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  1. What engine? There’s so many places an oil leak can happen. When my fiesta leaked oil it was because it needed the sump bolts doing up tighter. My brothers focus is leaking oil quite a lot from the vacuum pump (1.8tdci) . If not leaking long it might be easy to see where from. But if the oil has gone everywhere it might all need cleaning to see where it starts reappearing
  2. On this forum I have seen many people say they are rubbish but I put them on my sisters fiesta and had no problems
  3. Have you got a dual mass flywheel? What engine is in car? Size? Fuel?
  4. Not certain but I don’t think edge had quick clear windscreen did it? That would annoy me.
  5. I did it on a 2008 focus where I only had one key. Don’t know if identical method ok on fiesta. I used a fault code reader from tunnelrat electronics. The usb one with extra switch on. Then got out my windows laptop. Put Forscan software on it which is free. Then installed the extended licence which is needed for key programming - free. Then bought a key blade on ebay cut from photo of my key. Then bought the upper part of key from eBay including the correct type of immobiliser chip - they vary. Then followed forscan instructions and created a second working key. (Fault code readers don’t only read data,they write data to ecu also)
  6. stilsons is what I was thinking. in my experience many vice grips (mole grips) have soft teeth that don't cut in very well and just round off.
  7. beware, these keys often arrive made of very poor soft metal and are just not up to the job.
  8. my 2015 fiesta is OK. My 2007 was fine in the 9 years I had it. The only one I can recall having a broken coil spring on was my 1976 Granada Mk1 many years ago. On my brother's Audi TT both rear ones went on different occasions. One one occasion he just sat in the car and there was a clunk, he looked under car and a chunk of spring was in the road.
  9. has fluid level gone down at all? is there any sign of a leak. check master cylinder inside car up above the pedal. A friend had one leaking there and making floor damp. Check the pipe connections under bonnet where it goes onto master cylinder and at other end where it goes onto slave cylinder. and check it's not leaking at bleed screw. and check there is no fluid leak under bellhousing from leaking slave cylinder. Slave cylinder is inside bellhousing so major work to get to it. most people replace the slave cylinder when replacing clutch due to work involved in fixing it at a later date if it goes. Does top part of slave cylinder look new (where the bleed screw is) . My sister has had problems with her 2004 fiesta 1.4tdci with it losing clutch pedal pressure which we haven't been able to work out the cause, but it seems to happen more when hot after driven quite a bit. and then left for a while the pedal can go back to normal .
  10. could try a good fault code reader on it to see if any fault codes logged, but I would have thought ABS light would come on if it was actually detecting the fault. Sounds pretty dangerous to use at present. Brakes are dual circuit so in theory you should only lose brakes on 2 of the wheels - in theory. hard to sort out if you can't recreate the fault to order. have you checked that fluid level definitely not gone down and no sign of damp around brakes on all four wheels from a leak (although i would not expect a leak to be intermittent)
  11. as above, you didn't give us much to go on with regard to budget, use (town - motorway), annual mileage, age of driver or if luxury is a must. I had a 2007 1.6tdci, I thought it was brilliant performance and excellent economy. The 1.4tdci is good too. £30 road tax on the diesels. And higher mpg. But the diesels are a bit more problematic if they start going wrong. and most you find will be high mileage as people mainly tend to only pay the higher purchase price if they will do high miles and hence save on fuel cost. 1.25 petrol engine are relatively trouble free and go forever as long as timing belt is changed when needed. These are good cars. The number one luxury item I would want on one is the quickclear front windscreen. if the new driver wants to upgrade the stereo it's much easier to do on the mk6.5 (mk6 facelift) than the original mk6 as dash / radio different. To identify Mk6 has front indicators in top of headlamps, mk6.5 has front indicators in bottom of headlamps. roughly mk6 2002-2005, mk6.5 2005-2008.
  12. isetta

    Weird issue

    I agree everyone should have their own code reader. I got the modified tunnel rat one for usb and used on laptop with free forscan . Then I bought the WiFi version to keep in glovebox to use with phone. Forscan is free for windows and about six quid for Apple/android app. Well worth having. Fat 32 can be Used up to 2 terabyte drives. For some reason windows disc management restricts to 32gb but other software can format much larger drives as fat32. But for some people fat32 is not ideal as no single file can exceed 4gb with fat32
  13. 'automatic choke' ? 2004 won't have a carb would it? 95% certain the fuel system would be much the same as a new car today.
  14. I don't know for sure but I think it's unlikely it will have any airbags in the back
  15. Looking at haynes manual for mk6 fiesta, possibly same as yours. remove shroud, disconnect plug, unclip and withdraw the chip receiver. put key in, turn to position I, depress two locking pins, if you are looking into key hole it looks like one is about 10 o'clock position, and one at 3 o'clock., then pull barrell out by pulling on key.