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  1. isetta

    Car going into limp home mode

    as above, I would urge all to have their own code reader. less than £15 for one which does not have own display on (so use with laptop etc). One of the annoying things with the way a car stores fault codes, it does not store dates the codes appeared. So if you see 5 codes you do not know if 4 are old and one is new etc. So you then have to clear them and drive the car and see which reappear.
  2. isetta

    Handbrake adjustment

    I don't know exactly what it's like on your car. On a lot of cars people adjust up the cable where it joins the handbrake lever. But that's not really the right way. The right way is the adjusters inside each drum. These are normally automatic adjusters but they often get stuck and need the drums removing to manually adjust them up. Adjusting the cable up to compensate really only masks where the problem really is. But on a car your age I would not have thought that would be casuing a problem yet. What mileage are you on? I am assuming it is drum rear brakes but I do not know for sure.
  3. isetta

    Plugs and Leads. How feckin much??

    I have heard people say that poor quality leads cause the coil packs to fail earlier. I don't know if it's true or not. What is the problem with your existing leads? I wouldn't replace them unless there is a problem.
  4. It partly depends how much you can tolerate the lower performance of the 1.25 petrol. I have mk7.5 1.5tdci, I did have a mk6 1.6tdci and my sister has a mk6 1.4tdci which I have driven. I think the 1.25 petrol will feel disappointing compared to your 1.4tdci. I know the bhp is higher but the torque is lower and I reckon you will feel the difference. Feels weak on inclines. But if my priority was simple dependable motoring I would chose 1.25 instead of 1litre ecoboost. But it would take a lot to prise me away from diesel for the torque with fuel economy. But if I ever get DPF problems it might change my mind. Go and have a drive in a 1.25, after your diesel you might hate it (it will be quieter and more comfortable but you may hate the sluggishness)
  5. isetta

    2007 Fiesta Auxiliary Heater?

    I don't think they have aux heater at least not UK spec cars. I had a 2007 1.6tdci and that did not. It took ages to heat up. Luckily it had quickclear windscreen otherwise demisting the screen would have been a major problem.
  6. isetta

    dashboard clock

    as you found something else wrong(the loose battery connection) I would suggest you try it for a while with the connection done up tight and fingers crossed it will stay working fine. The faults from the bad soldering in the speedo console can be varied and I assume that's down to which bits of the soldering are failing on the circuit board.
  7. isetta

    Bleeding car

    cant really see the rusty brake pipes having any effect on the ABS. If you have brake pressure on the pedal and the pipes are not leaking then the ABS system could not be aware of the rust on the outside of the pipes as far as I can see. Could be a wheel sensor fault or a bad wire connector or a faulty ABS pump or other things. needs code reader on it which would point to something more specific.
  8. isetta

    Cutting out

    now replaced by new thread
  9. isetta

    dashboard clock

    yes, seen this mentioned many times on this forum. There is like a computer chip thing in the speedo/rev counter console that controls a lot of electrical stuff on the car. The soldering on some of the connections inside the unit goes bad and causes all kinds of strange behaviour. They can often be repaired by anyone who is experience with a hand held soldering iron, but you have to take the thing apart "" one youtube video
  10. isetta

    Streetka heated windscreen problem

    on most insurance a windscreen claim does not reduce your NCD. although I have seen policies which say that if you have a windscreen claim your NCD will not increase in years at the next renewal (not a problem for anyone on max NCD already). However, it does not mean they can't increase the base premium before the NCD is applied. If someone was insured with XYZ Insurance Ltd for five years and they made a winscreen claim every year and the windscreen cost each time was more then the annual premium, then of course XYZ insurance would increase the premium. Insurance companies can do what they like. It's an annual contract. They can do whatever they like at the next renewal date and they can tell you whatever the reason the decide to - instead of saying it is because you made a claim, they can just say our rates for drivers of your age in your postcode area for your model of car have gone up in general and you can't prove otherwise.
  11. isetta

    Sat Nav SD Card Confusion

    my 2nd fiesta had satnav on and the card was in there. I would definitely complain to the dealer.
  12. isetta

    are these 60 ps or 82 ps fiestas

    "having the feeling that they are soupped up engines, if anything went wrong with the car (not just the engine) I would always say to myself "why did I get that soupped up car" " I was thinking that two years ago and that is why I bought a 1.5tdci instead of the 1litre ecoboost at that time. I just felt that the 1.0 ecoboost is working hard all of the time, whereas the 1.5tdci is not. I am not saying I am right of course, maybe people will have 1litre ecoboost engines that do over 150k miles with no problems. the 1litre ecoboost will feel infinitely better then the 1.25litre. It's not just about comparing the bhp, compare the torque also. The 75bhp diesel will feel better in my view than the 1.25 petrol(mine is the 95bhp Econetic diesel). But then people will tell you horror stories about the particle filters. I would say the 1.25 litre petrol is a very good choice for trouble free motoring if the performave does not annoy you too much, getting slower and slower on long hills.
  13. isetta

    are these 60 ps or 82 ps fiestas

    actually maybe it does not. I just looked up mine which is 1.5tdci but it does not say if it is 75bhp or 95bhp version. I know it is 95bhp as it is Econetic which only came in 95bhp but it does not say this. Non econetic were generally 75bhp. perhaps those in the know can tell from engine code 1.5L SOHC DI TC DSL DV5FD B what the ford etis screen looks like (the minor features scrolls down about 100 lines of stuff) Primary Features Build Date: 05.11.2015 Vehicle Line: Fiesta 2012- Body Style: 5 Door Saloon Version: Econetic Engine: 1.5L SOHC DI TC DSL DV5FD B Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Transaxle - B5/IB5 Drive: RHD FWD Axle Ratio: 3.05 Emission: Euro 6 Emissions Air Conditioning: Manual Air Conditioning Territory: (+)"GB" Paint: Panther Black (Metallic) Interior Fabric: Match Point/View Charcoal Black Minor Features Less Roof Line Conversion Less Rear Mudflaps Less Front Door Sill Protection With Glovebox Illumination Accessory Media Hub 1XUSB Less Interior Pack Less Front Mudflaps With Hill Launch Assist Brake System - Regenerative My Key Less Bulkhead Tailgate - Powered Upper Less Tie Down Hooks Niehl Plant Built Less Special Equipment Package Less Exterior Dress Up Package Less Marketing Flex Prep Pack Less Sales Badge Less Special Order Paint Less SVO Application/Label Less Exterior Appearance Pack Marketing Level 1 Less Dress Up RSO (-) SVP Less SIP Less Paint Package Less Carline Badges Less Cooling Pack For Normal Temperature Zones
  14. isetta

    are these 60 ps or 82 ps fiestas

    ford etis could probably tell you. register for free and it gives you the spec of the car in minute detail. If when you click on Vehicle it does not have reg. no. look up (only VIN) then alter to UK in preferences
  15. isetta

    Focus 1.8tdci 2008 facelift brakes questions.

    it could be that the pads are very slightly smaller (not intentionally) so they are a bit looser in the caliper so that when you brake slightly they move to take up the play