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  1. Fan belt replacement

    I know it's easy to say after the event, but the basic breakdown cover is not all that good because if I am 100 miles from home and at night and all they do is take it to a local garage which is closed then I am a bit stuck. This is why I have relay cover where they will take the car home for me (which is what happened when my fan belt tensioner melted and broke (due to seized bearing) when I was 100 miles from home. Also in the good old days, AA etc would have sorted out your new fan belt at the roadside to get you on your way. Yes I know it costs more but as I see it the basic cover is hardly worth having these days as there is so much less that they can/will fix at the roadside. And you don't want your car to be at a garage miles from where you live and at that garage's mercy as opposed to the broken car being at home where you can explore more options at your leisure. I know this comment won't help you but others might read it and rethink their breakdown cover.
  2. Break Discs

    the first has a smaller diameter than the second. you could measure the diameter of those on the car. you must get the same so it aligns with your caliper. first says without ABS, 2nd says with ABS. do you have ABS? I think it was compulsory on new cars by 2007.
  3. Weird rectangles on the roof

    i think it is also affected by sheets of sound deadening stuff they stick on the underside, i reckon the outline will coincide with that. that rectangle will not cool so quickly so condensation will form differently
  4. Water Marks!

    i agree, I have found that you need to wash the whole seat base cover at the same time
  5. Cambelt

    what exactly was making the noise the cambelt tensioner, or the cambelt idler wheel (I think that is what it is called) or the rubber belt? what mileage is on the car?
  6. Focus 2014 1.5tdci recall

    make sure it is a genuine water pump and not a cheap one. A cheap one may well fail earlier than your original one would have done if left in place. if it was a choice of non-genuine new one or leave old one on there I would prefer leave old one on there
  7. Lack of power and higher than normal fuel use.

    many people on this forum get a code reader from here (the modified one with the extra switch). https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/ software Focus is supported well with free software: https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/page/help
  8. guessing a bit here, they might both be 90a alternators but the 90a will be max output. perhaps the newer one is not so good as the older one at lower rpm.
  9. i also feel certain there must be a code held in the cars system somewhere. many people on this forum get a code reader from here (the modified one with the extra switch). https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/ software Focus is supported well with free software: https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/page/help
  10. Seat Belt Torn for MOT

    The MOT manual is available for all to read on the Govt website. the seat belt section is quite complicated due to different ages and types of vehicle covered by the same manual. As far as I can tell the bit for your rear seats says: In forward facing rear seats any of the following: a. 3 point inertia reel belt on an outboard seat and a 3 point static or inertia reel belt, lap belt, disabled persons belt or child restraint for at least one other seat; or b. static 3 point belt for one seat and a disabled person’s belt or child restraint for at least one other seat; or c. 3 point belt, lap belt, disabled person’s belt or child restraint to each seat. Now I think from this the isofix child seat would get round the torn belt. In the advisories section on some MOT certs I have seen it stated something like ' child seat fitted to left rear seat' which I think is a roundabout way of saying the normal seatbelt did not form part of the test due to the child seat being present. I am not 100% certain on this, we need a proper MOT tester to see this and say. But I wouldn't rush out and buy a new seat belt yet. Obviously I am not saying carry on using a torn seat belt as if there is nothing wrong with that.
  11. GEM Diagnostics fiesta MK5

    2002 was the changeover year. There can be a lot of confusion here on Fiesta Mk numbers. is yours the style that ended in 2002 or the newer one that started in 2002. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Fiesta Can't help you with the problem, but someone else might if it is clear which fiesta is. Personally if my door ajar light didn't work I wouldn't care. Drivers managed for generations without such warning lights.
  12. New Fiesta owner issues

    the power steering is electric. my understanding is that it is on the steering column up under the dash close to the steering lock / ignition switch. Reading this forum regularly I have not noticed people saying there are problems with it.
  13. Brake grinding ABS?

    In case you want more reassurance, what you describe does sound like the perfectly normal operation of the ABS braking. if it does that you know the ABS is kicking in, ie it is fighting you, it is saying you are braking to hard for the road conditions, you are making the car skid, the ABS senses this and is releasing the hydraulic pressure on the brakes to stop the wheels locking up. It is a weird feeling and can be quite alarming.
  14. it would be interesting to put an ammeter in between the battery terminal and battery cable with the ignition turned off to see how many amps are being used. For example if fully charged and it's taking 1 amp then it will go flat in 41 hours (for a 41AH battery). 1 amp is only 12 watts, it's not a lot. The AH number is directly proportional to how long it will last from fully charged to flat. Do you know what AH your original battery was, it was probably quite a lot more eg. 60 perhaps
  15. Dropping Rear Door Windows

    I agree with iantt, I have always made sure window window handles are positioned on the shaft so that if vibration etc makes the handle want to creep downwards under their own weight, they are going in the direction of winding window upwards.