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  1. “ The main issue I'm seeing is the fact that the fastener on the earth cable bit has partially dissolved.”. You mention earth cable, the pic only shows the live cables.
  2. I switch mine off all the time. Wish it would stay off
  3. When you turn the key to the starting position do you get any clicking. Do lights etc work? If you put lights on and the turn key to the start position do lights go dim
  4. Is there a Haynes manual for a different model that has same engine that includes that engine eg mondeo, I have not vhecked
  5. Ideally you want the tickover to be low which might not happen if the engine is not warmed up. You could drag the tickover down by : handbrake on HARD . Start engine, foot on clutch , put in top gear, lift foot off clutch slightly and carefully to cause clutch drag to bring engine speed down, the headlights dim a bit? But don’t drive into your garage door! And don’t burn out the clutch
  6. What electric bits are in your original door? Central locking. Electric window. Electric mirror. Heated mirror. Perhaps the car the replacement door came from had less elec stuff on it. Look in you old door and see where wires go and compAre to wiring in your new door.
  7. Have you put non standard wheels or tyres on it? So that something is rubbing on full lock?
  8. Re abs. I would have thought it would not matter. Just leave the wires unconnected or remove sensors totally. But I do wonder if the balance between front and rear brakes might be out when you swap the stuff over
  9. What engine? I had 1.6tdci which had hydraulic power steering driven by electric pump. If steering was ever turned without the electric pump running which only runs when engine running it would make the power steering feel odd next day. A sort of pulsing feeling. It was always ok again after a day
  10. Not used any tester with lights on before. I would prefer a proper voltmeter. Another rough test. In the dark, start engine, put everything electrical on, as much as possible. Have it on tickover, now increase revs a tad, do headlights go brighter, that would prove the alternator is doing something ,
  11. I jacked it up front right and put an axle stand under for safety. I do have a trolley jack , not sure how high the standard jack would get it. Standard jacks are a bit flimsy in my view . I wouldnt want to lay under it just relying on a jack of any type. If you do this job you will find There are plenty of bolts with restricted access to annoy you
  12. More: focus mk2 is quite advanced for its age in respect of certain stuff being ‘computer’ controlled using ms-canbus and hs-canbus. Having had a load of problems with one of these cars, the more you look into the electrics , you will find it’s more complicated than you’d think
  13. I am wondering if you have water and damp in the fuse box above the front passengers feet. Fuse box has tons of fuses and relays and cable plugs on it. I have heard of water getting in these. You can unplug it all and take it apart to see the circuit board inside which has computer chips etc on it. I’m basing what i say on a 2008 mk2.5 but I thinks yours would be much the same.
  14. hope you don't need an alternator. I changed it on my brother's 2008 focus 1.8tdci a few weeks ago and it was a long old job
  15. how have you verified it is still charging. Focus 1.8tdci has a massive battery that can keep going for quite a while after the alternator has failed. have you put a voltmeter on it