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  1. And if you fit anything with a bigger circumference you are likely to have problems with the tyres rubbing on something when you turn the steering
  2. That ebay listing seems to be for one bottle only and you have to collect it in person from coventry
  3. This gives some details of the common issue https://ystradservicecentre.com/blog/f/ford-10l-ecoboost-oil-pressure-issues. The more people made aware of this issue the better, to reduce the suffering of other owners
  4. There might not be anything wrong with the oil pump. It might be “fixed” just by cleaning rubber granules out of the oil strainer in the sump. But there might be future problems if the rubber timing belt is decaying. This engine is a very complex engine compared to some others. Over the years we have benefitted from engine technology getting more advanced, more power, less fuel used, less emissions but when something goes wrong it’s ten times as bad.
  5. A good experienced solderer could do it. It’s electronics work not car mechanic type work. There are YouTube videos about it. The speedo unit is easy to remove from car but the dismantling of the unit is extensive. You need to remove the needles from the gauges in order to get to where the soldering needs doing. It’s quite fiddly. The soldering is on very small pins, it’s certainly not for people having their first attempt at soldering. But even if people can’t do the soldering they might be able to remove the circuit board and if they know anyone who does soldering for tv repairs or mobile phone repairs then it’s a five minute job for them on the bench once the soldering iron is warmed up. But if you ***** it up it’s a problem. If you replace the unit with one from another car then you need to reprogram immobiliser to match your keys. So beware.
  6. I agree it’s most likely the soldering as said above. But on my brothers focus that did not fix it. It turned out to be some other problem with connectors/ wiring loom. Under the bonnet is the ecu, under the glovebox is the bcm(looks like a fuse box but there is much more to it inside the box) and the instrument cluster (speedo unit) . These three things speak to each other with a constant flow of computer data through two thin wires. It is called the canbus. Any interruption to that flow of data due to bad connections and it gets confused.
  7. https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/
  8. I would invest in a code reader. Like the modified Ford one from tunnel rat with the extra switch. About twenty quid. Forscan software is free for windows and about 6 quid for Apple/android versions. A garage would charge more for one check of the codes
  9. I might be worrying unnecessarily here. I know lower model fiestas often had a 175/65/14 spare but does a 14inch fit on a ST? I am wondering if it has bigger front brakes that the 14inch wheel won’t clear. It’s just a thought, I really don’t know if that is a problem or not
  10. I know not many people need adblu, I was just in Aldi in portslade near Brighton and 10 litres of adblu is reduced from 8.99 to 2.99 , don’t know if this is national our just that one getting rid of the last of it
  11. Cleaning the strainer is relatively easy but sorting out the timing belt is a major job on this complicated engine. But as said above, it might be beyond that now. I feel sorry for you but I hope others read this and remember what has been said so if their oil light comes on they know what it means
  12. There have been other posts on here about this. The rubber timing belt running in oil decays and the granules of rubber block the oil strainer. As said above the oil pressure light does not relate to how much oil is in the engine, it relates to whether or not the oil is being pushed around the vital parts of the engine. Every second the engine is run with the oil pressure light on is causing damage. Alas many people have destroyed their engine by checking the dipstick and then carry on driving thinking it must be a sensor fault and not understanding the seriousness.
  13. I don’t know much about transits at all. I see there are codes for lost communication. I have experience with focus mk2 / mk2.5 , that has canbus communication between ecu , bcm and the instrument cluster(Speedo console) . The canbus is a constant flow of computer data on two thin wires between the units. A common problem is the soldering of the connector pins on the circuit board in the instrument cluster. The soldering cracks and the communication between the computer chips in the units falters. And that causes many problems. I don’t know if transits suffer something similar. Even if not circuit board it could be corroded connectors somewhere between the units. This is a bit of a guess based on you have two codes for communication problems which I am sure means canbus data flow
  14. I don’t know the answer but I think you need need a centering tool to put the cover back on that goes over the welt belt.
  15. I don’t claim to be an expert on this. I thought the main cause of this is if you turn off the engine when it’s part way through a regen. I know it does not tell you this on the dash. I think if you turn off and the radiator fan continues flat out is a sign
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