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  1. cant help with any parts. don't know how hard it is to change the dash. have you seen one of the red ones in real life? in my opinion they don't look good, they look like a dull washed out faded red in my opinion. The blue version wasn't much better. (in case people are wondering, when you bought a zetec with black and red seats you could chose a grey or a red dashboard, if you chose black and blue seats you could chose a grey or blue dashboard. if you chose black and green seats you had to have the grey dashboard - going my the 2007 brochure I have - because I bought one in 2007)
  2. As far as I know engine stuff is high speed canbus, other stuff like airbags etc is on ms canbus . The ms canbus is on two different pins in same socket, cant recall which pins. Some pins are standard for all makes of car, other pins are used differently by other car makes.
  3. i haven't had this before but it could just be a dodgy electrical connector that needs a squirt of wd40 and reseating.
  4. I recall years ago my brother's Audi TT was doing that and it turned out to be the MAF sensor at fault. Some cars (I don't know specifically your model) will run with a default maf setting if the maf is unplugged. if you disconnected the maf and find it runs better then that would indicate it is a maf problem. I do not know if that would turn the engine management light on and if it would go back off once reconnected. but try the hillstart assist thing mentioned above first.
  5. I wouldn't replace belt and pulleys unless they need it, but you can't really tell until you take the belt off. when I replied to your previous query I mentioned the pulley on the alternator. how I know about that is because on my brother's 1.8tdci we thought the alternator needed replacing and he bought one (a 2nd hand one), then when we took the belt off we found it was the pulley at fault. 1.8tdci has an unusual alternator pulley setup but I know some alternators that have a conventional looking setup do have a one way clutch pulley also, but I don't know if it is all or just certain engines So I wouldn't buy anything until investigated further, but I know that's easier said than done when you need the car every day.
  6. unless it affects the ability to pass MOT I probably wouldn't bother in case it happens again
  7. you get accustomed to all this stuff and then when you go to a greek island and hire a 10 year old fiat panda for under a hundred quid for a week you find out that you have to use the handbrake lever for a hill start, use your eyes to park, turn a key in a door lock and ignition lock. but you do normally get aircon. but seriously though I don't want to get reliant on stuff that relieves me of using parking skills and hill start skills
  8. yes they are both on the same OBD socket. when you buy a fault code reader with a switch on like these here: the switch alters which pins the code reader electronics are connected to. if you have a more basic code reader it will just connect to the high speed canbus
  9. and what do I hate? windscreen washer that makes the wipers move. so you are driving along and screen has spots of dirt/road salt etc on, press washer. washer not work as frozen or empty, but wipers then smear the dirt spots so I can see nothing. If deactivating that was as simple as cutting one wire, I would do it. I don't want my wipers to move when I press the washer. I would rather use the wiper switch myself after I am sure washer water not frozen. I really hate this and have done for years since cars starting including this which no doubt someone thought was a good idea, it is useful most of the year.
  10. and I don't think a faulty PCM would stop the dashboard lights coming on when you turn the key. When you do get the starter motor to work, does it sound like it spins the engine at the right kind of speed or does it sound like the starter motor struggles. Could be a dodgy earth connector (on a car, the earth is where the negative terminal wire connects to the car metal body so the metal body is one big negative electrical terminal. Not to be confused with 'earth' on house mains power which is something totally different. Confusing using the same word 'earth')
  11. stuff like this can be a real problem to fix. I think it is more likely to be a bad electrical connection somewhere. They may be saying it is a PCM fault as they can not communicate with the PCM or it is showing a PCM communication fault code. But that might be just because there is one dodgy pin connection in a large multi pin connector plug which is causing an intermittent problem. if you can not do any work on this yourself it can easily turn into a money pit. someone could easily spend two hours checking all the connectors under panels/carpet etc and charge you accordingly and it do the same thing the next day
  12. I have my doubts that it is the column but I admit I do not fully understand exactly how the electric power streering works on these. If I remember correctly the column has electric power steering built into it.
  13. Some cars have a one way clutch built into alternator pulley. These can fail so the alternator is spinning a lot slower than the outer pulley. This was the problem on my brothers 2008 focus 1.8tdci. I do not know what other engines have that. Also check all wires on alternator. The thick one and some thin ones
  14. I am no expert. If steering doesn’t self centre I thought it is usually due to too much toe out on the tracking. Has it always done this or did it start doing it after something specific like a part changed or a prang.