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  1. isetta

    Injector leaking clean diesel on body

    On my previous 1.6tdci fiesta it was leaking from the seals where injectors go into head. I did stop leak by doing bolts up tighter, but when it was leaking, the pools of diesel around the injectors cooked from the heat of cylinder head causing diesel smell in the car and the pools turning into thick black goo. I know yours does not leak in same place but I assume over time you will end up with the pool of diesel cooking like mine did. Might depend on journeys/how hot the engine gets.
  2. isetta

    Power steering pipes

    if it was mine, rather than replacing them, I would be looking at cleaning them up and treating them / painting them with maybe three coats of hammerite or something else suitable. If they were too far gone it would fail the MOT. So prevent them from deteriorating further.
  3. isetta

    Rear Fog Light move to left side

    not very helpful, but ... it's very annoying how some cars have one fog light and one reverse light on other side, whereas as some have both lights on both sides and hence don't have this kind of problem. And having two reversing lights is very useful. I know a reversing light is good so that the person behind knows you are reversing but what is more useful is the illumination it gives behind you when reversing in the dark, and having one low down reversing light on the left side of car is just not up to the job for that. Anyway, as above, just splicing in the wire from the other side is an easy job.
  4. i do not know if it fits.I would be surprised if it was different but I can't be definite. if the ratios are different I would imagine the 1.4tdci might be slightly lower geared than the 1.6tdci. My 2007 1.6tdci did 80mph at 3000 rpm in fifth gear. So it might for example mean that it would do 75mph at 3000rpm in top gear. so that would mean you might get slightly better accelaration through the gears but slightly worse mpg in fifth gear. I have the haynes manual and going by that the ratios are not different but you can't really take that as definite as ford may have varied it in different years.
  5. isetta

    Ford Fiesta 08 Cd 6000

    have you tried cd and radio and both the same result?
  6. isetta

    Ford Fiesta 08 Cd 6000

    first thing I would do is remove the radio from the dash and check the connectors on the back. when you turn volume up and down does it show the volume level on lcd display? I assume your radio looks like this: do you have the code? you will need it if you disconnect power
  7. isetta

    2005 Ford Fietsa Mk6 Boot Lid

    also that style of car key is bad for wearing out. does the key look very worn? do you have a spare key in better condition that you can try
  8. isetta

    Vibration through steering wheel

    the wheels should not need balancing again unless they knocked the lead balance weights off accidentally. are the wheels in the same position on car as before or have they been mixed up. eg. if you had a wheel on rear that was slightly out of balance before, you would feel it more if that wheel is now on the front.
  9. isetta

    Wheel Nuts for Steel Wheels?

    on my previous fiesta mk6.5 the alloy wheel nut were designed to also work on a steel wheel (as the spare was a steel wheel). the alloys were held on by the shoulder on the nut, where the captive washer is. the steels were held on by the bottom of the narrower part of the nut. I actually changed all of the 15 inch alloys for 175/65/14 steels after damage to three alloys from potholes etc. But annoyingly I could hear the captive washers on the nuts rattling as the washers don't press on anything when the nuts are used on steel wheels. So I stuck the washers in place with silicon bathroom sealant. so check a nut to see if the bottom is conical shaped to fit into the steel wheel
  10. most of these with a spare wheel normally have a 175/65/14 spare, which is smaller then the wheels on the car but is not a skinny space saver, it is the wheel size of the standard road wheels on the base model studio spec and the standard road wheel size on all econetic diesels. There has been some debate on here before about the size of the optional spare in these cars and someone from a Ford dealer did confirm that they were 175/65/14 about two or three years ago but it may have varied in different years. So I suspect that your problem with the height (lack of) is that you have a skinny spacesaver wheel and not a 175/65/14
  11. isetta

    2005 Ford Fietsa Mk6 Boot Lid

    does the key turn as far as it did in past or not. If not, try some wd40 in the lock. if it does then it sounds like you need to take the trim of the inside of the bootlid and look at the link between the lock barrel and the catch
  12. isetta

    Luxury passenger foot bath?

    I don't know how much you value your car and how much you care about sorting it properly. If it was mine I might be tempted to: a) drill holes through the floor to let water out. I have done this with a few cars over the years where they had lakes in them. My sierra had water up to the door bottoms. b) seal up the sunroof permanently with silicon bathroom sealant. I do appreciate that some owners may treasure their cars more and not be keen on this.
  13. isetta

    Orange engine shaped light on

    brake booster aka servo is usually between the master cylinder and the bulkhead. The leak will not neccessarily be in the hose to the servo but could be. It could be anywhere in the intake where there is vaccuum eg. inlet manifold/ throttle valve p0030 oxygen sensor heater circuit. The oxygen sensor only works properly when hot. To help it work properly before the exhaust is hot, it has a heater built into the oxygen sensor. If that heater has failed it will mean there may be adverse emissions when cold but it should make no difference when the car has warmed up.
  14. isetta


    there is a reason why cars are sold at auction. and that is often because they have known faults and the seller does not want any come back which they would get if sold on a dealer's forecourt. I don't know all of the answers on your car but if I can smell diesel inside the car I would have a look at around where the fuel injectors go into the cylinder head. Sounds like it could be the copper sealing washers leaking. Diesel fuel gets pushed up past the seals and then the diesel cooks on the hot engine, smelling a lot whilst turning into a sticky black goo and eventually crusty ash type stuff (which some people clean off with oven cleaner when they replace the seals). If not leaking badly it can sometimes be cured by doing the injector retaining bolts up a little tighter - not too much
  15. isetta

    2002 Focus Estate, Heated Windscreen issues.

    I don't know the answers, I can say that heated front screens have separate circuit for left and right side of screen. My understanding of the problem with the wiper mechanism damaging the connector is that this only makes one side stop working.