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  1. isetta

    Focus MK2 engine cutting out

    I have not done much trouble shooting on cars in recent years (mainly as they don't seem to go wrong as much these days). Years ago if a car started fine but cutout when you tried to pull away, the first thing to investigate was fuel starvation and in my experience this was often cause by a blocked fuel filter which would allow enough fuel through to tick over but not enough for the higher fuel demand of pulling away from being stationary. I realise with all the modern electronic stuff it might be a bit more complicated. As TDCI-Peter says there is likely to be a fault code which can be read with a OBD port code reader. They cost less then a garage generally charges to read the code for you. Pretty much a must for fixing cars these days and everyone who can pickup a spanner should have one. It might have a code waiting to be read which says low fuel pressure or something else. example: i have the modified USB one and use free software on my laptop to read the codes. Modified means it has a little switch fitted to enable it to read extra stuff on Fords
  2. isetta

    Passenger window slow to come up

    on my previous 2007 fiesta the passenger side seemed to struggle up compared to drivers side from when I got it at 5 months old and I sold it at 9 years old. I never did anything about it but I always assumed it was probably the glass being impeded in the slots it moves up and down in. I might be tempted to spray some of the dashboard shine spray stuff in the window guides. I suspect it will make a difference. not sure if I would use wd40 as I don't think it is quite as suitable for rubber and similar parts ( and my wife would complain about the smell of wd40).
  3. isetta

    2006 1.4 drivers door central locking issue

    Hi, I have not looked inside the door on one of these cars myself. Only cars over 20 years old where they tended to have stiff metal rods , not cables with inner and outer. If mine, I would be thinking I need to detach the cable at both ends to see if any resistance and to get oil down inside it maybe. Hopefully someone else who has fiddled about inside the door on one of these cars can comment. The only time I had a problem with central locking it was because the catch mechanism had got stiff and needed some oil. like on the part shown in this pic, oiling from inside the door
  4. isetta

    2006 1.4 drivers door central locking issue

    do you get any kind of click/clunk from the drivers door when locking or unlocking with the remote or is that door totally silent. If silent, Might be a break in wire between the door and door post. Although unlikely, you could try pulling the cable about whilst pressing the remote to see if you get something happening when the cable is bent at a certain angle
  5. isetta

    Does cruise control saving petrol?

    If driving without cruise control, to a certain extent you speed up down hills like taking a run up for the next hill and then as you go up the next hill you slow down a bit gradually. I think cruise control would be worse as it won't take the run up and it will use more throttle going up hill to maintain speed. If on flatter roads I suspect that cruise control would not waste as much fuel as it would with hills. This is a guess by me - sounds logical?
  6. where the clutch cylinder plastic rod fits onto the clutch pedal metal peg make sure it has some sort of retaining clip on there. Often they are missing/come off which allows the plastic part to slide towards the end of the metal peg which then strains the plastic rod when it is at an angle. This might be what caused it to break before. Might be clicking now as maybe not on straight. Get your head up there and have a look. this ebay item is an example of what can be fitted. I have fitted one of these. Easy to do. Lots of sellers have them, I am not saying use that seller, it is just first example of the part I found. Some people might fit star washers there. Can't help on the other points you make
  7. isetta

    Aux Input

    I love it. I could do the work (soldering) but I would never have been able to work out where to solder on the circuit board. And I love the work around with the silent CD. I would be doing this if I had one of those without the aux input.
  8. isetta


    This is my Lupo which my daughter scraped on a car park pillar three days ago. A bit of abrasive polish helped. Not perfect by any means but looks a lot less bad
  9. isetta


    is the white from the other car, or is the white the primer under your blue paint. you might potentially make it look a lot better (or less worse) with Tcut or something similar. very annoying though, it happens to all of us at some point
  10. Thanks for letting us know, this is exactly the sort of thing we need putting on this forum to help others solve similar problems.
  11. isetta

    Fiesta Mk6.5 - rust

    I wouldn't have it done. you might have that done and then something else happens to it. It's not like it affects the use of it. I would only get it done if I was trying to sell the car and thought that the increase in value of having it repaired was at least the cost of the repair.
  12. isetta

    Key Free and S/S

    if you are new to Ford you might not know of ford etis;jsessionid=Eyg_q6Gdx6r-X_yjEJ70bsmumoLI-38kh5yp_cSG.fcvas1901j if you don't register it gives only very basic car info. If you register (free) it gives very very detailed info on every bit of the car spec, where made etc
  13. isetta

    Really sharp brakes

    trying cutting a small hole in the servo pipe to reduce servo assistance. Only joking, Don't do this, really I mean it, don't do it.
  14. isetta

    Fiesta Mk6.5 - rust

    No it's not worth replacing the wings. if you were really concerned about it I would clean it up well and paint with a couple of coats of hammerite to stop it getting worse. it's not worth trying to do purple down there, who's going to notice. It's probably rusting there because of the crud collected there which holds the damp. This is the kind of area I clean out regularly on my mk7.5 and also did so on my previous mk6.5. The cost of replacing the wings and having them sprayed well to perfectly match the car would be silly compared to car value. Also if you used cheap non-ford parts you might find them corroding more in a few years time than the originals
  15. isetta

    Spare wheel size query

    i can confirm that is the correct size spare. I assume it had a yellow max 50mph/80kmh sticker on it, they usually do. it is not a skinny space saver as such like some cars have. It is the full size wheel from Fiesta Studio models (base model) and all the Fiesta Econetic Diesel models. It is exactly what I would have expected to find in the boot (for fiestas with a spare wheel and not the ST spec)