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  1. i've done one on same era fiesta (2004) which i think is much the same but not 100% certain. the cylinder was pretty cheap (mine was plastic). It was not a technically hard job to do but you need to be a bit of a contortionist to get up under the dash to remove the bolts holding the cylinder on. I've seen it said many times they are really hard to bleed but I have not had that problem.
  2. i was thinking about this further. it is a long time since i looked at a starter motor in details. does the cog on the starter have a one way clutch on it? I think I have seen ones that do, but I am getting old and forgotten much of the knowledge I gained years ago. I am thinking the one way clutch on the cog is slipping when under heavy load.
  3. is the ring gear OK that is the teeth around the fly wheel. you would need to remove starter motor and then turn engine slowly to check every bit of it whilst looking/ feeling in the hole. In the old days of inertia starters it was common for ring gears to need replacing but I think it would be very rare on modern cars with pre-engaged starter motors.
  4. it's probably leaking , it can be hard to tell this time of year when it's wet everywhere. had similar thing on my wife's mazda 2. the washer pump plastic was cracked and it was leaking slowly but not fast enough to see drips or puddle under car.
  5. this is how it went wrong for me once (I wasn't intending to undo crank bolt this time). I was changing a gearbox on escort mk5. To jiggle the gearbox shaft into the clutch I put a ring spanner on the crank pulley bolt to move it a bit. Finished putting gearbox in and everything put away. Start the engine, I hear a big clunk, some sound of metal parts falling off and a split second later the engine starts. WTF I think, open the bonnet, have a look and realised I had left the spanner on the crank bolt which had gone flying off, but before it did that it had caught on something and it
  6. I am not telling you to try this, all I am saying is that I have done it this way on some cars (not the same as yours) . I put a big ring spanner on the bolt. I had the ring spanner pointing at about the 4 or 5 o'clock position if you imagine a clock face as you look at the bolt. I then put some bricks or blocks of wood etc between the end of ring spanner and the ground wedging it tight. I then turned the key to activate the starter motor for a second - only the slightest amount. This loosened it. There are some hazards. you don't want the spanner slipping off. You don't want the engine to a
  7. I always find searching for previous posts on this website very difficult. It has been written about before - the clogging on the oil pickup strainer by small granules of rubber from the wetbelt. There have been pictures posted of the blocked strainer and the rubber particles blocking it. I don't have any experience of this type of engine, only what I ahve read on this site. Presumably it's easy to check the strainer when the sump is removed. But I have no idea how easy it is to remove sump eg. what might be in the way, eg exhaust.
  8. i don't know if that focus has one or two rear fog lights. MOT manual says: only check the right hand side fog light (drivers side). they should not check the other one. assess damaged or repaired lamps for security colour light output and durability a lens defect that has no effect on emitted light = not fail a lens defect that adversely affects the emitted light is a fail. The MOT manual is on the Govt website for all to see. But it's difficult to argue with a jobsworth MOT tester. Years ago I had a car fail on a small crack on a rear light lens, it
  9. I am also of the opinion that 175/65/14 is the correct spare. As mentioned above, the link above was for the st model where, as mentioned, I think it is bigger to clear the brakes. Up to about 2008 a 175/65/14 spare came with fiestas as standard (not extra cost) and there are usually plenty of those on eBay often with unused tyres on although many will be quite a few years old by now. All tyres have manufacture date on one side wall. 4 digits , week number and year eg. 2409 is week 24 in 2009 which would be in June 2009
  10. very strange. how does spark plug get broken. do you mean the white ceramic at top of spark plug or at bottom (where it goes inside engine). i think you need to do a compression test on all cylinders. there is no magic cure for a blown headgasket. Anthing short of taking head off, skimming it and replacing gasket is unlikely to work well.
  11. I wouldn't replace them. can't see how much thickness left on pads but assume you looked at same time. Main ford dealer said my front pads were in 'urgent' need of replacement at 22k miles. They gave me hard sell. I flatly said No. I knew it was a lie as I had checked them myself not long before that. I did another 30k before I replaced the pads and even then they had a bit more left on them. On my previous Fiesta the front pads lasted 77k but they were very thin at that point. If your discs/pads were not perfectly safe it would not pass the mot. Of course pads/disc wear is not j
  12. about 30 years ago a friend had a Fiat 126 and clutch slipped like mad. I replaced clutch for them (quite easy on Fiat 126 , removed rear bumper, remove the cross member behind rear bumper, undo some bolts and stuff and can pull the gearbox and engine out together on a trolley jack). anyway , tons of friction material left , but the diaphragm spring just seemed to have lost it's strength, no broken bits on it, just not strong enough. When i have had cars where the clutch was worn and slipping (had a few in my 40 years of driving) they have been worse when hot (engine, not weather).
  13. Not sure if you mean. A) it is not Charging properly. Or. B) it charges properly but drains when left parked
  14. But if you have 280mm on there and the pads are sitting correctly on disc then you can’t fit 300mm discs as the Caliper won’t go back on as disc would stick out too much. I think calliper is the same but I think the caliper bracket is different, I think, not 100 per cent certain.
  15. At least you didn’t do this. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/man-left-red-faced-after-3812015
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