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  1. Perhaps the toilet is his and hers , both can have a wee at same time although my wife would complain about splash back on her shoulder
  2. I think it’s fair to say you don’t know much about car bulbs so I will warn you of this. The bayonet pins on the metal part of the bulb are stepped so bulb only fits one way round. If you don’t take this into account it is easy to wedge the bulb in the wrong way round which means your lights won’t correctly work. Wilko do bulbs for cars
  3. If you are getting diesel smell in the car it could be leak from injector seals (where fuel injectors go into top of engine) .you could take cover off and see if you can spot any wet diesel fuel anywhere. Diesel is like a thin oil and does not evaporate away quickly like petrol does, so easier to spot.
  4. I don’t know if modern fuel pumps work same way as old. My old mgb gt sometimes fuel pump did not work. I the tapped it sharply with something like a spanner and the fuel pump then worked for that journey. It had some mechanical contacts in which was a pressure switch. I think the contacts were dirty. I do not know if more modern pumps are same inside
  5. Can’t really answer the specific. Question but oil on diesel usually looks very black even if only just changed
  6. In my experience I was always taught to put a small amount of copper grease on any point where the metal pad backing touches the calliper / holder at the edges and across the back of the pad and between piston and shim. I cured a squeal on my brothers corsa recently by going this. You must not put much on as you don’t want it melting from the brake heat and grease running onto pad material or disc
  7. As RL123 says - canbus. I think all those defects are controlled by the canbus. There isn’t a separate wire for each of those things. Those items are controlled by a stream of computer data along two canbus wires. The canbus wires are usually much thinner than the other wires as they just carry data pulses and not electrical current as such. A slightly dodgy connection totally disrupts the data flow. If you look at the plugs on the bcm/ fuse box and see the one with the thinner two wires and reseat that one you might find it fixes it
  8. Can it be welded? Often people replace exhausts when a welding repair will do the job. Eg by an old school garage with a ramp and oxy acetylene welding torch.
  9. Been using this site for years but I never seem to get much success with search function. I don’t think you can add usb to aux. Aux is analogue signal . Usb is digital computer data. For charging you can put usb charging adaptor in cigarette lighter socket. They were a quid in Poundland a while back, don’t know how much now. Best you can do for music is run lead from headphone socket on phone to aux input socket
  10. Perhaps a very late last model escort from year 2000 ish? I think there were some around then before the escort was finally finished
  11. They weren’t that bad, they were nicer to drive than uk cars of same era but they did rust a bit. I know uk cars did as well but the Japanese ones even faster. Recall bumpers rusted rapidly from the back so the chrome remainded like some kitchen foil
  12. The thing that looks like the fuse box has circuit boards inside with computer chips on . They can get water inside and green corrosion. Hope your problem is just a plug needing some fettling
  13. My brothers 2008 focus did not have cruise but when the other things you mention all arose one day I fixed it by reseating all of the plugs on the bottom of the fuse box / bcm. Under the glove box, above passengers feet . They can get kicked but also suffer corrosion. It was one particular plug, I can’t tell you which. Car was mk2.5 2008 1.8tdci.
  14. You can get a key blade cut on eBay from a photo. You can buy a key with immobiliser chip in it (check it is right type of chip) and program yourself using forscan with extended licence on a windows laptop using a good elm 327 device eg from tunnel rat electronics. Places like Timpsons charge over a hundred quid I think. And that is by cloning the key which some might say is not the right way to do it.
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