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  1. 2009 Econetic (1.6 TDCi) Idle speed?

    I have econetic 1.5 which is same engine just with 61cc less size. on rev counter mine looks like 800rpm idle. what you describe sounds like a Mercedes A170 diesel my brother had. I reckon on that it was not a problem with idle speed as such, it was because one cylinder seemed not to fire properly at idle speed which made the idle speed drop and the engine jolt about. he drove it like this for a couple of years before giving up on the car due to too many other problems with it. I suspect you are looking at it from wrong angle. I suspect the idle speed is low because engine is not running properly, as opposed to the engine bouncing about due low idle speed.
  2. Ford Feista 2006 Radio replacment

    if you want to go a lot cheaper you can have the loose lead with 3.5mm jack plug on end of it dangling anywhere you want it (in glovebox or coming out bottom of dash etc) example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-3-5mm-Male-AUX-Audio-Radio-Interface-Adapter-Cable-for-Ford-Galaxy-Focus/162709234924?hash=item25e239e4ec:g:h6IAAOSwzppaJcLw I know that one is in China but you can filter to UK only, which might cost a little more but if you are happy to have the lead dangling and not the genuine socket then it will be pretty cheap. Are you sure you don't have the aux socket? they are usually positioned down by the gear lever, a circular black plastic socket that does not nook obviously like an aux socket. see pic, next to power outlet https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/ford-fiesta-mk6-2005-2008-ford-fusion-centre-console-with-aux-socket-and-gearknob/1230156730
  3. Ford Feista 2006 Radio replacment

    is yours mk6(front indicators in top of headlights) or mk6.5(front indicators in bottom of headlights) ? They have totally different dashboards where the radio fits in. the kit seems to say it is for 2001-2005 model (mk6) , but the black plastic facia adaptor with the cubby hole in bottom looks more like it is for mk6.5 but not sure so it's not clear. mk6 dash : http://www.fitaudio.com/?View=entry&EntryID=69 mk6.5 dash : https://firstworldmotoring.com/2013/02/06/long-term-review-ford-fiesta-zetec-climate-1-4tdci-mk6-5-looks/
  4. 2006 Focus - worth fixing?

    it's a well known problem with those cars. you could replace the turbo and it will fail again. I think a lot of people would replace the turbo and sell it on quick, but it's not really a good thing to do to offload the problem on someone else. But that might be what was done on the one you bought. A lot of people look at problems too simplistically. Turbo fails, replace the turbo, but the cause of the failure needs investigating and fixing. Some people say it needs cleaning out with flushing oil. but others say using flushing oil loosens up more of the crud that causes more problems. I don't know which is best advice on that point. I would say unless you can do the work yourself (replace turbo, take sump off etc) it is not worth putting more money into it.
  5. Running in - really needed?

    in 2007 I bought a 1.6tdci fiesta with 1,600 miles on . It was a hire car before I bought it. I did 146k miles in it, my brother now has it and it has 160k on it. Never needs any oil adding between changes. Never had any problems until last week when EGR valve is playing up. It won't have been run in properly as a hire car but it does not seem to have adversely affected it.
  6. Fiesta Mk6/.5? Driver's Window

    if you are lucky it might be a wiring connector or something like that. you need to test the voltage at the motor connector. I think it would be unwise to buy any parts before you have got in the door and checked further.
  7. Instrument cluster lights always on

    I find it irritating. I think it seems to be a common thing on cars with daytime running lights. I often see cars at night with daytime running lights on and no tail lights on. which is no doubt where people don't realise they have forgotten to put their lights on as the speedo being illuminated all of the time means it is not obvious. If you can't read the speedo it reminds you. Having the speedo illuminated all of the time seems to be backward step in safety in my opinion.
  8. Fiesta Mk6/.5? Driver's Window

    I have a 56 plate Fiesta Zetec S I believe it's the post facelift model? does the question mark mean you are not sure. If front indicators are in bottom of headlights then it is facelift mk6.5 or indicators are in top of headlights it is mk6 pre-facelfit.
  9. 1.8 TDCI Driveshaft

    in my experience when a driveshaft goes (when the cv joint is knackered) it makes more of a clicking noise when moving forward with steering turned sharp
  10. Steering Wheel Lock

    Huge mount of people leave their car keys within a metre of their front door I reckon. On window sill or in coat pocket on coat rack behind the door.
  11. Ford Focus mk4

    so if the smaller engine cars have inferior rear suspension , then I guess all of the cars supplied for reviews/road tests will be the higher spec suspension models and hence we will not see reviews of the inferior suspension models and hence that will not put a large proportion of the public off who read the reviews and then some of them buy the cars with inferior suspension but they would not understand or appreciate the difference anyway. Some of us will but a lot of the public will not.
  12. Ford Focus mk4

    when I scrolled down and saw the pic I immediately thought it looked like BMW 1 series before I saw the Dee_82 post.
  13. 6-speed gear ratio - why oh WHY !!

    I assume those are speeds shown in kmh, so "6th: 42.1 / 202" means it does 42.1kmh at 1000 rpm which is 26.3 mph at 1000 rpm. My mk7.5 1.5tdci econetic does 33mph at 1000 rpm in top (5th gear). When driving on motorway it feels just right to me, it does not give the feeling it wants another gear. My previous mk6.5 1.6tdci was about the same as " 42.1kmh at 1000 rpm which is 26.3 mph at 1000 rpm" (in top - 5th gear) and felt like it could do with another gear or higher gearing. It would really annoy me if it felt like you needed to change up a gear and there was no more to change up to. It's a shame you can not specify the final drive ratio when ordering a car.
  14. Fiesta Mk7 front brake disc change

    at that sort of mileage I would expect a lot of wear on the discs. it says worn pitted or scored, ie. it can be any one of those. Usually a good sign of them being worn down a lot is the lip on the edge. Some MOT testers have their own little pet hates for advisories. Perhaps this one always puts this advisory on when he sees a lip on the disc edge. But if it was dangerous it would have failed. I would be tempted to leave them on there. Maybe change the discs when the pads are next in need of changing. Of course I have not seen them so it is hard to know how bad they are. Don't know about brake cleaner, I have never used it. I always use copper grease. On one of these Ford forums there was a debate about copper grease recently. many people said they use it, many said they don't and there is no point. One thing I always do is clean up the caliper edges where the metal edges of the brake pad backing makes contact as it is usually rusty there and stops the pad moving properly. I use a file for this, not vigorously, I then smear a very small amount of copper grease where I filed it. Obviously not overdoing it as you don't want it getting on the discs or pad surface.
  15. 1.6 tdci engine stutter 18-2200 revs

    I too have the tunnelrat £16 code reader and the free software. Every Ford owner should have one just in case. It saves you the inconvenience of driving to a garage to get the does read, let alone saving the cost. One of the problems with the codes being read is that they do not show dates/times so when you get to the garage you find there are say 5 codes but you don't know if any are two weeks old and any are two hours old. At least with your own code reader you can reset/clear the codes and then when the fault/stutter shows up you can check it straightaway to see what code appeared at that point. My brother's car is playing up, I read the codes and there were about 8 varying things. I cleared them, drove round the block and only 2 codes reappeared which helps narrow it down.