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  1. isetta

    1.5/6 diesel duratec

    Duratec is petrol. Diesel is Duratorq. I had a 2007 mk6.5 1.6tdci fiesta and now have a 2015 mk7.5 1.5tdci fiesta. very impressed with these. In those Fiestas they are lower power versions than in Focus. . I have been reading the fiesta and focus forums for at least a couple of years and don't recall seeing anything bad about these engines and manual gearboxes (except for earlier versions of 1.6 with their turbo problems but it does not apply to the newer ones). Hopefully a Focus owner will comment
  2. isetta

    Battery lead and red cover..How do they fit

    this would be considered a bodge but would work. But you need mole grips / vice grips with good quality hard teeth jaws, not the cheap ones where the teeth are too soft. The threaded bit sticking out top of nut - hold that with mole grips whilst you do the nut up. I know that knackers it up so that you would never be able to get the nut right off. But you never need to get the nut right off. This would mean you can drive it with the confidence of knowing it is tight enough.
  3. isetta

    ford fusion management ligh problem

    it won't pass mot with engine management light on. but if it has a long mot I would probably put up with it until nearer the time.
  4. isetta

    Engine light

    your own code reader will normally cost less then what a garage charges to read the codes. I agree that it needs the codes reading.
  5. if the incorrect spark plug grade was causing it I could see the possibility of the plug tips being so hot that the ignite the compressed fuel/air without a spark but that would cause a very rough running on, not normal smooth running. I am also thinking maybe faulty ignition switch. but also possibly a sticking relay.
  6. I agree that would work but also many many people will say that you should not disconnect and reconnect the battery with the engine running as it can cause voltage spikes which can damage thinks like the regulator in the alternator. Also cars these days have so much electronic stuff on that I would be extrememly worried that it might potentially blow other stuff also. I would really not risk it. Sometimes you will find the radio code written on the radio. I have known this when removing it to get the serial number and finding some kind sole has previously written the unlock code on it, presumably from an earlier event of needing to get the unlock code
  7. isetta

    MK6 1.4tdci Inlet manifold cleaning?

    there is someone on here called zain who did this on his 1.6tdci and showed photos / methods etc. I am not sure how much the 1.6tdci varies from 1.4tdci in this respect
  8. everyone just needs to be a bit more savvy and not just take first opinion/quote from anyone for anything without first checking other options. The primary object of any business is to make money, you can't expect them to point out there may be a better option elsewhere. We all have to take responsibility ourselves for spending our money wisely.
  9. isetta

    Fiesta MK7 Servo Issues

    i assume it must have some kind of valve in it. The reason i say that is: if your foot is not on the brake, the servo does not pull the brake pedal down, when you press on the brake pedal the servo does provide assistance in pulling the brake pedal down, so there must be some kind of valve which lets the vaccuum apply to the diaphram when the brake pedal moves slightly. I have no idea what the valve is like / how it is constructed. I doubt a haynes manual would show the insides of a servo, I have not checked. Could the ABS unit play up and cause such a problem? Also I am thinking does your car have hill start assist? and is it turned on in the menu? perhaps it could have been that causing it for some odd reason. My 2015 Fiesta has hill start assist but I keep it turned off in the main menu. My view is that if I need hill start assist then I am not fit to drive at all.
  10. isetta

    Key Fob Falling Off

    mine is like the Karlos picture above. Never really examined it in detail before but it does look quite flimsey there like the gap between the two halves would open up very easily
  11. isetta

    Number plate replacement

    you dont see the embossed plates much these days. I assume because some sort of machine is needed to press them. price looks good. some negative feedback on these plates. some saying bent when arrived. some saying they are not legal (not sure exactly how they are not legal) I would probably prefer metal embossed plates. They don't break and they don't get damp under the clear plastic which often causes plastic plates to need replacement
  12. isetta

    Handbrake Fault After Pad Change mk3

    It does sound to me like, unless you are handy with the tools yourself and are happy to dismantle your existing caliper to see what's wrong inside, you are going to have to have a new caliper
  13. isetta

    Handbrake Fault After Pad Change mk3

    i reckon fault is inside passenger side caliper. it's like the self adjuster thing inside the caliper is not engaging properly. when you have thin pads it is like at one end of the self adjuster and new pads it is at other end of it. so if it is faulty in some way it is possible for it to show the fault at new pads and not old, like you have. I have never dismantled one of these (I have much more experience on old cars with drums). Not sure how easy it is and what you might find broken / bent/stuck
  14. isetta

    Number plate replacement

    I got one for my wife's car recently on ebay. Someone had reversed into it with a towbar and smashed a ball shape bit in the middle. I found it hard to find a ebay seller which did not put on their listing that they need to see the documents, but I did find one. The plate is much thinner plastic than usual and very bendy but actually that might be quite good as it might flex more if someone else hits it on front of car. I accept the law says the makers have to put their name on it. Not so keen on the fact that the name printed on it is DANGER .
  15. isetta

    Help! Fiesta Style 2008 wont start.

    well it looks like the biggest problem is distance. they my well say if you bring it back to us we will fix it. I doubt that they have to go beyond that. twice I have bought 2nd cars from dealers about 150 miles away and this point did cross my mind at the time but luckily they did not go wrong.