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  1. this is it I think or is it, looks circular anyway I did see some where you shows dimension but the shorter dimension of the two measures up to the catch on the back , not the edge so the dimension make you think it is oval but it might not be. Not sure
  2. i do not know if the same. they seem very expensive. A friend with a fiesta had hers break, they were both replaced and broke again. she felt not worth paying again. I tied a thick bootlace to the end of each cable, put it in a loop, now she just pulls on the boot lace. Looks odd, works just fine, and cheap.
  3. Do the resistance test on pins 6 and 14 of the obd socket. And check the voltage on the other pins (Peter has said which pin is which) we don’t know if failure to read codes is down to no power supply at the socket or problem on the canbus. I don’t know which pins you accidentally bridged when soldering ic but powering it up with any pins bridged may have caused damage to something. Having soldered one myself I know it’s quite small and easy to do wrong just from hand shaking. If anyone else reads this before soldering I would recommend checking with magnifying glass before reassembly. A solder sucker is a hAndy thing to have in your soldering kit
  4. "I think the treatment involved some sort of water-based epoxy". the fact that it is water based is the probably the problem. eco friendly water based stuff is usually inferior. But I don't know what would be best. when I look at tins of paint / varnish etc the higher the VOC content (volatile organic compounds) the better it will work (probably).
  5. "it's the wear on the ring gear that bothers me.". I can understand that, I had not really thought of it. When my father was alive and was a motor mechanic he often had to change the ring gear on customers cars, drill a hole on ring gear edge, then chisel to break it around the hole so the tightness is relieved and it comes off. Heat up new ring gear, put it on the flywheel and then it just stays on by shrinking as it cools. Not heard of anyone doing this for a very long time, could you even buy a ring gear? I expect a whole new flywheel would be fitted these days. The old ways of doing things seem to have fizzled out. Mind you that was in the days of intertia starter motors, pre-engaged starter motors lessened the problem
  6. some fords have the electric coolant pump and some don't. I think on the focus forum there have been some questions about retro fitting it. i think estates had it and hatches didnt or you only got it if it had towing pack specified or something like that. and then later on they started fitting it on all ecoboost which suggested they should all have had it from the start hence people wanting to retrofit it, or something like that. I can't be specific on models/engines but certainly not all stop/start turbo fords have the electric coolant pump. my understanding on letting turbo slow down before engine turn off was because you didn't want it still spinning fast and then have no oil pressure to the bearings from turning engine off, so it wasn't about heat it was about spin speed versus oil pressure. but i don't guarantee that I am right there, but sounds logical doesn't it?
  7. there is a narrow pipe / hose that connects to coolant reservoir at top edge. The old 'hose' was a shiny black plastic pipe with thin walls (which breaks). The newer replacement hose is more of a traditional rubber type hose (more flexible and thicker walls). As above, loads of failures, but then again there are lots of these cars around so I don't know if the percentage is particularly high. Another 'problem' is the rusty metal coolant pipes on the turbo, I have not heard of those actually failing yet but seen lots of pictures of them with worrying deep rust pitting on them. I mention this so that if you decide your current car is a write off and buy another, you know of these points
  8. turn mine off every journey if I remember , I don't like it. If I forget to press the button and the engine stops at a junction I panic for a moment as I think something has gone wrong, until I remember what it is. I had a Fiat Punto hire car abroad and when I turned it off on that it stayed turned off for the rest of the week. I suppose I can't expect to have free road tax and to be able to permanently disable the stop / start (I don't know what the official pollution rating would be if it did not have stop start - it might still have been in the free category)
  9. I have no idea what it would cost. I can say it is a relatively simple job by modern standards of timing belts, at least a lot easier than it is on the petrol engines in fiestas. I mention that in case someone you know tells you how much theirs cost. Yours should be cheaper than a petrol one. If you do change the water pump at the same time make sure it is a good quality one as if you put a cheap one in there it may well fail sooner than the original one would have done.
  10. actually I see your details say Name: Darren Ford Model: Focus Ford Year: 2002 so is it mk2.5? 2002 would be mk1.5
  11. he might have meant he will grind a hole in side of socket to put the wires through. should work if the socket is deep enough
  12. i think I got the service sheets in the past from ford etis website. you might have to register but it is free.
  13. this isn't a question for Andy particularly but is for anyone who can answer it. I assume the arm controls the variable vanes in the turbo - does that sound right? so would it be stuck with the vane the high pressure position or the low pressure position. If in the high pressure position then when driving hard will it chuck up the engine light and error code for turbo overboost? If in low pressure position will it be horrible to drive (lack of turbo boost)?
  14. I don't know the answer. If you put the left indicator on, does the left DRL turn off whilst the indicator is flashing and come back on once the indicator is turned off? would that car have had LED DRLs when new? it sounds quite early to have had LED DRLs originally
  15. isetta


    from what you are describing it sounds to me like rear wheel out of balance. it's bit of work but you could swap front wheels with rear and see if that moves the problem to steering wheel wobble.