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  1. "which I believe is a MK6 (conflicting information on this)?" yes, known as Mk6 in UK, but known as Mk V (roman numeral 5) in other countries and on a lot of parts listings eg. ebay
  2. I am wondering if you are using a cheap generic fault code reader that does not read all modules on a Ford (eg. it reads the engine fault codes but not abs fault codes). Or the fault code reader is good but the software isn't good enough.
  3. blocked fuel filter restricting fuel flow at a point of high fuel demand?
  4. "on idle if you apply accelerator exhaust pumps out sooty black smoke". Not sure if you mean touching the accelerator a tad or pressing it hard. I have heard that black smoke on acceleration (like when driving it) can be due to air an leak in the boost pipe between the turbo and the inlet manifold. so when the turbo gets going it pushes air through that pipe under pressure and the pressure getting to manifold is not enough as the pressurised air is escaping, so the fuel being squirted in is higher than the air, the car is expecting more air to match the fuel, but the air is lacking. but not always easy to find where the leak is when engine is idling as it is not pressurised when idling. I don't think that would explain oil consumption though.
  5. isetta


    Hopefully you do have 15 inch wheels
  6. On mine you have the hold the numbered preset button down for a few seconds to store a station. Are you doing that?
  7. if it was a matter of the service light not being reset, I think the warning you get will mention the word Service
  8. I agree it could be instrument cluster fault. But also: one day on my brothers focus mk2.5 the handbrake light stayed on (might be same light as brake fluid level), the blue high beam light did not work, the indicators made no sound (although were flashing outside), the green indicator tell tales on the dash did not work and the outside temperature reading showed dashes instead of the temp. I found something with google which indicated that all those things are controlled by the MS canbus which runs between instrument cluster and the fuse box under the glovebox. There was a suggestion that the connectors get kicked on the underside of the fusebox. Checking that did not fix it but fiddling with another big connector plug which had some iffy looking terminals in it fixed it. I think this connector was on the inner sill near front passenger's left foot . I think from memory it was connector c112. Trouble is, if there are iffy terminals in it, fidddling with it might create other problems as there are loads of wires in that plug). (don't confuse MS Canbus with HS canbus. They are different and use different wires)
  9. sometimes the miles left shown increases as you drive. If you drive uneconomically then fill up, the range will assume you will drive in the same way. but then if you start driving economically for a few miles, the range recalculates. I noticed that this week. On filling up it said 507 miles, about 10 miles later it said something like 530. I always fill right up and I reckon the needle never drops until I have done at least 30 miles. (mk7.5 - 1.5tdci - Econetic)
  10. In my mk6.5 fiesta handbook it had the power steering reservoir and windscreen washer reservoir labelled the opposite way round for my 1.6tdci. This was on the underbonnet view specific for 1.6tdci . When I first had it I was trying to fill washer fluid in the dark. What prevented me putting water in the steering fluid was me being unable to get the cap undone. Just proves these handbooks can not be relied on as being right.
  11. "For me it was because the eolys dpf fluid was low/empty." at least he wont have that problem as 1.8tdci does not have dpf. I agree they don't have have tyre pressure monitoring, but I think the suggestion here was that the tyre pressure was upsetting the ESP which was causing a problem. But, yes, i am also a bit sceptical that it was all down to the one low pressure tyre, time will tell
  12. if it does it again I would say get your own code reader like suggested above. Many people on this forum including me have bought them from tunnelrat electronics and been very happy with them . There are loads and loads available and very cheap ones but quality does vary a lot so it does help if you buy from a place other people have been happy with. Under £20 (prices include postage, at least it did when I bought) these can be used on other makes not just Ford - the 'modified' extra switch added means it can access extra stuff on Fords and Mazdas. Software - Forscan is free for windows and about 6 quid for app for android / apple. Forscan is for Fords , there are other free apps whichh work generically on other makes of car if eg. you were using on a friend's car to help them out. Every Ford owner should have one in their tool box. Even if you can't fix cars yourself it is handy for checking stuff to see if the garage is bull****ting you or not. As Damian says: "Unfortunately DTCs are dated so they could be present for years so really you want any codes clearing and then see how you get on, that way if you have the codes read again further down the line you know that any codes that show up are actually new and potentially relevant", this is important , don't get mislead by old historic codes from old temporary blips. Of course he meant to say NOT dated.
  13. Whether or not it’s a good buy all depends on what happens at mot time. It’s quite a short mot. Hope it goes well for you. Wouldn’t bother trying to make it look like a mk6.5 , bit of a waste of time really
  14. have you checked tyre pressures to make sure you don't have too much air in them, too much air would increase the wheel spin problem
  15. the headlamps with LED sidelights were phased in starting on the higher spec models and over time appeared on the lower spec models. Mine is Style spec in Nov 2015 and had LED sidelights, but the build date is probably more relevant than registration date. depending on when the handbook was printed it might not coincide with what the car has. A photo of your actual headlamp unit should solve the mystery