? Cheers!
  6. I think it's sorted now - thanks for the pointer!
  7. Ahhh - my notification settings could be the issue. They're currently set to this (see screenshot). Thinking that both columns should probably be enabled? Will try that and post back if still no luck. Thanks!
  8. Hiya, When I start a new thread I always make sure I'm following it ("notify me of replies"), but I never get any notifications when people reply to it. I need to go into threads manually and look for replies. I'm not talking about the desktop notifications which are sent by the browser, I mean the list of notifications in the bell dropdown at the top-right of the forum interface. The only thing I have in that list is people reacting to my posts ("Thanks", "Like", etc.), but not actual replies. When I go to Manage Followed Content, all the threads says "Immediate notification" next to them (but that obviously doesn't seem to happen). Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. dom550

    TPMS/DDS Questions

    Thanks guys, that's what I was hoping for (that it's not enabled). Good to have it confirmed before spending the cash on new wheels, just in case 😀
  10. dom550

    TPMS/DDS Questions

    Hi there. Thanks for the info, but I actually already knew the difference between the two, and I don't want to enable it 😉 it's really just the two questions at the end of my post which I'm interested in!
  11. dom550

    TPMS/DDS Questions

    I've got a 63-plate Fiesta Titanium, from reading the forums I get the impression that that age may or may not have TPMS/DDS fitted. There are no options to do with tyre pressure in my radio settings under Vehicle Settings. And while there is a warning light on the dashboard, it never actually lights up when starting the car - I only knew it was there from looking very closely! And it illuminates when I do the LED diagnostic test to make everything on the dash light up. 1) Does this mean my car doesn't have it, and the LED is just present cause the dash lights are standard? 2) Even if it is fitted, how annoying are the warnings? If I want to drive steel wheels for a while, am I just expecting a light on the dash, or does it cause a constant warning noise or anything more annoying? Car manual suggests it would be an "information" message (rather than a warning), so guessing it's probably not too bad, but would be to good to know before going ahead. Cheers!
  12. dom550

    Wheel Nuts for Steel Wheels?

    Thanks for that, I'll take a nut off and have a look. Not 100% sure I'll know what I'm looking for, might post a photo for advice! But I'm assuming it'll be easy to buy 16 nuts which are suitable for the steelies, if my current ones aren't..
  13. I've got a 2013 Fiesta Titanium with the standard 16 inch alloys, like this: I'm thinking about getting some steel wheels, and I'm aware that different wheel nuts are sometimes required for steelies. Is there any way to know in advance whether that'll be the case, or does it depend on the wheel that turns up? Cheers 🙂
  14. dom550

    What socket to change spark plugs?

    Sorry, just seen these replies - didn't get notifications for some reason! I got the job done with the tool that I linked in my first post - 14mm (thread size, not hex/socket size, as mentioned by isetta) bi-hex thin-wall socket 👍
  15. It's time to swap my spark plugs, just wondering what size socket I need. I know there are different ways to measure spark plugs sizes which can cause a bit of confusion, I'm not completely sure I get it, so spell it out for me assuming I'm thick please! 2013 Fiesta, 1-litre ecoboost, the Titanium 125 version. The replacement plugs I've bought are part 1770305. I've been told a thin-wall 14mm socket, like this - just hesitant because the listing doesn't mention Ford at all. Thanks in advance 🙂